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On this page you’ll find several Blog Services, Communities and Directories. I’d like to show what they are, what their aim is and how to use them for our common social interest.

What Are Blog Services?

All right, let’s suppose you have your own blog – it doesn’t matter what it is based upon at this moment -, and probably you were sacrificed during writing it carefully. You’ve published it and you are feeling that the time has come to sit back in your chair and wait for the hungry visitors because you have done your best – such as widespread research, excellent topic, unbelievable phrasing, awesome layout!
You find your blog interesting – why not, because it is entirely yours and you put your own personality into the content with every double-checked word -, but nobody knows about it except for you. How let the others know about its existence? Somehow we should announce that a New Post Was “Born”! Where and how? How to solve this situation? What comes next?

Does exist a solution at all?

Yes, the solution exists: its name is Blog Services!

Basically, Internet was founded for information exchange and sharing. Blog can express feelings, impressions, contribute to increasing the common knowledge, etc. In my opinion, a Blog Service means some kind of confederation among companies and intellectuals who really want to raise the communication society to a higher level. This – sometimes hidden and not contracted – alliance is intended to realize not only to approach but to reach this aim with providing effective and useful tools.

What can be qualified as tools provided by Blog Services from this aspect?

Tools can mean every help they offer and provide in order to give you a chance for obtaining more publicity for your own blog.
The most common thing is accepting your RSS* feed.

*What is RSS? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS contains structured and indexed information about the content of your blog. If you compose a blog, every blog provider gives you a so-called RSS feed which may contain your creations including the previous ones. It is like a list of your works with title, content and data stamp. Try it out: type in your browser your blog’s name and after the name /RSS or FEED. Example: or FEED. See and evaluate the results!

There are Blog Communities, where your blog might be submitted if they accept it, Directories with categorized content for easy access and Document Sharing Sites. Let’s see some example:

1. Blog Communities And Directories:

A. First of all, I would like present a small list to you with Blog Services offering FREE membership (basically).

– - The Largest Directory of the WEB - Blog is much more than a Blog directory: it is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web – they call it Open Directory Project. I have to mention its importance because every company who deals with web-analyzing refers to its data. It is very important and vital to be listed in this directory. When you are ready with the construction works of your site the first “mandatory” thing is to visit and ask them for listing. You have to choose the exactly matched category and submit your site there. Be careful: if you choose wrong category, your application will be rejected and you will be forced to begin the whole process from the beginning! The process of listing lasts between 1-3 month because the supervisors will take a long tour around your site and examine all they find. For instance: your title must be in capitals, the content has to be a relevant one, etc. Please take care of your content as expressions, spelling if you decided to submit your site. You can submit your site here.

– Blog Directory - Blog has obtained a very respected position. This Blog Directory provides high quality service. After signing up your blog site details will be asked for claiming purposes. The necessary details are full particulars, its exact title and the address of your RSS feed, description, keywords, category, linking blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, Google profile. Technorati is very careful and reliable company.
I highly recommend you to join.

– - RSS Directory - Blog ServicesThis new site accepts your RSS feed. Joining is simple. After logging in you can submit your RSS immediately. The only rule is you have to keep: you can submit only TWO articles in one day. If more than 2 articles stays on your RSS ( imagine your feed like a string with “sitting” articles on the thread ). You will be prompted to give the address, title, keywords and category of the Feed. After submitting, your article will be readable at once. And they give more: do not forget to download the FREE (really it is without hidden offers) e-book about RSS delivered by them.
I use it regularly, so I don’t dare to tell you not to use it.

– Blog Directory - Blog ServicesI have got very pleasant experiences in connection with this site. This site is a social networking for bloggers. The advantage of this site is not only the fact that they (after a short revision) may accept your blog, but you can get free product samples (even valued pieces!) and gift in return for writing honest reviews on some products. It is great!
After opening an account,you can choose your username and password (as usual on other sites) and add your blog. Submitting a site is not allowed, since it is a blogging community. Then your Blog, that is your posts will be manually – by human – reviewed. If they accept it, you will get a confirmation e-mail, and you should place a widget provided by FuelMyBlog on your website in order to get your readers voting you to the main page.
It is also a nice feature, that if you add your Twitter username, they can follow you, so you’ll be able to get a new valuable follower.
As a member, I highly recommend you to join.

In the following section you will find Directories where it is not necessary to register: simply add your RSS address, sometimes some personal data and Captcha code, then push submit button. These Blog Services and Directories took part here because they could be very useful to increase your site or blog search engine page rank, too.
– Open Free Directory - Blog ServicesAn Open Edited and Free Directory with Web Craft Reviews and Recommendations. About: “Gridir is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors. You can find a category that you would like to maintain or just add your website.”

– Blog Directory - Blog ServicesAbout: “Blogdiggerthe search engine for RSS and blogs–began as an experiment with RSS and search technologies in March 2003. Blogdigger uses state of the art syndication technologies, such as RSS and Atom, to index blog content and make it available for search. Blogdigger also makes all search results available in RSS or Atom, so users can subscribe to keyword searches and automatically be notified, via the News Aggregator of their choice, of new content pertaining to their interests. Blogdigger searches thousands of RSS and Atom feeds, and is built-in to many popular News Aggregators, such as FeedDemon and NetNewsWire.” You can add your RSS simply clicking on ADD (or here) button.

