In this section I’ll introduce some Keyword Rank Checker Services online

Please find the list of the following keyword rank checker services, in order of appearance on my page:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools – Keyword Rank Checker Service
  2. Bing Webmaster Tools – Keyword Rank Checker Service
  3. KPMRS – “Keyword Positioning Monitoring Report Service”
  4. SEMRush – “service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain”
  5. SmallSEOTools – “100 % Free Tools – online SEO Tools”
  6. Advanced Web Ranking “Complete SEO Software. Rank Tracking, Analytics, Social Media”
  7. KeywordSpy – “#1 Keyword Software & Keyword Tool for Keyword Research & Tracking”
  8. SEO Rank Monitor – “The Most Complete Ranking Tracker”
  9. SEOProfiler – “Full featured SEO software tool: rankings, analytics, links, keywords, social, and more”

Nowadays, when you examine the importance of the keywords, you can recognize that using them as the part of a Meta Description Tag it is not as important as it was before. Nonetheless, your site will get ranked by your keywords on the Internet. It seems to a contradiction at the first sight, but it is not so.
I’ll explain my statement below.

A little history.
Formerly, it was more than enough to add your keywords into your Meta Keywords Tag to be ranked for. You could include many couples of your niche-relevant keywords, even the not so significant ones. Then came the Search Engine, picked up one of your keyword-package (the more you added the better results you could reach at that time) and your site would be ranked. Using this way, you had the chance to mislead the Search Engines somehow. For a rude example: in spite of the fact that your site has been made offering e.g. “holiday vacations”, you could have search traffic for “cat foods” when your keywords tag contained this expression. This way has given a base for developing various techniques, which were not considered to a part of the white-hat techniques. As the result, in the past, this kind of site could get undeserved higher rankings even if its owner has NOT put such a hard work into its construction like the honest competition – or you -, but used the old-school keyword-stuffing, back-door or front-door technology instead.

Because I have been working hard to get ranked since I begun to deal with SEO, I dislike this way. Honesty and truthfulness what I follow and appreciate.
Thanks God, these times are over! Nowadays, the major Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo use very sophisticated and enhanced techniques via their crawling robots (algorithms) to discover these kind of cheating, applied to get higher rankings. Now the content is relevant, not the number of keywords included in the Meta Keywords Tag. If your content contains your niche-relevant keyword(s) – or keyword phrase(s), the so-called long-tail keyword(s) -, and you include them in your Title and Description, plus all headings are built following this rule consequently, nothing can stop you from getting higher rankings. (Those who want to read more about using keywords, just visit my post.) Use the opposite way, and keyword stuffing may result even penalty from search engines and contribute to losing your gained rankings. Google is our friend on the Internet: if we follow and keep all the rules, we will be rewarded for our loyalty with traffic. And this is our interest, doesn’t it?
Now, let’s see the first from the available and best Keyword Rank Checker Services (in just front of our eyes): Google Search Engine itself!

1. Google’s Webmaster Tools – Keyword Rank Checker Service

If you are an experienced webmaster and you can read between the lines, you’ll know what I am talking about. It is enough to login to your Google Webmaster account, and you can see your Search Traffic and Search Queries immediately. This is the most important table you can ever have if you are interested in the fate of your site.
Please take your time, and examine all data step by step. I’ll help you in this activity, just now (you have to be logged in to see the same):

Google Webmaster Tools - Search Queries - Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

Google Webmaster Tools – Search Queries – Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

a. Queries
The number of Queries will tell you, how many Queries happened in the examined time period (1 month, it is displayed on the top-right corner)
b. Impressions
The number of Impressions tells us how many times your site was displayed when somebody searched for the keywords which can be found on your site. It doesn’t mean at all that you were on the 1st page or 1st position, but means that your site came up somewhere during the conducted (by a visitor) search.
c. Clicks
The number of the real clicks. Now, you can count an average CTR (Click Through Rate) now: CTR (%)= (Number of Clicks/Number of Imressions)x100. The higher the CTR the more traffic you realized during the examined time period.

