SEOProfiler Review – Does This Full-Featured SEO Software Tool Really Cover A Complete SEO Solution?

SEOProfiler SEO Software Tool Dashboard - Ranked Keywords Section

SEOProfiler SEO Software Tool Dashboard – Ranked Keywords Section

As the Title of the Official Site of SEOProfiler states, it’s a “Full featured SEO software tool: rankings, analytics, links, keywords, social, and more.” Since SEO Service Guide is also about introducing SEO Services Worldwide, I’d like to share my experiences with you here and now.

Fortunately, I’ve got the chance to examine SEOProfiler from inside, so the things I’ll write down here are true, not only the tools of advertising but the reality.
During my career, I faced numerous SEO software tools from the simple (but useful) Status Indicator (e.g. “is your site up or down”) to the most complex online tools which were able to display everything important (Visibility Score, Title, Meta, W3C, IP Canonicalization, etc.) concerning your website and pages.

My answer is YES to the question set up above: I can also prove that the statement is true, SEOProfiler has been offering a full-featured SEO software tool since published. Yes, it is really true that the SEO tools of SEO Profiler are really easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable: the new full-featured SEO solution that helps you get high rankings and – if you run a business – more customers and sales. This is the company which meets the all the requirements I’ve listed on my SEO Services Worldwide – The Guide Of Requirements page.

However, I’ve partially dealt with SEOprofiler on my Keyword Rank Checker Services Online page, I’d like to give you a deeper insights with a compilation included in this current post. So, this post is an extended version of introducing SEOProfiler for those, who are interested in only this SEO software tool.

After a little History, let’s see its features!

What was the Predecessor of SEOProfiler Software Tool?

The Predecessor of SEOProfiler - IBP SEO Software Tool For Windows, Dashboard

The Predecessor of SEOProfiler – IBP SEO Software Tool For Windows, Dashboard

Previously, years ago, another “Powerful SEO software tool” – very unique at that time – was created by Axandra (the owner of IBP and SEOProfiler), called Internet Business Promoter (IBP). IBP is able to give you a really thorough analysis regarding your site, including making a comparison with your TOP 10 competitors based on the same keyword (or keyword phrase). On the other hand, with using IBP you could submit your site to 36+ different major Search Engines and use IBP’s other built-in functions, such as Link Building, Competitor Spy, Keyword Ranking Checker, Advice for Optimization, HTML Validator, ROI (Return Of Investment) Calculators, etc.
As the owner of IBP software, you’ll get technological updates almost daily, but the validity of this “package” is only 3 months. so you have to renew your subscription relating to these updates quarterly (and it may cost you money regularly).

What is the difference between IBP and SEOProfiler?

IBP (Internet Business Promoter) for Windows and Online:

IBP is a standalone SEO software running on your computer (Windows software) with internet connection (with the purpose to gain the necessary, latest data). If you want to use IBP, first you should download an installer software. After the installation, you could use a Trial Version with narrowed functionality. If you wanted to use the full version, you had to buy the necessary codes (Unlock and Renewal codes). If you want to learn more about IBP, simply visit their site clicking here: Axandra SEO software tools.
IBP is also an existing software. So, if you run Windows on your computer it is really worth to try and use continuously.

SEOProfiler SEO Software Tool:

SEOProfiler is an entirely web-based SEO software tool. It means, that it is not necessary to download any software. Thus, if you want to use SEOProfiler, simply log in as a member to get access to its full functionality (But how many sites and keywords? Depends on you membership level, see it later). It is not necessary to pay for the membership at the very first time, you can choose their free Trial Offer (30 days free access) as the beginning of the process. This Free Trial includes a limited functionality (1 site and one keyword), so it is not so attractive for most people at the first sight. In my opinion, it is quite disappointing, because if you knew what SEOProfiler really can do for you, you’d choose the basic level at least. Why? The limited functionality is not good enough to persuade most people to open a membership account with full functionality. This is why I’ve decided to introduce SEOProfiler’s SEO software tool from inside.
For this work to accomplish, I’ll use Axandra’s official videos (collected together from open-for-the-public video sites) and some of my own-made screenshots where applicable.

The official site of SEOProfiler SEO Software Tool

The official site of SEOProfiler SEO Software Tool

How to register on SEOProfiler website?

It is very simple: visit their site (or conduct a search using the search bar on the bottom of this post) and open an account with your email address and chosen password. You’ll be able to decide if you choose the free Trial version (30 days free to try out the services), or open a membership account (with monthly membership fee).
In advance: the most popular package is the SMART account, and now you can get it only for $1 for the first month.

