The Guide of Requirements helps you select the most valuable from the available SEO Services Worldwide

Analysis - Example - SEO Services Worldwide - The Guide of Requirements

Analysis – Example
SEO Services Worldwide – The Guide of Requirements

Either you are an expert on this field called Search Engine Optimization, or you’ve just begun to get acquainted with it, you might want to use various services to have your site’s parameters – such as Visibility, SEO Score, Social Impact, etc. – analyzed, and improved.
These companies are the SEO Services (Worldwide); they have been established to supply these significant, valuable data and help you improve your SERP results for the benefit of your own and our society.

Are these SEO Services (Worldwide) Free to use or are they all paid Services? It depends. It depends on the kind – and quality – of Service you want to use: if you want to get a quick overview only, it is more than enough to ask for help from a FREE online SEO Service. You might want to obtain more precise results – or create highly detailed reports for your clients or even for yourself -, you should certainly select from the paid ones.
Our main goal is to know about their existence, and being aware of the way how to find and choose the best. Fortunately – since the Internet is International -, you can discover numerous SEO Services Worldwide. I do hope this Guide of Requirements will help you in this job.

Why should you use SEO Services?

The reason is very simple: if you want to sell your product (or, simply want to be found) on the Internet as a result of an organic search, your site must be “visible” for the search engines with providing the most appropriate data in the form they require. How to ensure whether you are using the – for them – appropriate and “readable” tools and methodology when writing your content?
Fortunately, our world has become so sophisticated that you’ll be able to measure almost all parameters of your web site or page. You can find many tools – developed by genius experts – which are capable of doing this job for you, and it really doesn’t matter where you live in the World. However, it is almost impossible to gather all services into one place and find one, the most perfect all-in-one solution. This is why we are talking about them in plural, SEO Services.
Before doing anything else, we’d need to explain some basic expressions and be familiarized with their meaning. If we know more, we will be able to make better decisions and this will definitely give us much better results.

What are the requirements of a High Quality SEO Service?

First of all, you might want to obtain relevant, useful and current data from any of the available SEO Services. This is the main goal.
Let’s see these data and the criteria you should consider when choosing one:

A. Analyzer and Submission SEO Services:

On the advanced level, it is recommended if the chosen SEO Service can offer and execute the following jobs:

1. Keyword and key phrase check:

On advanced level, Keyword Ranking Monitor: The Ranking monitor should be able to check the position of all pages and sub domains of your project domain on Google, Bing and Yahoo in several countries worldwide. This is the section where you can add your keywords and you can see their Keyword Ranks concerning various Search Engines such as (at least!) Google, Yahoo and Bing. Together with Keyword Ranking Monitor, it is good to see and know which pages are ranked on the major Search Engines currently.

2. Some kind of Website Audit:

A thorough Website Audit can discover all errors on your entire website, so a regular audit is important to maintain its high quality. As the results of an Audit, you can also check your robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, plus you can make further steps towards eliminating the possible errors and improving your web site.

3. Comprehensive Website Analytics:

How many people visited your site, what the relation of your website to Social Media sites (such as e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Google+), Top Referrers to your site from them, your Top Keywords as people can find you on Social Media.

4. A kind of Link Profiler:

It can display your Backlinks (do-follow links from other sites with anchor text), possibly Link Disinfection (linking to and from not appropriate sites, unnatural links), Links/Page distribution, Industrial Distribution of you links (e.g. Advertising, Business, Computer, Health, and so on).

5. Opportunity for Link Building

Since backlinks are the most important ranking factor for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other big search engines nowadays, you might want to use link building tools to get high-quality backlinks to your site, if offered.

6. TOP 10 Optimizer

As you know, almost 70% of the searchers on the Internet read only the first page on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This is why it is so important to appear and be displayed on the 1st Page of the major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This Analyzer software must examine your site from this aspect, applying the keyword or key phrase you gave.  In order to be useful for you, this comparison should include your – and your competitors’ – keyword density and other important factors (e.g. Readiblity: easy-reading text improves comprehension, retention, and enjoyment).

7. Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keywords are the base of your content, Title, Meta Description and successful search engine optimization as well. If you choose the wrong keywords, you possibly will lose valuable time and even your money. So, you have to be very careful: spend as much time as you can on your keyword research and you’ll see it will be worth.
For this purpose it is very good if the SEO Service can offer you a Keyword Spy which will be able to help you to find the keywords for which your competitors rank e.g. in the organic Google results.