Now the more interesting part will come. This table will contain the detailed results of your site. Use this table wisely and you’ll be able to make further decisions and improve your site for your benefit efficiently:

Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries and Average Positions - Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries and Average Positions – Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

a. Query
Your particular keywords will be displayed here

b. Impressions
The number of Impressions your site was displayed for the particular keyword

c. Clicks
The number of REAL clicks happened when your site was displayed

d. CTR
Click Through Rate: The percentage of how many REAL clicks happened/all Displayed Impressions x 100 (%). For example, if your site was displayed 150 times e.g. for “apple pie recipes” and there were 75 clicks, your CTR is 50%. The higher the better.

e. Average Position
THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! From this table, you can see and evaluate how efficient your previous activity was (maybe a keyword campaign, or simply your work till now). If your number here is around 10 average, it means that you have been on the 1st site of Google at a certain time! Below 10, you are definitely on the 1st SERP (Search Engine Results Page) permanently.
Some webmasters might be surprised, because they’ll find different keywords at the first position than they wanted their site to rank for. Yes, it can happen at any time: Google always examine and reward the relevant keywords/relevant content, and they will rank this or that one by their applied algorithms.
Is it good for us?
Now always, but you might want to seize the opportubity and the given chance: even if not your selected keyword (phrase) is the winner, but the other keywords are in (or near) the first position, it will be worth to use them as a base for the next campaign. This is the relevance and importance of clever using the data of Google Webmaster Tools.

2. Bing Webmaster Tools – Keyword Rank Checker Service

Bing Webmaster Tools - Search Keywords Dashboard - Keyword Rank Checker Services OnlineDon’t forget, that Bing – and together with it Yahoo – plays also a determining role on the Internet. When you submit a link to the Index of Google – “fetch as Google” -, you might want to remember to do the same on Bing Webmaster. Because Bing and Yahoo are in close “friendship”, the data you will see on Bing will be combined traffic results.

The Dashboard of Bing Webmaster Tools contains the following sections
My Sites
> Configure My Site
> Reports & Data
> Diagnostics & Tools
> Widgets
> Messages
Webmaster API
Bing Places for Business

Our Search Keywords section is within Reports & Data, as you can see on the right image.

Let’s see the data provided by Bing Webmaster Tools (you have to be logged in to see the same):

Bing Webmaster Tools - Search Keywords Toolbar - Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

Bing Webmaster Tools – Search Keywords Toolbar – Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

a. Keywords
Your particular keywords will be displayed here
b. Clicks from Search
The number of the Clicks on your keyword during the examined period of report (30 days)
c. CTR
The Click Through Rate, that is the number of successful clicks/all appearance of your keyword
d. Average Search Click Position
You can see the Average Search Click Position, that is which keyword of yours are the most popular ones concerning your all keywords
e. Average Search Appearance Position
This is also the most important part like on Google Webmasters. Here you’ll see the the Average Search Appearance Position, that is the position of your keywords on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

What other kinds of Keyword Rank Checker Services exist?

Either Google or Bing Webmaster Tools are very useful, but it is open only for the webmaster of the particular site. It can happen that you want to analyze other sites (owned by others), check their keyword-rankings and see their position on the Internet. What can you do then?
Don’t worry, you can find many other solutions. For instance, if you are a member of an expert SEO Company – e.g. KPMRS? SEMRush, Advanced Web Ranking, KeywordSpy, WordTracker, SEO Rank Monitor, SEO Profiler -, you can add the keywords of your competitors into a special, for this purpose developed table and you’ll be able to check their keywords together with yours, at the same time. Evaluating these very useful and important data you can make a comparison and decisions to make an intervention into your site’s structure at any time (even immediately), if it is necessary. In the case you have no any subscriptions and you are in emergency situation of retrieveng these data, you can visit Keyword Rank Checker sites as well. I’ll list here some for you:

3. KPMRS – Keyword Positioning Monitoring Report Service

KPMRS - Keyword Positioning Monitoring Report Service - Keyword Rank Services OnlineThe name, KPMRS comes from Keyword Positioning Monitoring Report Service and considered to one of the best keyword rank checker services. The SEO tool they provide helps you check and understand your search engine rankings on major search engine like Google, Bing (together with it Yahoo) and Alexa.
Basically, using KPMRS is Free and you can open a Free account till 30 days. If you are satisfied with their services, you can go further a paid member ($9.99 per/mo as a basic).