Membership levels:

    1. Free Trial: valid for 30 days, free – it is promising and good for examining the seo software tool from inside, but you may not be familiar with all of the features on this level. In my opinion, it’s strongly recommended to step towards a higher level membership account if you want to get full service (see the details below).
    2. Standard: 500 keywords tracked/ 10 projects /audit of 20.000 pages/ 10.000 managed backlinks /1 staff member /standard SEO reports /standard link analysis (up to 10,000 backlinks per website, no link disinfection, limited export)
    3. Smart: 1.000 keywords tracked / 50 projects / audit of 50.000 pages / 50.000 managed backlinks /5 staff members /white label SEO reports / advanced link analysis (up to 200,000 backlinks per website with link disinfection, full export)
    4. Professional: 2.500 keywords tracked / 150 projects / audit of 150.000 pages / 150.000 managed backlinks /15 staff members /white label SEO reports / advanced link analysis (up to 200,000 backlinks per website with link disinfection, full export)
    5. Enterprise: 10.000 keywords tracked / 800 projects / audit of 750.000 pages / 750.000 managed backlinks / 250 staff members /white label SEO reports / advanced link analysis (up to 200,000 backlinks per website with link disinfection, full export)

Welcome to SEOProfiler SEO SOftware Tool!

What kind of SEO software tools and services are available on SEOProfiler?

Among the numerous tools SEOProfiler is offering, I’d like to highlight the Keyword Rank Checker feature first.

SEOProfiler SEO Software Tool Dasboard - Ranking Monitor > Overview

SEOProfiler SEO Software Tool Dasboard – Ranking Monitor > Overview

Let’s see these features, step by step. After logging-in, you’ll see the dashboard of SEO Profiler. If you choose (open) the Ranking Monitor section, you’ll be taken to another Screen with a summary first called  Overview.

  • Overview
    Purpose: Check the rankings of your site.
    The Ranking Monitor can check the position of all pages and sub domains of your project domain on Google, Bing and Yahoo in 89 countries.
  • Ranked Keywords
    It is the nicest part. If you add your keywords, their rankings will be displayed within a couple of hours, together with the data how many searches have been taken for this particular keyword (or keyword-phrase) within the examined period (30 days). You’ll be also see the competitors keyword rankings (you can add 5 competitors to compare) and you can decide how to improve your site from this aspect.
  • Ranked Pages
    This section contains your ranked pages, every single one. Now, you’ll be able to see how the different categories and tags, pages and posts contribute to your current ranking position.
  • Opportunities
    It is a suggestion part, how to get much more visitors with these keywords which will be listed for you. They have also made 4 groups for these opps, see it below.
    *First place opportunities (the number of opps)
    *Top 3 opportunities (the number of opps)
    *First page opportunities (the number of opps)
    *First place ranking opportunities (the number of opps):It is an excellent help for the marketers, because 43% of the searchers click the first result on a search results page. For this purpose, they will list the pages are almost ranked in the first position. As they advise, these pages only need more reputable websites linking to them, it is entirely up to you and depends on your link building strategy. However, you can obtain the top ranking position by using SEOprofiler’s link building tools as well.
  • Alerts
    In this section, you can see some alerts (if any) concerning your site, such as:
    Ranking alerts:
    *Positive alerts (number of alerts)
    *Negative alerts (number of alerts)
    *Unsuccessful keywords (number of alerts): SEOProfiler will highlight the remarkable positive results (if any), and this is a very useful information, too.
  • Competitors
    Never forget about your competitors! In this section, You’ll get:
    * A summary of the necessary data regarding to your Competitor
    * Competitor visibility scores:
    A comprehensive graph about:
    *Total number of Google rankings and Number of page 1 rankings on Google
    *Total number of Bing rankings and Number of page 1 rankings on Bing
    *Total number of Yahoo rankings and Number of page 1 rankings on Yahoo
  • Reports
    As a member of SEOProfiler, you’ll be able to create Brandable reports as CSV or PDF format (incl. your Logo) either for yourself or for your customers (if any).
  • Help & Instructions
    Would you need any help, you can get it either by watching various training videos or following their manual online, plus downloading a complete (200+ pages) PDF manual.

How to add keywords to the Analyzer’s queue and what to look for when analyzing?

As a quick introduction of the process, please watch this short video below: “How to work with the ranking monitor in SEOProfiler?” – produced and published by SEOprofiler Official.

What to do if you don’t know the specific, competitive keywords of your niche?

It is ok if you are aware of the facts how your competitors work on your niche: in this case you’ll be able to find the best keywords. If you have only ideas about these keywords, the best way is to find a SEO software tool for this purpose, that is a keyword suggestion tool, offered by SEOprofiler. Or, if you want to run an AdWords campaign, you might want to use a “Competitor Spy” to watch and learn the tactics you competitors apply. Find these two important videos in this chapter:

How to work with the keyword suggestion tool in SEOProfiler?

The Keyword Suggestion Tool helps you find new keywords for your SEO and AdWords campaigns. How? The best way is to watch the video below:

Adwords Profiler Overview: Spy on the AdWords Campaigns of your competitors:

Please follow the video below to learn more about the process how the best keywords your competitors are using for their AdWords campaigns. This may also help you estimate and optimize your costs:

How to work with the Link Profiler Tool in SEOProfiler?

Basically, the Link Profiler has two purposes:

  1. Analyze the existing backlinks of a particular website.
  2. FInd new websites that could link to your site.

How to work with the Link Manager in SEOProfiler?

