Interactions between blogs – Why do we need to interact with other bloggers?

We are dealing with SEO and seeking the method to get higher ranking for our our site. Higher Ranking may mean more traffic as well.
How to get quality traffic? One way is to make connection and interaction with other bloggers.

Lily of the Valley - Loneliness, like a Blogger at the beginning - How To Get Quality Traffic - Interactions Between Blogs

Lily of the Valley – Loneliness, like a Blogger at the beginning
How To Get Quality Traffic – Interactions Between Blogs

Blogging is definitely a kind of social activity today. If you are an active blogger, your content is increasing day-by-day. The more content possibly may mean more visitors on your site. It is quite sure, that there will be someone sometime, who will leave a comment on your topic.
If you are polite, you should somehow answer to this comment even only to say thank you for your visitor. This activity is the interaction itself.

How can you obtain reliable traffic sources?

I’ve already told you, that it is not enough to create a good blog content – however, it is the essential, basic criteria – you have to obtain people to visit your blog and read your writing. The more people visit you, the more traffic you will have.
The considerably best strategy is, if you go look forward the challenges yourself. I mean, you visit the the competitors’ web sites, take part on related forums and try to leave relevant comments there without any spamming. With this method you will be able to build up a reader base, and may obtain respect and deserve authority. This way can be another solution how to get quality traffic to your site.

What if you don’t know where to begin to build connections?

First, at once, I’d suggest you searching relevant and appropriate forums, blog sites. You would use such as, or even Google, Yahoo, Ask itself. It can be very time-consuming process, but it will be worth in the future. Not to mention the fact, that you’ll be able to gain extra, supplementary knowledge during this kind of surfing.

I’ve got a better idea, and you can realize it immediately (if you haven’t done it yet). The pretty much thing is, that you can take off without costs, based on your existing knowledge and previous experience. This is just another way how to get quality traffic.

My idea and the possibly solution is as follows:

Lily of the Valley - The Companion - How To Get Quality Traffic - Interactions Between Blogs

Lily of the Valley – The Companion
How To Get Quality Traffic – Interactions Between Blogs

You don’t necessary to search blog directories at this time, because I’ll give you a hint just now.
There are many authentic Blog Site Providers, but you would need such a one, where you may show your talent, and be involved onto the community as a useful member. Immediately.

Step 1.: If we examine the authority, reliability, confidence,***) is definitely the best place. You can open an account within a minute, so it is easy. But, it is more difficult to keep their rules. The rules were created to protect you from reading duplicated contents, plagiary and junk works. I entirely agree with these kind of policies and terms. This is why is among the best authority sites in the eye of the search engines such as Google, and the whole community who knows about this.
(***)Editorial Remark: At the moment of writing and publishing this article, was still alive, but later they were acquired by in Oct 2014. In spite of this fact, the basic idea is definitely the same. Please visit HubPages and open an account there and you’ll be able to continue this interaction.
Sorry for any inconvenience (if happened).

If you create a valuable lens – lens is a page with unique url -, you will be rewarded. You will gain various “trophies” – it is a kind of acknowledgement -, if you are active member. This activity means, that you regularly visit the lenses produced by other webmasters, and leave there comments, like them, or bookmark them. You would need to take parts on different quests offered by Squidoo HQ. This is and interaction and beginning of a quality discussion itself.
Warning! You must not try for sell anything for the other lensmasters, because you may lose your respect. Personally, I consider it lack of respect if you bomb others with various, unsolicited business offers.
How can you make business here (if necessary at all)?
Squidoo provides you great variety of advertising possibilities such as AdSense ads, or in-text ads automatically. You may choose from various Amazon products – books, software, MP3 -, eBay, or others. You should examine it yourself.
In my opinion, business will came itself, it the time is right for it. The more people know you and your work, product, the more chance you will get that somebody will need your service. But, without this kind of interaction, you will be lost.
I’ve to mention a great feature of Squidoo: you may place your link related to your previous works as web sites, blogs, even lens. However, you have to avoid creating so-called “link-farm” crammed with non-related affiliate links. It is not ethic, and your lens could be rejected because of this.

