Be careful! An interesting content may attract visitors (and can be the answer for the question: how to get quality traffic)!

(Nonetheless, it could also be good from SEO aspect!)

You – and your content – can be interesting at the first sight. However, it is not enough to gain visitors: Your blog needs to be regularly updated to sustain its obtained readership, or attract more, especially new visitors. This is the main reason why you need to find fresh topics to write about. Although, this task seems to be a simple thing, it is not so easy. I would like to give you some tips how to begin with it. If you follow my tips, you’ll know the way how to get quality traffic. to our site

Wooden Shepherd In Winter - Picture taken by me of my father's wooden work -- Example for insertion of an Image - How To Get Quality Traffic - Make Your Blog Interesting And Attractive

Wooden Shepherd In Winter – Picture taken by me of my father’s wooden work
Example for insertion of an Image
How To Get Quality Traffic – Interesting And Attractive Blog –

Now I’d like to highlight the importance of the topic of your blog, that is how to target it what you are going to write about.

In my opinion, a blogger should write about a topic, that he or she feels attracted to, really interested in and willing to deal with it. You won’t be able to write permanently about something you dislike or you are forced to write, because your feelings and emotions have an impact on your work. There is the point where I would like to emphasize the importance of your personality. Your own magic!

What are the steps to follow?

First of all, choose an interesting subject. If you had grabbed the topic, just write a couple of lines about it and start posting it into your blog. It really doesn’t matter what you are writing about at the very beginning, so it can be even a note or comment on a magazine article you read previously, or a humorous announcement on something. I am convinced that taking an advice is easier than achieve. Nonetheless, you should begin your blogging activity somehow, sometime – if you really want to deal with writing blogs at all. Eventually, why don’t you begin it just now? (Sorry, if you have already done it.)

If your main trend had been chosen, start posting your written stuff to your blog about it.

Does even an innocent single Mouse exist on the Internet at all? - How To Get Quality Traffic - Make Your Blog Interesting And Attractive

Does even an innocent single Mouse exist on the Internet at all?
How To Get Quality Traffic – Interesting And Attractive Blog

Don’t postpone it saying “I am quite sure that I’ll do it tomorrow”, because this “tomorrow” will hardly come. What you can do today, don’t put it over tomorrow. Try to make some kind of regularity referring to this task. If you want to work systematically, then attempt to post at least once every day. If you consider it to be a time-consuming activity, you are entirely right. But, if you are enthusiastic enough, this process can become a kind of entertainment for you. I am aware of the fact, that you – and me, too – have family, daily matters, etc. But, if you want to write, than do that. Get the mastery over your moment of inertia! Look for some fun in this activity: After sending the new content, analyze the statistic data of your yesterday’s post(s), and take conclusions about the facts: what and how to do better (if necessary). Or, enjoy your success and the to-come reputation.

For most people it is not so easy to begin writing.

For them it would take a lot of efforts even to move forward only one step. Nonetheless, once you began, you will be happy and satisfied with your work at the end. You will be transformed to a better person, feeling enhanced self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance, accompanied with better behavior to others. I know it from my personal experiences.

However, no matter how well you know your topic, your brain can be exhausted over some time. Don’t give it up at this point! Just remember, what your mains were, and the fact, that you wanted fulfill your dreams. The dream, to make your blog (more) interesting (than the others)!

Which is the best way to collect creative ideas?

Perhaps, you might call your friend to gain some new ideas... - How To Get Quality Traffic - Make Your Blog Interesting And Attractive

Perhaps, you might call your friend to gain some new ideas…
How To Get Quality Traffic – Make Your Blog Interesting And Attractive

First of all, look around and observe what other bloggers say about matters happening in your chosen field, or what the new trends are, and how these ideas are appreciated by others. One way to find related blogs is to ask various search services for help. Typing a keyword on your browser you may have immediate results. If you want to laser-target your niche, you can apply special services such as,,, or other well-known ones.
Read more about Blog Services, Communities, Directories on this site you’re currently on. Social Bookmarking Sites belong to an another chapter,  but you will find here as wll (if you were interested).
You will be able to gather more knowledge from other blogs – based on your subject – ,and you can also comment on what others have to say on your own blog! This is the way how you can gain backlinks the easy way (Trackbacks)!