– - ASp Search, ASP Article, ASP Forum - Blog ServicesAbout: Here you will find links to articles and tutorials written by ASP** and XML experts, sample ASP and XML code, free programming tools and downloads, sample chapters of new ASP and XML reference books and announcements of training courses and conferences where you can sharpen your ASP and XML skills.
**What is ASP? ASP (Active Server Pages) can be one of the following: An ASP file can contain text, HTML tags and scripts. Scripts in an ASP file are executed on the server. is a revolutionary technology that enables the rapid development of powerful web applications and services.

I highly suggest visiting this site. Add your RSS clicking here!

– - RSS Submitter Service - Blog ServicesBlog Service for RSS Feed submission. For submitting click here.

– - Blog And Search Service - Blog ServicesIt is a very popular Blog Submitter Service. Besides these activities it works as a search engine as well. Being listed in its directory means a lot. If you want to submit your blog just click here.


About: NGOID News Network is an Open Content network of news submissions. As a poster you can submit your news item for posting to multiple information portal or web log sites to enable the use of Metcalf law of the network to distribute knowledge. It also allows you to integrate the submitted news items or items scanned using RSS (here: Rich Site Summary) to be integrated into your portal, web log or application. Submit your RSS here.

– - Blog Search Engine, Blog Directory - Blog ServicesAbout: They are an RSS feed Search Engine, which indexes over 14,964 RSS feeds that are published by bloggers on the Internet. All feeds are refreshed regularly, and all the content found in our search engine comes directly from the publicly syndicated RSS feeds, published by the authoring blog. It is worth to be their partner, indeed. I highly suggest you joining. If yo want to submit your RSS Feed just click here.

– Blog Directory - Blog ServicesAs they say in their introductory: You should publish your own RSS feed if you want to popularise your… articles, newsletters, product catalogs, job openings, press releases, purchase requirements. And it is true. I highly recomment to join them because it would be very useful, mutually. You may get a Free e-book about the description of RSS. For submitting your article just click here.
You can find many other Blog Directories if you make a Google search for instance. I wanted to show you what kind of directories you should look for. Examine the Alexa index (the lower is better), the number of the sites linking in (the more is the better), and Page Rank of the sites. See the sign up process and the privacy. If you trust in the site you may fill in the registration form and submit your blog.

B. NOT FREE Blog Services:


You may Engage with other bloggers. Great community and owning high traffic rank it can be useful making connection with them.
Membership: NOT FREE, from: $19 / month.


Great community with high Alexa and Google Traffic Rank. Previously it was open for the public, today it is not. See it later…

You can find more directories – as I have mentioned above – if you have got enough time and endurance.

2. Other Blog Services: Pinging Services

What does it “PING” or “TO PING” mean?

Formerly if you wanted to know whether there is something on the end of the wire – I mean a network device -, you have “pinged” it. Then – if it existed – the device gave back the signal. The time ellapsed during the action is called “response time”. In this meaning ping is a computer network tool used to test whether a designated device – it can be a single computer, an IP camera, a router or domain host – is reachable – in technical jargon: “visible” – across an IP network. Today pinging means a special kind of announcement for the Networks or Services that i.e. a New Blog Was Born (with new content, of course).
Why is it good for us? If nobody is advertised we have written a new content it will only “belong” to us and friends as a l’art pour l’art action for ages, because nobody else will know about it. However it is very important that our family and acquaintance know our new work of art, possibly it will be not good enough i.e. to sell our new product. Ping Services help our work because the will announce for other Networks – Blog Services, Social Networks – our new existence. They will announce if they are informed about it.

How will the Network Services be informed? By Pinging Services. They will do it if they are asked for it.

Let’s see some of them.

– Pinging Service - Blog ServicesAbout: lets you keep an eye on your favorite weblogs via the web and email. you can even put the list on your site: a blogroll that knows what is new! This a single service, makes ping on its own. You can create an account, it is safe and secure. If you want to use this service for pinging just click here.

– - Blog Search and Ping Service - Blog ServicesAbout: “Twingly is a data mining company from Linköping that was founded in 2006. We focus on indexing blogs and strive towards the best coverage, quality and support of mainly European languages. Today we are indexing about 55M blogs from all over the world. Apart from the data mining business we also provide companies with solutions to encourage bloggers to blog more about their brand and products.” It is a reliable company, so you can use their service. If you want them to ping your blog, click here.


As I can see, was (the link is forwarded from Pingoat to Pingler) formerly. This is the place where you can do everything from pinging to examining your SEO status, Backlinks, Keyword Density and so on. It is very easy to open a single Free account – they call it “basic premium account” -, you have to give your credentials only. Although you will be offered to upgrade to obtain “basic package” for only $2.99 / month (very affordable!), it is not necessary at the first sight unless you want to ping your sites/blogs more frequently or scheduled, or you have up to 10.000 link to ping.
Pingler in action: this Service use many other Ping Services at work including,, and currently approx. 90 others. I have mentioned some of them above in order to give you a chance for a little insight how a Ping Service works. Summarizing the facts, can be considered as an All-In-One Solution.
I like this site, so I highly suggest you visiting this it and opening an account regardless if it is a Free or a Paid one.

What can you use by your WordPress blog if you want to avoid visiting ping Services time-to-time? WordPress offers only, but a better solution has already been developed. Please see it in How To Use WordPress Plugins section.

Conclusion: If you want to use any of the Blog Services correctly, you have to register yourself step-by-step, and it can be very time consuming and tiring sometimes. But – if you see the results and feel the feeling you can get in return for your work – it is worth!

I wish you good blogging (and submittal to the different Blog Services)!

Thank you for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, the owner of SEO Service Guide – Search Engine Optimization Basics site.

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