As a member of KPMRS, you can get regular reports on your rankings so you can make further decisions in time. KPMRS also helps you analyze the competition in your niche or particular business area. It has many other features pertaining to testing your SEO activities like tracking backlinks tool, social popularity tool, rank checker widget, website discovery tool, etc. to understand the ROI on your SEO strategies.

Features of KPMRS

  • Rank checker widget
  • Competitor rankings
  • Social popularity tool
  • Website discovery tool
  • Track backlinks
  • Get email alerts
  • Put KPMRS widget on your website and let your visitors check their rankings from your site.

Benefits you get as a Member of KPMRS

  • Track performance of your website on the net.
  • Track ranking of your competitors.
  • Keep track of backlinks associated to your website.
  • Monitor ranking of your website on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Alexa.
  • Frequent updates to match the competition

Let’s see how the SEO Tool of KPMRS works:

Simply type your keyword and web site URL in the appropriate text-boxes, then click on Show My Ranks button and you’ll see your results.

4. SEMRush – “service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain”

SEMRush - Keyword Rank Checker Services OnlineMaybe you can remember SEMRush (Backlink Checker Services and Tools online page on this site). Because SEMRush has really great features and offers excellent keyword rank checker services, I’d like to mention this company again.
However, SEMRush’s Position Tracking has been made especially for those who are willing to check the positions of some particular keywords on the Internet for their marketing campaign, it can be very useful to see and compare the keyword rankings and the possible CPC (CPC stands for Cost Per Click by an advertising campaign, for example for Google Adwords (this is not our topic today, but you can learn more about Adwords on if interested)). If you cannot find results for your keywords, it can mean that there is no bid for that keyword at that time. If you find some results, you can evaluate them and you can make further decisions what to choose from the available keywords and how much it will cost to bid.
On the other hand, with their tracking analysis you can get a deeper insight into the nowadays trends on the Internet: the data of SEMRush will show you the exact amount of searches by the particular keywords, not how many searches were altogether, as e.g. Google shows it to you at a global search.
It is also an excellent feature of this SEMRush’ SEO tool, that you can see Related Keywords for your given keywords, so their tool can function as a Keyword Suggestion Tool as well, even in the FREE version!

How to use SEMRush’s (keyword) position Tracking?

Simply visit their site and select  Tools > Position Tracking from the Navigation Menu, and you’ll be on their SEO tool immediately. Once you are there, just type in your domain, keyword or URL. Probably you remember the”black tie” search on “What Does A Search Engine Do And Why page” how many results were given back by Google:

"black tie" Search - Google Search Bar, Excerpt - What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

“black tie” Search – Google Search Bar, Excerpt – What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

Now, let’s see the results with using the Keyword Rank Checker of SEMRush (Position tracking) below:

SEMRush - "black tie" search - Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

On the same page, you’ll see the “Phrase match report” and “Related keywords report” as well:

SEMRush "black tie" keyword search - Phrase match and Related keywords reports - Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

After evaluating these data, you can decide what and how to do in the future. You can also download your current report in PDF format even in the free version, but it can be branded if you are an upgraded member.

5. SmallSEOTools – “100 % Free Tools – online SEO Tools”

The simple-to-use Keyword Rank Checker Tool of SmartSEOTools is useful for every average marketer who is online and want to see whether her/his keywords are ranked or not at that time. They can check your rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo, plus offer an opportunity to chose from the Google search of multiple countries. You can add up to 20 keywords at the same time. Let’s see its screen below:

SmallSEOTools - Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

After clicking on Check Position button, you’ll be able to see the results within some seconds. As I’ve mentioned it above, this tool is very simple to use and suggested for anyone who doesn’t want to get more data for a deeper analysis only interested in the current position of the examined keywords.

Additionally SmartSEOTools offers more very useful SEO tools such as Plagiarism Checker, Article Rewriter, Google PageRank Checker, Backlink Maker and Checker, Online Ping Website Tool. The best part of it, that they keep their statement: 100% Free.

