Meta Tag Analyzer and Search Engine Visibility Meter online tools to ease your SEO job

Visibility Score Bar - An Example of Meta tag Analyzer and Search Engine Visibility MeterBefore beginning any Optimization Process, you would need to obtain some Data about your page, such as its Meta Tags and Search Engine (SE) Visibility Score. Who else wants to get better results?

In the previous section, The Importance And Usage Of Meta Tags, you have been given the chance to learn everything about Meta Tags and Search Engine Visibility and how to measure it.

I use ScrubTheWeb’s Visibility Meter for SEO analysis works every day. Why this one? Nothing is easier to obtain the main parameters of any pages on the Internet than with this tool. To proceed, simply visit the site and begin a new process with typing in the appropriate URL (page address). After running the Analyzer you will get not only the Visibility Score of your particular page, but the Title, Meta Description and Keywords tags as well, not to mention the relevant information how a crawling robot may see your page from “outside”. This is why I highly recommend their Free Meta Tag Analyzer and Search Engine Visibility Meter as the first step.

ScrubTheWeb offers you a membership as well, but it is not necessary for using their Free SEO tools. If you want to get more detailed results, you might want to use Web Page Analyzer as their member.
What about the membership fee? It is really very affordable regarding a long-term membership.

If you don’t want to go to their site to check out the Meta Tag Analyzer tool, you can do it here on my site as well. It is also Free, because you will use their tools and site: this has been imported and integrated here.

How to use the Meta Tag Analyzer SEO tool?

It is very simple: type in your page’s URL (the link with or without www and http//) below, then click on Analyze URL button. It will take only some seconds to get the results. Try it out yourself! For FREE (always)! Don’t forget to read my assessment about this tool on the bottom of this page.

Because I am not willing to hide my results – the opposite, I am proud of them -, as an example, you could check the Visibility Score of this page you are currently on: (copy then insert (paste) the link below). After measuring, just push the Back arrow on your browser, and type in a new URL. It is so easy.

My assessment:

As I’ve mentioned before, I use this tool day by day. The data they provide are very exact, and easy to follow. You can gather significant data even in the free version, using their Free Meta Tag Analyzer tool. For example you can see and check your Meta Tags, current Visibility Score and can use Easy Submit tool to submit your site to a limited number of Search Engines. In addition, they will warn you if your robots.txt is missing, and so some advice will be given- in general – how to improve your scores. Even if you are not so experienced, you can follow these instructions and so you will be able to improve your pages’ overall performance yourself, as a result.

If you develop a web site, it is a must-have. I am a member of ScrubTheWeb, so I know well what I am talking about.

I hope, you will like this very useful tool.

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher

Gyula Olah – electrical engineer, author, publisher

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1. If you had used ScrubTheWeb’s Free Meta Tag Analyzer and you were satisfied with it, don’t forget to place a dofollow backlink to ScrubTheWeb site. They will definitely appreciate this action when ranking your page. In the case you want to use their Logo image for this purpose, it will look like this one just on the right >>>:

Meta Tag Analyzer by

2. Are you not satisfied with your results? Or, you want to improve your pages’ Visibility Score on the Internet and you don’t want to bother of obtaining the details and doing the optimization yourself? I’ll help you to solve this task. In this case, contact me, please.

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