Part 4. Get backlinks with Article Writing (and Article Marketing)

B - How to get Backlinks?

B – How to get Backlinks?

Yes, it is funny that I am writing an article about article writing.

This is the 4th part of my series you are reading currently, about how to get backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites. In my previous posts, “SEO Basics – Get Backlinks, Part 1 – Blogging And Comments (Get backlinks: Creating blogs and writing comments on others’ blog or site for backlinks)” and “SEO Basics – Get Backlinks, Part 2 – Directory Submissions (Get backlinks from Directories, Directory submissions)”, SEO Basics – Get Backlinks, Part 3 – Social Bookmarking Sites you could see some ways to achieve our goals.

Now, I’ll continue this presentation.

Just as a reminder, the content of the series is as follows:

  • Part 1: Creating blogs and writing comments on others’ blog or site for backlinks
  • Part 2: Getting backlinks from Directories, Directory submissions (find some more details on Blog Services, Communities, Directories page on this site)
  • Part 3: Getting backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites (see Social Bookmarking Sites page on this site)
  • Part 4: Writing articles for obtaining backlinks, that is Article Marketing (you are just here)

How to get backlinks with article writing (and article marketing)?

First of all, see the business aspects of article writing. It is also as important as getting backlinks (if it isn’t more).

Besides the fact that article marketing is an exceptional technique at generating a flood of high quality back links to your website, if you want to sell or promote a product or service, article marketing offers excellent opportunities to spread the necessary information about it..
Writing an effective article is the base of a successful article marketing. It means, that writing an interesting article about your products or services, together with highlighting and empasizing their best features and advantages, you’ll be able to gain more customers. All that you might want to do is know the right way to write nice content and keep it relevant and related to what you’re promoting and selling. If you were successful in writing – and your products or services are really good, high quality ones -, your potential customers will read the article and purchase the associated products or services.

How can we obtain backlinks from articles and article writing?

As you could see above, if your article is good (supposing that the things you are promoting are also good), your customers will more likely buy the product or service. If they are satisfied with its quality, they will bookmark your site, page or post and tell it to their friends. In the best case, they will quote from your post some paragraph or some feature. If they do this, they will give backlinks for us. The more satisfied readers, the more backlinks, and the more satisfied customers without any additional efforts.
In my opinion, this is the secret of efficient article writing.

How to write effective articles? The essence of article writing.

Before you begin writing anything, think it over carefully. your proper knowledge about the selected topic can be determining. Think about your topic and imagine what you’d look for if you read the same topic article on another site. If you got it, try to highlight the main features of your announcement and try to make it attractive and interesting for the readers. I’ve talked about the optimal length of a post or blog comment. This is also applicable to article writing, because your own post is an article published on your site. As an advice – and in my opinion -, an article should be about 500-600 words in length, depending on the content. For a complete article marketing campaign, you might want to get started with 10-15 articles, filled with quality content and well-structured and combined Meta Tags (that is: combine your keywords within the titles of each article as well as the actual content).
Knowledge for article writing: in order to write the best, you might want to find various resources for your article (if you are not an expert on that particular field). It is also a vital step. Druring writing, don’t forget about your target audience: you should use another style if you write a scientific treatise for students of a University, or simply want to announce a news or introduce a product with highligting its best features.

How to create quality content for your articles?

Personally, I think the best solution is if you use and write down your own ideas. Nobody will be able to summarize your own ideas better than you.  As you can see, this is what I am trying to do just now. Otherwise, I won’t be able to write about this specific topic. Another advantage of using your ideas in article writing – besides its disadvantage, that is it can be tedious and time-consuming in some cases – that your forthcoming article will become 100% unique!  And this fact, the original and fresh content really counts on the Internet nowadays. Never forget: you are writing for real people first, not for the crawling robots in order to get rankings.

