Part 2. Get backlinks from Directories, Directory submissions

B - How to get Backlinks?

B – How to get Backlinks?

This is the 2nd part of my series you are reading currently, about how to get backlinks with directory submissions. In my previous post, “SEO Basics – Get Backlinks, Part 1 – Blogging And Comments (Get backlinks: Creating blogs and writing comments on others’ blog or site for backlinks)” you could see some ways to achieve our goals.

Now, I’ll continue this presentation.

Just as a reminder, the content of the series is as follows:

  • Part 1: Creating blogs and writing comments on others’ blog or site for backlinks
  • Part 2: Getting backlinks from Directories, Directory submissions (you are just here) (find some more details on Blog Services, Communities, Directories page on this site)
  • Part 3: Getting backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites (e.g. Link Directories, RSS Directories; for more see Social Bookmarking Sites page on this site)
  • Part 4: Writing articles for obtaining backlinks, that is Article Marketing

How to get backlinks from directories?

Compared to writing blogs and adding relevant comments on others’ pages and blogs, Directory Submissions are not so time-consuming: you can generate huge amount of backlinks within a relatively short amount of time. This is why this way became very popular during the passed years.
However, this fast method of obtaining backlinks can have negative side-effects as well, just because of the speed you gather backlinks. Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ask want to see natural pattern of increased backlinks to your entire site instead of the increasing numbers of irrelevant – or spammy – other links pointing to your selected web site. Obtaining huge number of backlinks within a short time can be very suspicious if you think it over. If this number pairs with poor quality, it is quite sure that your site will be penalized by the major search engines. Their sophisticated and enhanced technology, their crawlers can filter these “unnatural” links. When this kind of activity is discovered, you can easily lose your current position in the search results and your PageRank may sigificantly drop. So, you are risking a lot if you are not careful enough.

Which is the best – and safe – way to follow when you want to get backlinks using directory submissions?

However, manual submissions are the best and most effective method, manually posting your web-site to various directories is definitely a time-consuming and tedious way. In order to esase this task you could consider using a kind of software that will submit your web site into the major directories automatically or semi-automatically. While choosing the semi-automatic way allows you to customize the necessary components of our site such as Tilte, Description and Keywords, this option is not always available using an automated software.

How can you do the submission to Directories?

If we examine the semi-automatic way, you’ll meet two options on the site of the particular directory. Most of the directories offer you Free or Paid submisson opportunities.

– If you choose the Free option – when available -, you’ll be asked to provide a link back to this chosen directory with placing a do-follow link on your own site. It seems to be a good choice at the first sight, but this solution has some disadvantages also: the more link you place the more ranking points you must share. It means, that if you link to a directory which has lower PageRank than yours site, you will not win any ranking factors but only lose your “ranking points”, and this can be easily disadvantageous for your PageRank. Additionally, because the number of incoming links count, always remember that the number internal links should always be greater than external links.
On the other hand, obtaining a Free link from these directories will take time (even several month), while you have to place yourlink immediately to meet the given requirements of the Free directory listing.

– If you choose the paid option, you will have to pay a certain amount of money for a certain time for your listing, but in most cases you don’t need to place any links back to these directories. Plus, you’ll get this backlink within a reasonable time and this will be a one-way backlink – this one is good for you – unlike in the Free version..

In both cases you should be very careful with selecting the appropriate categories on the particular sites. Additionally, make sure that you include a relevant description with each submission, including your primary keywords that are focused on your ncihe and target market.
On the other hand, as I’ve mentioned above, Search Engines do not like the unnatural links, so be careful with your selection.

What kind of links will be worth during a submisson process?

In my opinion and experience, do-follow links can help you to get higher rankings. But, besides do-follow links, you would need to obtain no-follow links as well in order to look your linking structure natural. When backlinking you should try to gain high quality, long-life permanent backlinks rather than low quality, unreliable mass backlinks. With other words, when submitting your website into online directories, you might want to focus only on 80-100 directories, rather than mass-submitting your website into hundreds of directories.