6. Advanced Web Ranking – “Complete SEO Software. Rank Tracking, Analytics, Social Media”

Advanced Web Ranking - Keyword Rank Checker Services OnlineThey offer a complex and complete SEO solution for the marketers online such as AWR (Advanced Web Ranking) Cloud, Rank Tracking, Localization, Whitelabel reports, User management, Analytics data, Developer API (for AWR Cloud), SEO audit, Social media. With their Developer API, you’ll be able to sync your own client programs with AWR Cloud. That is, you will be able to gather keyword rankings and manage your AWR Cloud projects programmatically. It is a very interesting feature for the SEO experts who want to get deeper insights into the world of SEO.
The Keyword Rank checker feature is also part of their package. Their slogan is – what I like -: “Spend less time tracking rankings…
…and more with your loved ones” – taken from Advanced Web Ranking.

Features (Complete SEO data):

  • AWR (Advanced Web Ranking) brings you all the SEO information you need:your rankings, analytics, links, social metrics, keyword and competitive research.
  • In-depth research for wise decisions
  • Thoroughly perform on-page analysis, audits or keyword research with AWR’s integrated research tools and reveal all your hidden growth opportunities.
  • Automatic workflow: With AWR you can automate your entire workflow, from data gathering to report creation and dispatch, with just a few clicks.
  • Insightful reporting
  • AWR enables you to compile and share with your clients insightful reports, with minimum effort and maximized efficiency.

Advanced Web Ranking - Keyword Rank Checker Services OnlineThe prices?

The Packages start at $199 (Basic features: Ranking, Link Building, Social Media, Scheduled Updates, Content Optimization, Competition Analysis, Basic Keyword Research, Performance). Then comes the Professional, Enterprise and Server Plans.

Advanced Web Ranking offers 30 Days Free Trial for anyone who is interested. It is really worth to try. There is NO software to download, you’ll do the analysis online and you can begin it at once! Just click here or on the picture on the right if you want to try it.

7. KeyWordSpy – “#1 Keyword Software & Keyword Tool for Keyword Research & Tracking”

KeywordSpy - Keyword Rank Checker Services OnlineIt is a very good name because it reveals all the activity and the purpose of these SEO Tools at the first sight. Yes, with KeyWordSpy you’ll be able to analyze how much your competitors spend for a particular keyword. You can find several SEO Tools even in the free version, however, the obtained results will be limited without a membership. As the big, respected companies do, KeywordSpy also offers you a Trial, but it differs from the other Trials: Lifetime Free Trial! If you use this version, you can have more data as if you came as a simple, not registered visitor.

Features of KeywordSpy:

  • Keyword Research: see competitors advertising strategies
  • Real-time tracking: monitor keyword performance
  • Affiliate Intelligence: uncover top products & top affiliates
  • Agency & Enterprise: advanced reports & API
  • Downloadable plugin: you can download their SEO plugin, which  works with Internet Explorer only (currently)

KeywordSpy - Tracking - Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

I’d like to write more about this very useful SEO/PPC plugin. Unfortunately, it works only with IE currently (not compatible with the latest other browsers), but in spite of this fact you can benefit from the great features it provides when you install it on your Internet Explorer for this purpose:

  • Quickly uncover any Adwords advertisers’ PPC keywords and Destination URLs.
  • You’ll be able to do localized Google country searches.
  • You can use the KeywordSpy SEO/PPC plug-in data to investigate lots of important SEO parameters, both in the result pages of search engines and in the site pages that you visit.
  • You can detect the country and physical location where an advertiser site is hosted and find out which advertisers serve as affiliates of networks such as,, or products.
  • It gives you on-the-fly results of the Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank of the sites you visit.
  • If you’re on the result page of search engine, the software will allow you to customize the parameters shown in SEO, PPC or Google geo-targeted results.
KeywordSpy Toolbar for immediate SEO/PPC Search - Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

KeywordSpy Toolbar for immediate SEO/PPC Search – Keyword Rank Checker Services Online

The prices?