Article Builder  - SEO Basics - Get Backlinks, Part 4 - Article WritingIf you cannot follow me and do this for a reason, then you should find reliable and high quality content sources, close to your niche. In this case, the the best way is to visit various article sites. On these sites you’ll be given the chance to read many articles dealing with your topic. I do not recommend you to use “ctrl c” (copy) and “ctrl v” (paste) commands to adopt the contents of the articles, because it would be plagiarism. With using Copy Scape Plagiarism Checker Service, this swindle (fraudulence) may turn out very quickly, and this would definitely not be good for your reputation and business. On the other hand, the various Search Engines also do not like the same, or similar content and this activity can be rewarded with some kind of penalty soon.
If you have no idea at all but want to use quality materials after all, your can employ a freelance writer for yourself. This solution may also guarantee the originality of your article (if the freelancer doesn’t sell that particular article to others).
Another solution is if you find companies dealing with article writing, and they sell their original articles. This way can be also expensive if you want to buy the ownership of a big quantity of articles.
At least, the easiest way if you seek Private Label Rights (PLR) Products. These PLR articles (the way of handling PLR products is a different story, we’ll focus on article writing now) cannot be considered to unique if you use them unedited, in their original form, because they are (have been) sold (or given away free) in more copy than one. It means, that you cannot avoid the editing – or completely re-writing – of these PLR articles if you want to get “original”, fresh ones as their author. Yo can also add various presentations, your own (or purcased and authorized) images to these PLR aticles as if they were our own. It’s completely up to you which way you will follow.

Where can you find PLR articles?

The Internet is huge, but I can suggest you visiting some reliable places.

Article Builder

If you visit Article Builder, you can find a huge repository of articles on their site. These articles have been separated and can be found by several individual categories, such as e.g. Health, Marketing, WordPress, Blogging or even SEO. If you want to obtain an article, you will be able to select one (or more) from these categories and you can add even your keywords there as an article writing criteria. You can also select the length of the article e.g. 300 words, or 400, or 600 words. When you are ready with adding these data, you can read and download your new article with a click at once.

I’d like to present this video (owned by found in The Internet about showing how to create a Blog, full of unique content in three minutes. This presentation is a Live Demo about the process.

In my opinion, this way can ease your work significantly if you are in a hurry, or no idea about the selected topic at all. But, don’t forget that this content can be done more unique if you re-write it and add some presentations, images, etc. as I’ve mentioned it above.
If you like this way, please feel to visit Article Builder’s site just clicking here.

Blogging UnderGround

Blogging Underground Targeted Traffic System for Web Publishers - SEO Basics - Get Backlinks, Part 4 - Article WritingBlogging Underground is a targeted traffic system for Web Publishers. It means, that if you had written your article and want to get targeted traffic immediately, the best way is to publish it on a high-traffic and reliable, authorized, popular site. When you publish your article, you’ll get valuable links from Blogging Underground.  As they are promising, they can help make it easy to RANK #1 for your KEYWORD PHRASE.
They’ll also show you the way how to achieve this goal:
“1) Create a relevant page for your target keyword
2) Get linked the “right way” in our blogs

When you join you will have the RIGHT KIND OF LINKS at your fingertips!
As a Blogging Underground member you get 100% access to our growing network of quality blogs!
As a member you get to post the way you want just as if they were your own blogs!” – taken from Blogging UnderGound site.

As you can see, Blogging UnderGround may significantly ease you backlinking work, and they can provide you 4.000 PLR articles as Bonus to begin with your article writing – and together with it: article marketing – work immediately.

You can find many other sites as well, it depends on your decision and taste. I wanted to list these 2 above as an introduction what to look for if you want to find one.


I’d like to emphasize, that there is nothing better than your own, well-structured and edited article. Don’t you feel the force within yourself to write one? Try it, and you’ll see article writing is not as difficult as you think.
Your relevant, niche-centered articles will give you authority, popularity and you’ll get backlinks as the result of your appreciated article writing activity as well. With the backlinks you obtained using this way, you can get higher Rank and higher traffic. Higher traffic means more customers and possibly more profit (if you want to promote some products or service). This is the relevance of article writing from backlinking ascpect.

Every beginning is difficult, so does it. But, don’t give article writing up, you can do it!

Thank you for visiting and reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

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