Resources for Directory Submissions

  • As a free option, you might want to submit your site URL to Dmoz – the Open Directory Project (ODP), its name comes from, its original domain name -, is a multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links. It is owned by Netscape, but it is constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors. Dmoz has strict rules about what you can submit and how you can do it. If Dmoz accepts your site, it will mean a high boost in your reputation. I include their search form below, so you can check other sites as well.


  • SENukeXCR is considered to the best if we speak about submissions to Web Directories, Social and Forum Sites. However, its monthly membership fee is not so cheap, it can be worth if you see the effort they have been making in updating their software since they launched the site.
  • Another excellent solution is SEO Profiler, offering you a complete SEO solution, including Search Engine Submissions and Directory Submissions. They offer you free trial for you in order to give you the chance to see what their software is capable of before purchasing anything.
  • For instant Directory Submissions, Directory Submiter seems to be the best. Directory Submiter’s site offers you an Instant Directory Submitter Tool to begin with. With this toll, you’ll be able to submit your URL link to 300 respected directories on the Internet, and you’ll get immediate response from the owner of the directories about you successful submission your web site..
    Examining the possible results, Directory Submiter is very affordable if you are serious with you activity on the Internet. Just watch the video below what it is about.

    Directory Submiter – Directory Submission Software on Vimeo.

  • Previously, I’ve mentioned SubmitterNet for Search Engine and Directory Submissions on Web Site Submission Services page. SubmitterNet is also an affordable SEO tool.
  • Business Listing Submitter - SEO Basics - Get Backlinks, Part 2 - Directory SubmissionsBusiness Directory Listing: it is also very useful if your site is listed in various Business Directories. It is a known, proven fact, that Google loves local businesses. It means, that if you operate a local business and open e.g. a Google+ page for it, your site can be ranked easier than other sites. There are also local Business Directories, too. If you are listed there, your success will get closer to you. In the ancient times you had to submit your link to these directories manually, and  it used to take hours on end and even a small mistake could land your listing in search engine purgatory ignoring your efforts and business. Nowadays, enhanced tools can help your directory submissions.
    For this purpose, I’d like to introduce Business Listing Submitter. With using this submitter, you can submit your business details to local business directories such as Google+ local and 75 more high ranking sites with new ones added monthly. Additionally, you’ll be able to submit to 1000’s of link directories. Consequently, within days of utilizing business listings submitter you’re business or brand will receive natural organic traffic, increased link juice and a healthy rank boosts. And it is your purpose, isn’t it?
  • Some SEO plugins offer you this chance (especially for WordPress), that is easing your work they will find the appropriate directories for you. We’ll talk about it later.
  • RSS Directories: Submitting your links to various RSS Directories is Free and very useful. You can remember that I’ve introduced e.g on my Blog Services, Communities, Directories page. I could list here,,, and many others also. Please visit the page if your are more interested.
    On this post, I want to mention and highlight another important – and respected company: With FeedAge, you can display even the Rank of your feeds like I do on the top right of my site.
    How to submit your feed to FeedAge? It is very simple: just visit and open an account there. You’ll be able to see and check the statistics of your Feed (e.g. number of subscribers, visitors, too). On the other hand, you’ll get “dofollow” link from them. Is it difficult?
    Recommended to use.


Now, we can summarize some important facts about directory submissions:
– backlinks are essential but quality counts rather than quantity
– you can use manual, semi-automatic or automatic ways for directory submissions of your links but take care with categories, meta tags
– try to focus on one-way backlinks when submitting to directories
– find the best tools for yourself with trying some available ones

The Internet is huge, so you can find other tools for this purpose as well. I wanted only to introduce some of them.

I hope I could help in your work and ease your tedious activity: setting up a backlinking campaign to get backlinks.

Thank you for visiting!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

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