Backlink Checker Services and Tools online – for beginners and expert users, both

I’d like to give you another approach on this page: from the average user’s point of view, principally not a promotion of the given SEO & Backlink Checker Services and Tools. However, this kind of analysis at a certain point – and concerning some sophisticated processes – would require more and experienced assistance, that it might be necessary to apply some paid Services and methods. Basically, with following and understanding my content here, an average user can gather almost enough data to work with, supposing the basic level.

How to find Backlink Checker Services and Tools? How to check the available backlinks of your site?

The examined services (as the Table of Contents, in order of appearance) on this page:

3. RankSignals
4. SEMrush
6. SEOProfiler
7. SEOMoz (MOZ)

Before introducing some ways to check backlinks – backlink checker services and tools – , let’s speak some words about backlinks:

What are Backlinks?

For better understanding, I’d like to show it on an example: Imagine a fancy restaurant (I’ve mentioned it on Search Engine Optimization Basics page). You have been there once or twice, and you were satisfied with the food and service. If you tell the existence of this restaurant and even recommend to your friends to visit it, it means that you take the responsibility of its quality. Better to say, you give a vote to this restaurant. The more people like and even visit it, the more traffic can be obtained by the restaurant.
Backlinks work in a similar way: with each back-link directing people to your website being equivalent to a “vote”. When a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo visits your site, they will count the “votes” that is the backlinks. Quality and Quantity are equally essential when building your backlink system because these search engines will determine your rankings based on this backlink system. In the reality, if you have an equal number of backlinks as a competitor in your niche, the higher PageRank – and, together with it the higher traffic – will go for the site with the highest number of quality backlinks.

How to gain quality backlinks?

However, the detailed explanation of these ways is beyond our topic, I’d like to mention some

  • Part 1: Creating blogs and writing comments on others’ blog or site for backlinks
  • Part 2: Getting backlinks from Directories, Directory submissions (e.g. Link Directories, RSS Directories; find some more details on Blog Services, Communities, Directories page on this site)
  • Part 3: Getting backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites (see Social Bookmarking Sites page on this site)
  • Part 4: Writing articles for obtaining backlinks, that is Article Marketing

You’ll find some detailed articles regarding to these methods (Part 1 – Part 5) on my Blog section, if you want to get a deeper insight. But, let’s return to our main topic now.

I suppose you know these methods and you want to ensure how many backlinks you obtained and where these links come from.

What are the available backlink checker tools currently?

Nowadays, several Backlink Checker Services are available on the Internet. How to find the best and most appropriate one? It is not so easy. In order to ease your work, I’d like to present only some of them I use regularly.

Google Webmaster Tools - "Links to Your Site" - Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

Google Webmaster Tools – “Links to Your Site”
Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

1. Google’s Backlink Checker Tool:

The most evident and entirely free solution is to see how Google itself counts our links. Simply go to Google Webmaster Tools ( > Search Traffic > Links to your site, and you’ll see all the sites linking ot you, plus the content they are linking to. You can also see the number of linking domains and the number of links they provide for you.

Of course, this solution provided by Google is given for your site or the sites you have access for (via e.g. admin rights). That is, you cannot see the data of your competitors’ sites in total depth, only yours. Nonetheless, you can obtain some useful data without logging in.
How? If you still remember SEO Quake Toolbar, you also remember that Google links are diplayed in this toolbar. If you examine these data you can recognize that there is only a slight difference between the number of links displayed within your Google Webmaster section and in the toolbar, practically these are the same data. This way is applicable for the sites of your competitors as well: at least you’ll know how many links they have, and sometimes this information is enough at he first sight.

2.’s Backlink Checker Tool:

Believe or not, the second obvious and easy, (partly) free solution is also in front of us:

How to use Alexa to check the number of available backlinks?
Alexa: Main Site Login Screen - Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

Alexa: Main Site Login Screen – Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

If you install an Alexa toolbar (get it here: – or you use one of the free SEO Service in your browser such as SEO Quake – you will be able to see your Alexa Rank immediately when you navigate to your site (You can see other sites’ Alexa as well). After clicking on your current Alexa rank, you’ll be taken to another page where your can find the important details of your site. Among these data (alexa Traffic Rank, Popularity, Daily Page Views, Bounce Rate, and so on), you’ll find a section on almost on the bottom: “What sites link to xxxxxxx site?”
This is the part what we are looking for! The number you’ll see there is the number of the sites are linking in currently (however, as I am experiencing, Alexa has a bit delay in recognizing the linking domains). If you haven’t got a paid membership, you can see only the numbers of the backlinking sites, and 5 of them will be named. If you pay a modest monthly fee, you can see all of them.

Basically, if you want to know only the number of the linking site, this data is sufficient to work with. If you are curious exactly who they are, either you want to become a member or should look for another solution.