There are four packages currently, beginning from $89.95/mo (Research Package: For Individual online marketers, PPC researchers / consultants and SEO specialists; daily (multiple scans per day); Used for researching competitor keywords and understanding strategies; Daily Query limit: 2.000) via Tracking ($89.95/mo) and Professional ($139.95) packages, till the negotiable Agency & Enterprise KeywordSpy Package.
If you only want to try their services, choose the offered Free Trial. The nicest thing that you can use KeywordSpy’s Lifetime Free Trial as many times as you like and as long as you want!

8. SEO Rank Monitor – “The Most Complete Ranking Tracker”

SEO Rank Monitor - The Most Complete Ranking Tracker - Keyword Rank Checker Services OnlineAccording to the latest data of surveys, 46% of users search primarily on their mobile devices. And with local businesses, a new study showed that 80% of mobile searches resulted in a sale. However the users of desktop computers are also important, because of the increasing number of Mobile devices, SEO Rank Monitor has been specialized especially for helping you reach better ranking on mobile market.
Analyzing Mobile Rankings definitely helps you optimize your current position on the Internet. It doesn’t mean the company will not give you help for analyzing desktop related content.

The real fact is, that it’s vital to optimize your website for both desktop and mobile searches, since search engines rank mobile searches differently. The mobile ranking data gives you the data you need to reach out to all users.

Features of SEO Rank Monitor:

  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to read, understand, and share your data: Spend less time analyzing data and more time building your business.
  • Easy-to-read dashboard shows you the overall success of your campaign: Instantly check on your current ranking for specific keywords or keyword groups, ranking change between any two dates, and stats on important ranking factors.
  • Your Rankings, Visualized: Simple-to-understand charts and graphs help you quickly understand the current state of your campaign.
  • Local rankings, accurate to the city: Organic rankings only tell half the story. With SEO Rank Monitor you will see exactly how you’re ranking in every city you specify.
  • Create automated white-label reports: Want to get send PDF reports to your clients, on auto-pilot? No problem! Simply create the report using our drag-and-drop interface, and specify how often you want us to send the report. We’ll take care of the rest!
  • One-Of-A-Kind Advanced Filtering: SEO Rank Monitor offers advanced filtering to present you with exactly the data you need (organize your results by search engine, dates, keywords, keyword groups, or Adwords data like search volume, CPC, and competition).
  • Compare Any Two Dates: Other software only lets you compare dates against the current date, or compare consecutive dates. SEO Rank Monitor lets you compare any two dates, so you can track the success of specific actions.
  • Track Which Actions Get Results: Use date-specific “events” to record when you made changes and easily see their effects. Track what’s most effective, so you can spend your time on what works.
  • Spy On Your Competitors: Track your competitors rankings by keyword, or by any of our advanced filters. Avoid their mistakes and improve on their successes.
  • Share Reports With A Single Click: Export reports as PDF or Excel files, or generate a URL with a visual report with the click of a button. Set up email reports to go out daily, weekly, or monthly. Share your results with your partners or clients faster than ever.
  • Monitor Your Website’s Health: Stay up-to-date on stats vital to high ranks like PageRank, Alexa Ranking, Indexed Pages, and PageSpeed.

SEO Rank Monitor - Create FREE Account - Keyword Rank Checker Services OnlineThe prices?

It is not as expensive as you’d think. Their 4 Plans start from $19 /mo (Personal Plan: 100 keywords, 1 campaign, 3 competitors (max 3/campaign), daily Rank Checks, Mobile Rankings Tracking, unlimited exports, all features included)  and finish at $199/mo (Enterprise: 5000 keywords, 75 campaign, 375 competitors (max. 5/campaign), daily Rank Checks, Mobile Rankings Tracking, unlimited exports, all features included).

The best thing is that you can start a No-Obligation 14 days Free Trial, so you’ll have enough time to decide remaining a member or leaving the company.

9. SEO Profiler – “Full featured SEO software tool: rankings, analytics, links, keywords, social, and more”

SEOProfiler - Keyword Rank Checker Services OnlineYes, it is really true that the SEO tools of SEO Profiler are really easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable: the new full-featured SEO solution that helps you to get high rankings and more sales. This is the company which meets the all the requirements I’ve listed on my SEO Services Worldwide – The Guide Of Requirements page. Now, I’d like to highlight the Keyword Rank checker feature of SEOProfiler.