8.  Website Submission

With this Service, you will be able to submit your website to various search engines and directories. It can be a semi-automated or an automated service. I personally prefer the semi-automated submission services, because you can follow the process itself, but I am also in friendship with automated services as well. However, it is good to know that there is NO a service who can submit any links to Bing without logging in their own account.

Summary, Conclusion and my personal opinion:

I am aware of the fact that these requirements are hard for a SEO Service to accomplish alone. However, you can find such ones (e.g. SEOProfiler, SEO Rank Monitor) on the Internet either. Fortunately, you have got the chance to use more of them – for a specific SEO area specialized ones – simultaneously if you want to and can afford it.  It depends solely on your available budget: the highest quality all-in-one SEO Service Provider will definitely cost more, than several other, separated and independent services which can offer special, single areas of SEO Analytics and even they are doing this activity for free.

B. High Quality, Reliable SEO Services will help you improve your site’s overall SEO Scores, including:

1. Proof and eligibility of the chosen SEO Services:

First of all, when choosing a SEO Expert for yourself, you should check where is this SEO Company’s own site in the SERPs currently? The reason is very simple: they need to have some kind of poof that they will rank a website highly on the Search Engine Result Pages, in any other case, how could they have the ability to rank yours? Testimonials and different case studies are undoubtedly probably the most powerful type of proof since you possibly cannot assure that the SEO service provider ranked his websites with solely the strategy described.

2. Status Report of your current position on the Internet:

After a careful analysis, they should give a thorough, objective Status Report of your current place on the Internet.

3. Plan what and how to do

They should give you a plan how they imagine improving of your SEO scores, such as its Visibility Score /page.

4. Backlink Building Strategy:

They try for providing high-quality links from different sources and building backlinks over time, instead of a high speed increase in links at one day. This link building strategy should be based on natural link building strategies (including that the link building done manually and gradually).

5.  High Detailed Reports:

They provide you highly detailed reports after link-building campaign is finished or periodically, as your agreement was created.

6. Efforts to reach the best results:

They must do every effort to provide you the best results concerning e.g. your site’s Visibility Score, optimal Keyword Density, and so on.

Conclusion and my opinion:

I suppose that all chosen SEO Services – Experts – want to do their best. Nonetheless, you should be aware of the fact that no reputable company can guarantee your first position with link-building SEO for every website and at any time. In the reality, there is NO such a SEO Service Worldwide who exactly knows how the current, detailed algorithms applied by the various Search Engines are working in their depth. Only Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines know how they will rank websites, but the way belongs to the “secret” category. With using SEO Services, we will be able to “measure” the particular parameters of our site and examine the changes and various trends. Thus, we can make decisions and intervention for reaching better – or even avoiding the worse – results, if it is necessary

If we see the Social aspects of a Ranking Process – such as Social Media impact which is considered to an enormous Ranking Factor -, personally You have to take care of your Social Media Marketing.  Better to say, as an owner  – with your own personal data and credentials – of a Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Youtube, Google+, Reddit and other Social Accounts, you’ll be responsible for your site’s population first, not any of the SEO Services who attempt to improve e.g. the visible score of your sites. Following this way, you will be able to check and improve your results at any time.

How much does it cost to use different SEO Services?

It depends. First, it depends on the data you want to get and the service you select. It also depends on the depth of the SEO analysis and number of backlinks, desired position on SERP, Page Rank you want to reach.
As I’ve mentioned it on How Much A SEO Process Costs section on this site, there are several companies who are offering various and valuable services.

Advice for selecting the most appropriate one from the numerous SEO Services Worldwide:

You don’t have to run into the first offer you meet, of course. Before selecting, You should examine the details of the Service promised (and provided) by the chosen SEO Company, and additionally the price of course, how much this service is offered for. If you collect more offers, you can choose easier from them with simply comparing them. Some companies offer you Trial Services, that is you can try them before paying even a dime. Try them, if you can: you lose nothing only gain. On the other hand, during your Trial you can learn some new strategies and obtain very useful knowledge for the future as an additional advantage.

I hope I could contribute to your better understanding and you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate from the available, numerous SEO Services.

Thank you for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

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