Since backlinks have a great influence on your Ranking Position on the Internet, it is necessary to obtain new and high quality backlinks. The Link Manager in SEOProfiler helps you build new backlinks. Furthermore, it also keeps track of your existing backlinks and informs you about potential problems (if any).
Watch the video how it works:

How to work with the TOP-10 Optimizer in SEOProfiler?

If you want to get higher ranking on the Internet, it is more than suggested to be aware of the current status of you site and pages. TOP-10 Optimizer, based on your keywords will show your position compared to your TOP-10 competitors. With other words, the TOP-10 Optimizer helps you make sure that Google ranks your page for the right keywords.
What if you are in the TOP-10? In this lucky position you’ll see the results of the better Competitors than you.

How to work with the Website Audit Tool in SEOProfiler?

The Website Audit Tool checks all pages of your website for things that can have a negative influence on the search engine rankings of your website.
What does it mean?

  • “Errors” are critical issues (e.g. Broken Links, Server Errors, Timeout Errors, Empty and Duplicate Titles) and must be fixed within the shortest possible time.
  • “Warnings” are not considered to so critical (e.g. Duplicate Pages, Little Content, Short Description, etc.). However, you should fix these “slight” issues to get the best possible rankings.
  • “Notices” are things that do not necessarily have a negative influence on your rankings (e.g. Anchor Text Wasting, Image Problems, H1 Missing, etc.). You have the chance to change these things to get even better rankings.
  • “Misspelling”: this section shows the number of spelling mistakes on your website. You may act to reduce them at any time.

Please follow the video below for further instructions:

How to work with the Custom SEO Reports in SEOProfiler?

If you use any kind of Analyzer software, there is a great need to make customized reports at the end. SEOProfiler enables you to create Professional Reports in your company design, incl. your Company Logo and Colors (offering ready-made color templates to choose from), Headers and Footers, Date Format, Paper Size, etc.
Please watch the video below to learn more about the opportunities available:

How to work with the Social Media Inbox Monitor in SEOProfiler?

Nowadays, Social Media – and so the achieved reputation – both play an important role in the rankings of your website. Concerning this online reputation, it is compulsory to be aware of your online status. It is also vital to get informed about the news immediately. That is, if you’re curious how many times you been mentioned in connection with your selected keywords e.g. on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc., you might want to use a kind of Monitoring System. For instance, if you know how people are reflecting to your last Tweet (positively or negatively), you can react online – in no time – with your comment or re-tweet.
Along this way, the Social Media Monitor, included in SEOProfiler SEO software tool helps you protect your online reputation with displaying these (real-time) messages, tweets or comments on different SM (Social Media) platforms. You have be logged in to these SM platforms to check the info-stream, of course.
Please watch the video below, how it works:


Summary – about SEOProfiler SEO software tool:

SEOProfiler SEO Software Tool - Try It Now!Just like IBP, SEOProfiler offers a keyword suggestion tool, a Top 10 Optimizer, a link manager, a submitter and a ranking checker. In addition to that, SEO Profiler offers comprehensive link analysis tools, weekly website audits, tools that enable you to spy on your competitors, Google Analytics integration, tools for social media monitoring, web-based client reports, and local ranking checks on city level.
On top of all that, SEOProfiler SMART offers multi-user access (work with colleagues and freelancers), a link disinfection that helps you to get rid of bad links that point to your website, and white-label SEO reports in your company design.
The nice thing that you can get this SMART account with FULL access and functionality for $1 now (30 days duration, the full price thereafter). As they are saying: “No commitment. No obligation. Unconditional money back guarantee.”

My assessment:

As you could see from the content above – and in my opinion, based on my previous experiences -, all offered services are excellent and really do what they promise.
I was extremely impressed on the Ranked Keyword section at the beginning. I’ll tell you why:
If you choose a keyword and add to your selected keywords, SEOProfiler SEO software tool will tell you almost immediately (within a couple of hours) and exactly:
1. how many searches were conducted using your selected keyword or keyword-phrase around the region (real-time data!) during the last 30 days.
2. what your current position is for the selected keyword/keyword phrase (displaying +/- changes also), compared to your competitors’ keywords (if you’ve added any companies).
This process is similar to the way you’d apply using Google Keyword Suggestion Tool and you want to know the number of search results for a particular keyword / month, but this SEO software tool of SEOProfiler is much easier to use, and your data will be automatically being tracked on a daily basis. This real-time tracking is a huge advantage of this SEO tool and unconditionally necessary for creating an up-to-date analysis or ranking appraisal.
Personally, I highly suggest using SEOProfiler if you want to get highly precise data or want to create high quality and exact reports for your customers (and yourself).

Thousands of forward-thinking marketers, analyzers and SEO experts have already chose SEOProfiler. Why don’t you give it a try?

Thank you for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, the owner of SEO Service Guide – Search Engine Optimization Basics site.

New SEO software tool

SEOprofiler is a cool web-based SEO software tool that helps you get high rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can also check the backlinks, Google rankings and Google AdWords of any website for free. Just enter a domain name in the following search box:

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