SEOProlifer Dasboard - Ranking Monitor > Overview - Keyword Rank Checker Services OnlineLet’s see these features, step by step. After logging-in, you’ll see the dashboard of SEO Profiler. If you choose (open) the Ranking Monitor section, you’ll be taken to another Screen with a summary first called as Overview.

  • Overview
    Check the rankings of your site
    The Ranking monitor can check the position of all pages and sub domains of your project domain on Google, Bing and Yahoo in 89 countries.
  • Ranked Keywords
    It is the nicest part. If you add your keywords, their rankings will be displayed within a couple of hours, together with the data how many searches have been taken for this particular keyword (or keyword-phrase) within the examined period (30 days). You’ll be also see the competitors keyword rankings (you can add 5 competitors to compare) and you can decide how to improve your site from this aspect.
  • Ranked Pages
    This section contains your ranked pages, every single one. Now, you’ll be able to see how the different categories and tags, pages and posts contribute to your current ranking position.
  • Opportunities
    It is a suggestion part, how to get more visitors with these keywords which will be listed for you. They’ve also made 4 groups for these opps, see it below.
    *First place opportunities (the number of opps)
    *Top 3 opportunities (the number of opps)
    *First page opportunities (the number of opps)
    *First place ranking opportunities (the number of opps):It is an excellent help for the marketers, because 43% of the searchers click the first result on a search results page. For this purpose, they will list the pages are almost ranked in the first position. As they advise, these pages only need more reputable websites linking to them, it is entirely up to you and depends on your link building strategy. However, you can obtain the top ranking position by using SEOprofiler’s link building tools as well.
  • Alerts
    In this section, you can see some alerts (if any) concerning your site, such as:
    Ranking alerts:
    *Positive alerts (no of alerts)
    *Negative alerts (number of alerts)
    *Unsuccessful keywords (number of alerts)SEOProfiler will also highlight the remarkable positive results (if any), and this is a very useful information, too.
  • Competitors
    Never forget about your competitors. You’ll get:
    * A Competitor summary
    * Competitor visibility scores:
    A comprehensive graph about:
    *Total number of Google rankings and Number of page 1 rankings on Google
    *Total number of Bing rankings and Number of page 1 rankings on Bing
    *Total number of Yahoo rankings and Number of page 1 rankings on Yahoo
  • Reports
    As a member of SEOProfiler, you can make Brandable reports either as CSV or PDF format for yourself or for your customers (if any).
  • Help & Instructions
    Would you need any help, you can get it either watching various training videos or following their manual online, or downloading a complete (200+ pages) PDF manual.

As a quick introduction of the process, please watch this short video below: “How to work with the ranking monitor in SEOProfiler?” – produced and published by SEOprofiler Official.

What other SEO tools and Services does SEOProfiler offer?

Just like IBP, SEOProfiler offers a keyword suggestion tool, a Top 10 Optimizer, a link manager, a submitter and a ranking checker. In addition to that, SEO Profiler offers comprehensive link analysis tools, weekly website audits, tools that enable you to spy on your competitors, Google Analytics integration, tools for social media monitoring, web-based client reports, and local ranking checks on city level.
On top of all that, SEOProfiler Smart offers multi-user access (work with colleagues and freelancers), a link disinfection that helps you to get rid of bad links that point to your website, and white-label SEO reports in your company design.

If you want to read more about SEOProfiler, please don’t miss out on reading my post: SEOProfiler Review – A Full-Featured SEO Software Tool.


Checking the current rank position of your particular keywords is more than important if you want to be successful. I wanted to show you some from the available keyword rank checker services online in order to get started with. I do hope I could help you find one appropriate – or more – from the them. If you prefer others, I don’t mind.  The Internet is huge, so you can meet and select other services as well.

Thank you for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, the owner of SEO Service Guide – Search Engine Optimization Basics site.

New SEO software tool

SEOprofiler is a cool web-based SEO software tool that helps you to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can also check the backlinks, Google rankings and Google AdWords of any website for free. Just enter a domain name in the following search box:

Just another complex SEO SolutionSEO Rank Monitor (Try it for 14 Days FREE!):

SEO Rank Monitor - The Most Complete Ranking Tracker