SEO Site Status Checker Tools: How To Check The Current SEO Value Of Your Site?

Even if you are a website developer or a beginner site builder, it is very important to know about the current SEO status of your site. With other words, if you want to be found on the Internet, it is more than necessary to be aware of the current SEO status of your site.
Without various SEO Tools, you should be a very experienced person (maybe a fortune-teller) to determine the exact parameters of the SEO value of your site- including various data such as Visibility Score, Keyword Density, Loading Speed, Usability on Mobile Devices – of your page at the first sight. In most cases, it is really impossible to predict these results, consequently, you might want to use various Site Status Checker Tools to get usable – and valuable – SEO data. Let’s see some of them below:

SEO Site Status Checker Tools in duty to help you gather the necessary SEO information and data:

Nowadays, it is not so difficult to find specialized sites with versatile SEO Site Status Checker Tools. But, on the contrary, it is more difficult to choose the most appropriate one(s) from the many companies. Thus, with the intention to help you, I decided to introduce, try and review some of them. I hope this will ease your decision.
Let’s begin it!

My story: Browsing the Internet – and being a developer -, once I found this useful tool: As their title states: “StatsCrop – Free website analyzer! Website Analysis, Keyword Ranking Analysis, Alexa Traffic Analysis”, they are ready to and can analyze all parameters of your site. However, their title seems to be a bit long at the first sight (102 characters instead of 60) it is really true: they do this job very well with displaying all parameters of your site.
(Remark: On the other hand, they operate another accompanied site – ToolCrop (Free SEO Tools)  – with plenty of useful and necessary tools for the SEO analysis process. How to get there? Simply click on “Web Tools” on StatsCrop’s site or visit ToolCrop directly.)
On you can do the analysis job as many times as you want. The data they are providing are really up-to-date. Additionally, they can display the current, monthly Alexa Ranking index, followed by the official Alexa site. It is very unique, because Alexa displays only the 3 month average index on their site (and everywhere) nowadays (formerly, you could reach the monthly index on, now: you cannot).
During the passed times I really came to like using StatsCrop, so I recommend to visit and use their services.

To be honest, I did not stop at this point, so I visited SEO Site Status Checker by I tried it out at once, and I was satisfied with the results. The checker software was not only able to examine the structure of my page but could give me some advice how to this and that, such as whether my Title, Description and Keyword tags were in order, the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files were placed correctly, or even other information was displayed. Some of them can be corrected within your home easily – I mean, you can do it yourself -, but fixing some of them would require a more experienced personnel (e.g. a SEO expert).

If you want to try out some other tools, I can recommend you to visit and try the WebSite Review Tool of Woorank will give you a very correct and exact analysis about the current status of your site. Please see some other details below.

1. How to use the SEO Site Status Checker Tool of StatsCrop site? Logo - SEO Site Status Checker Tools Logo
SEO Site Status Checker Tools

It is very simple: just visit the site and type in your correct URL, then click on Analyze button. After some seconds (really quick), you’ll get your result, among them a quick Overview of your site’s current status such as:

Overview; SEO; Traffic; Site Info; Safety; Socials; Domain; Related sites; Charts

You can ask for refreshing these data, and the site will execute your command. However, if you want to refresh too quickly, you should wait some minutes to repeat it, but you will not be banned because of this activity at all, and it is great. On the other hand, StatsCrop offers more other very useful and vital SEO Site Status Checker Tools – Free Web Tools – such as:

Alexa Traffic; Website Load Time; How to optimize website; Website SEO Score; Website Daily Pageviews; Website Daily Visitors; Website Daily Revenue; Website Worth; Website IP Address; Website Server Location; Website Daily Bandwidth/Monthly Bandwidth; Website Categories; Daily Visitors; Country Map; Domain Information; Directory listing; HTTP Headers; Theme Colors; Website Metas; Similar websites; Same IP websites; Same network websites; DNS Records; Website Keywords; Keyword Ranking Position; Other related domains; Websites with similar rank; Indexed Pages Graph; Backward Links Graph; Google Pagerank Graph; W3C HTML Validation Graph.

However, these are all important tools, as an example I’d like to highlight their Page Loading Speed measuring tool. Since Page Loading Speed has huge importance and may affect your rankings, it is good to have it checked there. You can do it as many times as you want, and this is more than awesome.