Step 2.: Open an account at Linkreferral is not an autosurf site. If you ask me about them, I could tell only the best.
I’ll explain how Linkreferal works:
Your task is to visit others’ sites, read the content there, and write a short review about them, including the “class marks” between 1 to 10 as you will judge the site content, navigation, response and relevance. You have to be careful during writing these reviews, because you have to keep in your mind that you will give your own voice. Your opinion could hurt others sometimes, even if you are right. Perhaps the other webmaster has worked on his site more, than you, he is not so experienced as you are, or even beginner on this field. So, try for remaining as objective as you can, but remit the little faults.
At Linkreferral, you should “fight” for the position within your category. However, it is not a real fight: if you work more, your ranking will be significantly better = more visitors and traffic. It is honest, because your fate is in your hands.

Ok. That was the beginning. But, how on earth can you make interaction between blogs, better to speak: people? Read it further, please.

Spider - Waiting For The "Visitors" - How To Get Quality Traffic - Interactions Between Blogs

Spider – Waiting For The “Visitors”
How To Get Quality Traffic – Interactions Between Blogs

Advantages, Disadvantages, Conclusion

As you may remember, Squidoo might be the first step in my opinion and can be an answer for the question how to get quality traffic. Write a high quality lens here. Then, submit the url of this article on Linkreferral. Don’t be afraid of the forthcoming “judgements”, I mean the process as others will write reviews from you and give you qualification marks. If you trust in yourself, and your lens was made with your appropriate attention, putting in your hearth and soul onto it entirely, you won’t be fail. Yes, there will be some, who won’t be able to appreciate your ideas and thoughts about the world, but never mind: there will be someone, who reads your lens through, and understands the ideas you wanted to announce.
In order to reach more success in the interaction activity, sometimes you should find Squidoo lensmasters on Linkreferral, and write a review on both sites about the lens. Using this method, you will be accepted more quickly

Advantages: As people see, that you are honest, they begin to trust in you. Almost everyone is afraid of the new things, including meeting new people. Nowadays, the worlds is about the business, so people are a little skeptic to believe in good things. Prove, that you are off these business people and you want to give them real human value. After this, if you obtained confidence in your readers’ eye, they will certainly follow you in your business activity. Never forget: the results depend entirely only on you.

Disadvantages: Not so many exist. This work is very time-consuming, and could be boring sometimes if you are not enthusiastic enough. However, if you enjoy what you are doing, it is very entertaining. Vising others’ well-prepared work, learn new things and ideas, making new acquaintance, confirming the existing friendships – it itself really worth the time to spend.

Conclusion: So, that was my opinion. I think, this is the way how to gain more friends, feel joy, entertain yourself and your “environment”, how to get quality traffic besides this joyful action and last but not least: improve your self-esteem.
One thing is clear: either you are reading this article on Squidoo, on Linkreferral or somewhere else, you will see, that this way is a workable one. Beyond that, you can see my main reason why I made this lens. This aim basically was to help you, and definitely to contribute to your success. With showing you this way, I’ve opened a gate for you to examine my personality, because you may visit my previous and current works, and qualify me as you like it. Getting so open-hearted can mean, than you can even hurt me, or say compliments, it’s entirely up to you. I am aware of the fact, that it will depend on the quality of my works, your momentary attitude and opinion.

So, that’s me. Thanks for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

P.S.: You can find here my own Linkreferral banner and link, as well as my Squidoo Lensmaster link. This is not the place of the advertising, but only a certificate that I am there! If you want, you can join for Free, of course. If you have done it, you know very well what I am talking about. If not, you’ll miss out of a great chance and it is your decision. I wanted to help you, indeed.

Squidoo - Official Site - How To Get Quality Traffic - Interactions Between Blogs

Squidoo – Official Site
How To Get Quality Traffic – Interactions Between Blogs

Linkreferral - Free Web Site Traffic and Promotion - How To Get Quality Traffic - Interactions Between Blogs

Linkreferral – Free Web Site Traffic and Promotion
How To Get Quality Traffic – Interactions Between Blogs


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