What are these “SEO Services in your Browser for Free”?

Believe or not, if you use (almost) any of the currently available browsers such as FireFox, Google Crome, SlimJet, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, you’ll get the chance to integrate various SEO plugins into them at once. Nowadays, these plugins are equipped with excellent Web Analysis feature as well. However, these integrated features are not as sophisticated as they are in the case of a standalone or paid online software, usually these data may help you e.g. in a quick decision or overview.
Every browser has a Settings section where you can choose from the different useful plugins. If you could not find any, I’ll show you the way how to capture some useful and workable copies of them.

Let’s see these plugins (add-ons) and their installation procedures.

I’ll present you Alexa Toolbar, SEO Quake Extension, Web Analytics plugin and Services for Social Share – as SEO Services in your browser for Free.

Which is the first SEO plugin I’d choose when I install a new browser? The Alexa toolbar.

It might happen that I have to re-install my browsers. In this case, after running the setup file (and updating the installation) the very first thing is that I visit www.alexa.com immediately and ask for their toolbar. How can I do this?

“Alexa Browser Add-ons or Toolbars are available for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.  To install just visit
http://www.alexa.com/toolbar with one of these browsers and follow the instructions.

At this time we have no toolbars that are compatible with Opera or Safari.” – Alexa.com

Why do I do this? Alexa serves very authentic information about a site’s current condition, its ranking position on the Internet,  Demography, backlinks, etc. The information is usually refreshed daily.

Alexa Toolbar - Example - SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

Alexa Toolbar – Example – SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

It looks like this bar (in your browser):

What can you see here? You can obtain the site’s current Alexa Rank Worldwide, and e.g. in the USA and can examine its backlinks at once. You can integrate other useful “bottoms” into your bar, it is up to you which one you choose.

On the other hand, you have the chance to display your site’s Alexa Rank for your visitors on your site if you place a very simple HTML script on your page:

<a href=”http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/example.com”>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://xslt.alexa.com/site_stats/js/t/a?url=example.com”>

Just replace “example.com” with the URL of your site (root, not pages). You can see the result on the main page of my site on the right (sidebar widget).
(Note: Because the script contains additional javascript, in most cases it will be visible only in the sidebar on WordPress sites currently)

Notice: www.example.com is free to use for demonstration purposes: “This domain is established to be used for illustrative examples in documents. You may use this domain in examples without prior coordination or asking for permission.” – taken from http://example.com/IANA-managed Reserved Domains – http://www.iana.org/domains/reserved

Which plugin is the 2nd SEO add-on I’d install? The SEO Quake extension.

You could not have imagined to install such a useful plugin a couple of years ago. SEO Quake knows about and is able to display every parameter of your site!

How it looks like? In FireFox it is similar like this one below:

SEO Quake Toolbar - Example - SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

SEO Quake Toolbar – Example – SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

You don’t have to be an expert to see at the first sight how many parameters you can choose from even if you are using their default settings. Google PR, Google and Bing Links, Semrush Links, Alexa Rank (only the worldwide data), age (if applicable, you can visit Internet Web Archive’s WayBack Machine; interesting), the number of the current page’s Tweets, Facebook likes Google+ shares, number of Internal and External links, Keyword Density and you can run a Diagnosis on the particular page you are currently on.

Just go to their official website: www.seoquake.com and you can download / install your appropriate plugin at once. Or, you can do it below (just now) with choosing your browser type and clicking on the link:

Which one is the 3rd SEO plugin for Web Developer works? The Web Developer plugin.

How to get this plugin and what it is good for?
The simplest way to ask your browser whether it has this one in its repository (add-ons or plugin section). Or – if using FireFox -, go to www.addons.mozilla.org/collection/seo-tools and choose “Web Developer”.

If you develop a web site or page, you will appreciate Web Developer’s colorful functionality: you can examine and edit the page’s CSS, Froms, Images (e.g. display ALT attributes), Cookies. You can also use the built-in Validator function, see the Source code, and so on. Your opportunities are really endless. See the example toolbar:

Web Developer Toolbar - Example - SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

Web Developer Toolbar – Example – SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

If you want to use it other browser just visit the Developer’s site (Chris Pederick: http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/) below and download / install the appropriate plugin for yourself.

How to use Social Sharing in your browser? Shareaholic, AddThis and Jetpack.

Many of my friends asked me how to share their or others’ post on e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr or other Social Bookmarking Sites if the page owner did not provide any chance to do this (sharing buttons).
I am convinced that many valuable posts might be lost because people don’t know how to share them with their friends or the public.

The solution is very simple: even if you cannot find any sharing button on the site you are visiting, then install one (or more) Sharing Center for yourself using your own browser!  I’ll show you 2 Services below offering the opportunity to choose from them:

1. Shareaholic – Fully customizable buttons

Shareaholic Integrated Toolbar - Example - SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

How to manage the installation?

You don’t need to open an account with your e-mail, you can simply use your Facebook or Twitter Login. Just go to: www.shareaholic.com (or http://addons.mozilla.org/collection/seo-tools if you are using FireFox) and download / install the appropriate version for yourself.
How does it look in you browser? Just see the the screenshot on the right >>>

The chances for adding more SEO Services to Shareaholic Toolbar:

You can add as many services as you want, changing the plugins’ default settings.

Note: you can use Shareaholic sharing options not only integrated with your browser, but on your (e.g. WordPress site) as well. See the opportunities and find the best solution for yourself. It is not bad if you own some basic HTML knowledge to insert the suitable script onto your page’s content. Please visit the site below for downloading the appropriate plugin for your browser.

2. AddThis – Fully customizable buttons, another opportunity

Add This Integrated Toolbar - Example - SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

Add This Integrated Toolbar – Example
SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

In order to get this Sharing Center the best way is visiting their Official Site, www.addthis.com directly.
You can either open an account or simply use your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Login credentilas. It is not necessary to upgrade to get the basic sharing buttons, even the floating one. However, if you upgrade you can enjoy much more feature they are offering.
You can choose from many displaying opportunities such as Smart Layers, Share Buttons, Follow Buttons, Welcome Bar, Trending Content. What are these? Come and see them yourself!
You can integrate the sharing buttons into your browser (see the screenshot) or your website as well. You’d need some basic HTML knowledge to insert the suitable script on your page’s html, but it is not impossible.

This floating share-bar (workable) on the left-top corner also came from AddThis.com.

3. Jetpack – Your on-site Sharing Center

Jetpack by WordPress.com - Example - SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

Jetpack by WordPress.com – Example
SEO Services In Your Browser For Free

However, Jetpack (provided by WordPress.com) was designed not especially for using its services in your browser but sharing your WordPress pages and posts, I have to mention the great opportunities you might use with it in your everyday life. It is enough to enable Jetpack and establish a connection with WordPress.com and you’ve already obtained a great Sharing Center on your WordPress site with only one click.
As you can see the buttons below, it is enough to click on one of the sharing button and your page / post will be shared on your favorite network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg and other important Social Networks, using your browser and the appropriate credentials on the particular networks.

I hope you will like this compilation and find the best solution for building your own, customized Sharing Center, and you will be able to choose the for you most appropriate one from the many SEO Services in your browser for free.

Thanks for visiting!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

P.S.: Don’t be afraid of this 1 square meter of Sharing Buttons! I simply wanted to show you that your opportunities are endless.

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