What will happen if you’ve successfully established contacts with other bloggers in your niche?

As the will result of this conversation-network, you’ll obtain a very good position on your field: You’ll get and almost endless ongoing “speech-source”, so you’ll not be forced to actively search for content to write about for a while.
Although, if you’re still suffering from “content-deficiency-desease”, search for news articles related to your niche in the local newspapers. magazines or online. Almost every site counts, which has “news” in their names. Some examples:, or As an another example, I have created an Article Site, titled Your Article Site Of Self Improvement And Do-It-Yourself for this purpose, in self-improvement and do-it-yourself topic. You might find here various articles from this niche, or you can submit your link here, too. You are not so far from establishing such a similar site. I hope you’ll find what you were looking for. Last but not least, don’t forget about RSS feeds. Almost every site offers opportunity for RSS connection. It can be a very useful – and perhaps profitable – tool, because using this method you will be “alarmed” from the newest things at once. I am quite sure, that it is not necessary to list the advantages of this.

What can be the next step?

Classic Notebook - for your convenience - How To Get Quality Traffic - Make Your Blog Interesting And Attractive

Classic Notebook – for your convenience
How To Get Quality Traffic – Interesting And Attractive Blog

On this way you might eventually build up an entire collection of questions and answers, including interesting discussions to write about in your forthcoming blog. In order to do this, join forums related to your niche. Donât join every forum there is out there, because lacking of the necessary knowledge you may lose your credibility and respect very soon. Stick with one or two with the biggest number of members, or the one which is most focused on your selected niche. You may choose more niche at the same time. However, this selection is depending on your affordable time and personal abilities. Back to the forums for a moment: always keep the their rules and avoid spamming.

Keep always on your mind to post articles regularly. At least once per day. Or more, if you have a great deal of content to write about. This continuous activity will bring you results as well: the major search engines will recognize soon, that your blog has fresh content day-by-day every day, and you will be rewarded with higher page rank in return. Higher page rank means, that your blog content will come up more frequently among the search results.
This fact itself will result increasing number of visitors. More visitors mean more traffic. As the wise says: “Traffic is equals to money”. More traffic is equals to more money. And last but not least increasing respect, not to mention the reputation.

So, I think, this can be the way how to make your blog interesting and – together with it – how to get quality traffic.

You could see, that the relevant, interesting topic is the foot-stone of your blog. But, what can be the value of the content, if the reader bounces at the half of it, because he finds it tiring or boring? It can easily happen – in spite of your valuable and unforgettable topic -, if your text-content is too long, or not based on a well-constructed, thoroughly thought up structure.

What we are waiting for? Christmas? - How To Get Quality Traffic - Make Your Blog Interesting And Attractive

What are we waiting for? Christmas?
How To Get Quality Traffic – Interesting And Attractive Blog

What does it mean?

I am convinced – and your visitor is also -, that the scientific analysis or review you wrote is worth more, than leaving it on the table, but perhaps the style, its layout, or something other pushes him off.
To ease this problem, I suggest you inserting some pictures onto your content. These images can be landscapes, animal or funny pictures, drawings, etc. It is entirely up to you. You may import some – relevant – quotes, citations and mix with your content in order to “break the silence” and so persuade your visitor to think and read your content further. This can also be another way how to get quality traffic to your site.

If you have read my article to this point, I’ll know, that it was not as boring as I thought.

As You may know, I am very keen on blogging. My real intention is to help people in blogging. That was the main reason I have decided to create an entire site and devote it to blog-teaching. Teaching for those, who are willing to know more about it, and are not satisfied with writing only a couple of lines and not even to know where – and how – they’ll put their lines.
I have been working on it since September 2012 – alone in one person, as the designer, programmer, author -, and I state I wanted to do my best. Whether I was succeeded or not, time – and the visitors – will tell.
Nonetheless, I don’t mind this effort, because I could help some of my friends, till now. And it is worth doing it, itself.

Leastwise, it would be honor if you visit my sites: How Can I Make A Blog – How To Create A WordPress Blog site. Here you can find almost everything which is related to blogging as Blog Site Providers, Blog Services, Article Writing, Self Improvement, How to create a WordPress Blog (including a self-made video), and more.
These are Free, of course.

Thank you for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

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