Part 1. Get backlinks: Creating blogs and writing comments on others’ blog or site for backlinks

B - How to get Backlinks?

B – How to get Backlinks?

Yes, get backlinks. You’d think it is so easy to say, but hard to carry it out. Let’s see how it works in fact!

However, the process itself seems to easy, it can be really time consuming and sometimes fairly tedious. Nonetheless, it is a vital part in boosting your search engine ranking, whereas having the ability to generate targeted – and focused -, high quality traffic to your web site at completely no cost. On the other hand, it is also an important part of SEO Basics and belongs to the “more than good to know” category.
On my previously written page, Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online, I listed some ways to get backlinks. Then, I promised to write more about these techniques. I always keep my word, so I wrote this article in this topic for you. This is the first part of the SEO Basics – Get Backlinks series.

Now, let’s summarize again how to get backlinks:

  • Part 1: Creating blogs and writing comments on others’ blog or site for backlinks (you are just here)
  • Part 2: Getting backlinks from Directories, Directory submissions (e.g. Link Directories, RSS Directories; find some more details on Blog Services, Communities, Directories page on this site)
  • Part 3: Getting backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites (e.g Link Directories, RSS Directories; for more see Social Bookmarking Sites page on this site)
  • Part 4: Writing articles for obtaining backlinks, that is Article Marketing

Now, let’s see our topic for today: how to get backlinks via blogging and commenting.

If you write blogs and examine the changes in your rankings, you could experience that Search Engines do love blogs. How can you recognize this fact? If you publish a brand new post and submit it to Google and Bing – keeping their rules, of course -, you can find your article being ranked within a very short time. It is awesome and true. Obviously, this blog post is not a guarantee alone to get any backlinks, but will strengthen your authority and give you a solid base to build on your backlink building campaign.

In order to get backlinks, you need to do some more work. It is a very effective method if you post your link(s) on various authority blog spaces. This way might result (almost) instant backlinks for you, together with very little work involved.
In the case you want to generate backlinks with blogs, you need to do some works accompanied this way:

a. Resource work:

First of all, find relevant blogs in your niche that provide a “do follow” link. Always remember that only “do follow” links will give you more popularity – and together with it: ranking – in the eyes of Search Engines.

b. Interpreting:

Explore and read the blog carefully. After interpreting the content, find matching points with your topic.

c. Commenting:

Then, if you feel the confidence in yourself, you can make an insightful, helpful and relevant comment on the post. Try to avoid writing about completely different topic and including more than 1 link. If you act on this way, your comment likely will be approved by the blog’s administrator or webmaster. As a backlink, try to Include your link with – a for your site – relevant anchor text on the blog.

d. Repeating:

Repeat this process as many times as you want.

Finally, how to create a backlink with comments?

The way is very simple: you’ll be able to embody your backlink inside the web site URL connected to your post in addition to within your actual comment-box (if it is allowed by the site administrator, of course). When creating your backlink, just remember and be sure you use the appropriate anchor text to describe your the web site where you are going to direct people to. To do this process, you’d need some basic HTML knowledge, because it is advisable to include a bit of HTML code to create your backlink with anchor text.

One factor also to bear in mind is that it is best to by no means use keywords which can be already part the title of your web site or domain name. As a substitute, try to concentrate on including keywords and key phrases that you just hope to rank for but aren’t already optimized or included on your own web site.

As a useful “side-effect”, since you’ll not solely generate traffic from the increased publicity inside the various search engines, additionally, you will attract attention from blog visitors who read your post. Therefore, make sure that you spend your time posting on blogs which might be
probably to attract in targeted visitors.

For determining the length of your comment, please read my previously written post: Writing Web Content For Pages, Posts, Comments.

How to check your obtained backlinks?

If you had finished your backlink campaign, you might want to check your obtained backlinks. For some of the available – and recommended by me – tools, please refer to my Backlink Checker Services and Tools Online page, on this site.

I hope I could help you in your tedious work and now you know the reliable way to get backlinks as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

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