2. How to use the SEO Site Status Checker Tool of SEOSiteCheckup site? Logo Logo
SEO Site Status Checker Tools

It is very simple: just type in your URL, click on the green CheckUp button, and go. After a while you will be given the results, ready to analyze them. You will get a very thorough analysis, including all necessary data.
The great advantage of their SEO Tools, that you can even run separate analysis processes such as

All Factors, Common SEO Issues, Speed Optimizations; Server And Security, Mobile Usability; Social Media

As an interesting thing – not all SEO Analyzer Company offer that but they do -: you can find even IP and URL canonicalization tests as well.
After you got the results, you can download them as a PDF report, or send it to your friend or client via SEOSiteCheckUp‘s e-mail service.

Otherwise, you may find other tools on their site such as Site Audit (not Free). They offer 30 days Trial after the registration.
As I’ve mentioned, it is complete up to you which service you want to use. Now, you can see this tool at work, just visit
I also recommend to use their services, either you choose the Free or Paid way.

3. How to use the SEO Site Status Checker Tool on WooRank site? Site Logo - SEO Site Status Checker Tools Site Logo
SEO Site Status Checker Tools

Our task is the same and we can follow the same way as we had done it above: simple type in your URL and click on the “Website Review” button. Wait a minute or two (depending on your Internet Connection), and you’ll get the results. It is so simple to use at the first time.
If you want to run the same analysis either for your site or others, you’ll get some difficulties: Woorank allows you only one free analysis per week, if you are not a registered users. It means, that it will remember  your actions on the computer you are using currently such as your IP address or/and the URL you analyzed.
In spite of this fact it is very useful, and it is worth to try. You can also find WooRank in your browser as a free tool as well.

My assessment:

If I want to know the status of my site on the Internet, I use these SEO Site Status Checker tools, sometimes all.

StatsCrop: Because of its simplicity and usefulness – not to mention that it is completely Free to use – for daily use StatsCrop is recommended the most.
The only slight incompleteness is, that the screenshot of your site sometimes delays (“comes later”), that is not available at that moment when you are analyzing.

SeoSiteCheckUp: As I’ve experienced, in some cases their software cannot recognize the Heading tags (H1, H2, H3) in their original format even if they had been placed correctly. On the other hand, however I am using Google Analyticator and Google Analytics for Worpress by Yoast WP Plugins (they work well together) on my sites AND my sites can be found on Google Analytics, at the test time (September 2014) SEOSiteCheckup’s software could not recognize it and displayed an error in their Google Analytics Test. This information about this supposed error can be helpful for you before looking for any errors and preparing how to fix it on your page (however, a regular check can be also useful and doesn’t harm your site only helps). I hope they will solve these issues – or, only I was the unlucky one who has failed there. Check it out if you have time.
This is not their failure, but also be aware of the fact and take care when you run an IP Canonicalization test: if your site is placed on a shared account and its IP address is not the same address as of your cPanel (basic domain), you’ll get 0/100% results of course. Although, either you are not responsible for using a shared account (more domains on the same IP, see reverse IP) or you cannot afford yourself to run all domains on different, single IPs, these results may affect your overall performance results. Their URL Canonicalization Test also runs correctly.
Otherwise, all other test results are correct and cover the reality that is the current status of your site.
You can read more about Canonicalization on my page: IP And URL Canonicalization Checker Services And Tools.

WooRank also gives you correct and examinable results, even your competitors will be displayed. You can check your displayed errors – if any – and get advice how to fix them. They offer you Personalized Tips, Smart Marketing Dashboard, SEO, Uptime, Analytics after you began your 1-week free trial with only entering your email and choosing a password. As I’ve mentioned above, using Woorank is bit more complicated, but give it a try and if you like it, don’t hesitate to register.

I also liked the manner as they both give you extremely useful info and advice how to improve your page. It is good to know, that if you want more sites to be analyzed, you have to wait 30 minutes between the processes on SeoSiteCheckup, and one week on Woorank if you are not a registered user.

All SEO Site Status Checker sites are highly advisable and recommended to visit.

If you develop a web site, using this kind of service also belongs to the must-have category. I hope any of them will become a useful tool for you!

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher

Gyula Olah
electrical engineer, author, publisher

Thanks for reading! P.S.: Are you not satisfied with your results? Or, you want to improve your pages’ Visibility and SEO Score on the Internet and you don’t want to bother the details and the optimization? I’ll help you to solve this task. In this case, contact me, please.

Important Note: I  am not affiliated either with, or My opinion is solely based on my previous experiences so your results may differ from mine when using any SEO Site Status Checker sites.

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