RankSignals site - Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

RankSignals site – Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

3.’s Free Backlink Checker tool:

During surfing the Internet, I found a free backlink checker tool: This site is really free. As you can see, they have developed an extension (plugin) for Google Chrome browser as well.

How to use their tool?
It is very simple: just type in your url (with or witout http://, it is equal) and you’ll get the results in 2-3 seconds. The following data will be displayed:

PageRank; Unique Domain Links; Alexa Rank; Title and URL of the Linking Page; Anchor Text

What can you do with these results?

First of all, you can check them out. If you have a record of your backlinking campaign, you will be able to follow the results and make an intervention or add something more where it is necessary. On the other hand, you can observe how your personal empire is building up, that is count the inbound backlinks for your pleasure.

4.’s Backlink Checker Tool:

Note: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising.[1] SEM may use search engine optimization (SEO), which adjusts or rewrites website content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages, or use pay per click (PPC) listings.[2] –

SEMrush site - Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

SEMrush site – Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

SEMrush is a well-known and reliable company among SEO Services. The reason I wanted to explain it here, because the mentioned installable SEO Quake Toolbar also contains Semrush’s analyzer tool. If you click on their afvicon, you will be taken to their site when you can check the number of Total Backlinks, Referrring Domains and Referring IPs, even in 22 different countries (at the date of writing this articel). These data on the Basic level are free, but if you want to get deeper analysis, you’d need a membership there.
Semrush SEO Service offers more than a simple Backlink Checker option: you can analyze your competitors’ data as well. It is really worth to try it. Let’s see these features in a simple list:

  • Organic Research – Positions; Positions Changes; Competitors; URL
  • Advertising Research – Positions; Position changes; Competitors; Ads copies; Ads history; URL
  • PLA Research – PLA (Product Listing Ads Positions for database) Positions per Keywords/Ads/Traffic Cost
  • Display advertising – TOP30; Overview; Publishers, Advertisers
  • Backlinks – Overview; Backlinks, Referring domains; Referring IPs; Idexed Pages; Backlinks Comparison
  • Keyword Research – Full search; Related; Ads history
  • Tools – Position tracking; Domain vs domain; Charts; Keyword Difficulty; Site Audit
  • Ranks – SEMrush Rank; Winners & Losers
  • Online demo – You can request an online demo with filling in the appropriate form, if you are interested in SEMrush’s service.

As you can see, besides Backlink Analysis, SEMrush is also very good at analyzing a campaign in a given case, too. Furthermore, I’ll also introduce the keyword checker feature of SEMrush on  my Keyword Rank Checker Services Online page on this site.

I’ve also mentioned above, that the basic level is free. This basic level is good for being familiarized a bit with your current situation, but not from deeper insights. For more precise analysis (I mean containing significantly more data), the membership begins from $69.95/mo (currently).

AHREFS site - Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

AHREFS site – Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

5.’s Site Explorer & Backlink Checker Tool:

It is obvious, that you can find an excellent technical background behind the Backlink Checker Tool of After typing in the exact address of your site, you’ll be taken to the Results page, where you can find all basic data, and even more. You’ll be able to check not only your URL Rank, but Ahrefs Domain Rank, the number of your site’s Backlinks and Referring Domains at this first sight. It is really a great feature of Ahrefs.
If you go ahead, you can see even the number of Referring Pages; Total Backlinks; Crawled Pages; Referring IPs; Referring Subnets; Referring Domains; Governmental (.gov) links, Educational (.edu) link; .com links; net links; org links.
You’ll also find very useful diagrams here as well, displaying the change of your Referring Pages and Backlinks(dofollow, nofollow, redirect, other) monthly, or during the passed 30 days, or yearly. It can help a lot if you are curious how and when you could gather your backlinks, whether you last campaign was successful or not.
If you wnat to get a much deeper analysis, you might want to click on the number of yur backlinks displayed: now, you’ll be taken to the page where your backlinks are listed. As a not registered visitor you can see only 5 of these links. If you register for a FREE account, you’ll be able to see 10 links/request, plus you can get 3 backlink reports/month with max. 1000 crawled pages/1 Crawl Report, max. 3 Crawl Reports/month, 2 domain comparison and 2 Batch Analysis/request, bur NO PDF reports and NO Social Metrics. However, it is not too much at the first sight, it is worth to try. If you upgrade, you’ll get significantly more even with the first, $79/mo plan. It is up to you what to choose (or not to).

It is really fascinating how correctly and precisely Ahrefs’ SEO tool is working. Fortunately I had the chance to examine other tools as well, and I got almost the same data with using them. As a slight comparison, just check your Google links and comapre the numbers of Ahrefs’ data, you can find matching there. If you need a correct online SEO Analyzer Service, also specialized for Backlinks, then choose them. is rightly so popular amongst the various SEO Services and Companies Worlwide, that many of them adopt and use their data, or redirect you to Ahrefs’site after their analysis.

SEOProfiler site - Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

SEOProfiler site – Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

6.’s Backlink Checker Tool:

As Internet Business Promoter (IBP) SEO Analyzer standalone software for your own ar company use – as a desktop SEO tool, so works SEOProfiler as your online SEO Tool. As they write: “SEOprofiler is the main product of Axandra GmbH, a company that has been developing Internet marketing solutions since 1997. Axandra GmbH developed the first website promotion tool for Apple Macintosh computers, one of the first pay per click optimization software tools and the extremely popular SEO software tool iBusinessPromoter (IBP).” – taken from
In the reality, SEOprofiler is a full-featured SEO software solution with tools for web page optimization, including link building, effective competitive analysis, reliable ranking checks, search engine submission with their own tools, keyword research and many more, among them e.g. determining the Social Impact of your web site. As a summary, is considered to an all-in-one SEO web application. Based on my previous experiences, it really works well as a Backlink Checker, too. The diplayed data are almost matching with Ahrefs’ data, and comparable with Google Webmasters’ data as well. On the other hand, as I know, SEOProfiler operates its own web crawlers to find the high quality backlinks that Google and other search engines won’t show you. They really care about running and analyzing the found backlinks on a continuous basis.
It is also true, that they will not index links from a site to itself, that is SEOprofiler only collects inbound links, not same site links. As other Backlink Checher tools, SEOprofiler won’t gurantee finding all backlinks to all domains, but it always finds the most important ones. Practically, also based on my observations, it is useful because you can concentrate on the really important links. That means, that along this way you might save time and you will get valuable results more quickly.

However, you cannot use their SEO Tools at once, you can have a Free Trial, fully functionable account for one domain. Simply add your domain name and your e-mail address and choose a password, and you are in. They also offer 4 paid packages as Standard (10 projects/500 keywords, $49.95/mo), Smart (50 projects/1000 keywords with $1 promotion for the 1st month, then €99.95/mo), Professional (150 projects/.5000 keywords, €249.95/mo) and Enterprise (800 projects/10.000 keywords; €999.95/mo).
If you really want to reach your goals – and it is rewarding for you -, try SEOProfiler, you will not be diasppointed at all. SEOProfilerS SEO Tools are also well applicable both for small and big SEO Companies, and highly suggested if you rn such a firm.

SEOMoz site - Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

SEOMoz site – Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

7.’s ( Backlink Checker Tool:

This Company was started in 2004. They launched their first Pro app in 2007, and they really stayed true to their core beliefs and delivered an exceptional experience for their community and subscribers. Their Tools are very sophisticated and enhanced, meaning that they can do all work in the area of SEO. They developed some additional tools such as Followerwonk*, and they could build out a great SEO community and Forum as well.
The data they deliver are very corrent and updated at any time. Many other companies use their data as a reference.
They offer several SEO packages from the MOZ Local ($84/mo) to MOZPro (“12+ tools — including Moz Analytics, Open Site Explorer, Followerwonk, and more — to track and improve your SEO, social, branding, link building, and content marketing efforts.” – taken from MOZPro membership contains Standard Plan ($99 – 5 Analytics Campaigns/300 keywords), Medium ($149/mo – 10 Campaigns/750 keywords, Branded Reports), Large ($249/mo – 25 Campaigns/1.900 keywords, Branded Reports) Premium ($599/mo – 100 Campaigns/7500 keywords, Branded Reports).

* helps you explore and grow your social graph with analyzing your Twitter Account, such as who your followers are, their locations, the usual time they tweet, aso.

As a summary, SEOMoz (Moz) can do all job you would ever need. If you run a huge SEO Company with dozens (or more) clients, then you might want to choose SEOMoz (MOZ).


After using these Backlink Checker Services and tools, you might be quite surprised if these data differ from each other, that is either Google’s, Alexa’s, RankSignals’, SEMrush’s, AHREFS’, SEOProfiler’s, SEOMoz’s data. Why is it so? As I suppose, it is so because every company uses slightly different methods to detect these links, and their different algorithms will result slightly altering data.
Which one to choose?
The answer depends on your requirements, that is how many processes you want to run in one time, how many data you would need for your job to be completed. On the other hand, it also depens on your monetary posibilities and your intention: if your budget is not your main concern, it is highly suggested choosing either SEMrush, AHREFS, SEOProfiler or SEOMoz (MOZ). I only wanted to help you with this little introduction, the final decision is yours.

Thank you for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, the owner of SEO Service Guide – Search Engine Optimization Basics site.

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