A friendly approach of SEO: Social Bookmarking Sites

Nowadays’ Internet is based upon social connections, truthfulness, fairness and its basic aim is to help people find the most relevant and reliable information.

Social Bookmarking Sites are the existing “marketplaces” where anyone can share his/her opinion and knowledge about the processes that come off in our Planet.

If you have an honest position on the matters of the world, the best you can do is to visit one (or even all) of the Bookmarking Sites and share it. It was a bit difficult formerly, because the necessary technical background were not given. If you wanted to share something at that times, you should have used newspapers, radio or television stations for this purpose.

Today the situation is much better. Dropping only a couple of lines to your friends or acquaintance e.g. on Facebook or Twitter would take only a few minutes, but your announcement is immediately posted to your audience. However, this very simple process could be dangerous if you are unattended: pushing the “publish” button you may even approve such things you would have never posted before! This can be irrevocable so be careful and double-check your post before publishing it (the related links too).

A. Let’s see these Social Bookmarking Sites from inside!

I’ll indicate the current (when this page was written) Google PR (Page Rank, the higher is the better) and Alexa Rank (a special metrics for the sites, the lower is the better) of the sites, too. These two numbers will be in quotes as the follows: [Google PR, #Alexa Rank-on the World]. Why should we use these two numbers? There are several important numbers for measuring purposes, but almost every company – who deals with certifying of websites – applies PR and Alexa as a permanent basis, so we will do the same. Are you interested in site metrics? Visit and learn more on Alexa.com.

It is almost impossible to list all sites – however, I am willing to -, so I’ll show you only some of them. I am very sorry if your favorite is missing: it doesn’t mean that your selected one was not important. only the limits of my website determine the length of the list.
Let’s see my favorite picks!

– Plus.Google.com

Plus.Google.com - Social Bookmarking Community Logo - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR9, #1] Google has had its own novelty: Google Plus or G+1. You know what Google is, so you are aware of its role and importance on the Internet as well. What does Google Plus mean then? Google Plus is a new social network created and operated by Google and is fast growing in its database. Its main aim is filtering the content of the sites applying a special filter called: Popularity. The basic idea is as follows: If somebody really likes your site he will push the G+1 button so giving a signal to both the owner of the site or blog and to the whole world – through Google of course – as “I do like this content and I accept the theory of the site!”. Getting lots of Google Pluses on your site or blog post will not only get you visitors and also will help to boost your rankings in Google. You may feel this influence in your increasing number of visitors after a while. Google has a special Chat channel (Hangover) also.
To get into this “round” is very simple: if you undertake your personality and real face, using your @gmail account you may take part in G+1. What you need is to fill in your profile correctly. Your profile may contain links to your all existing profiles (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Youtube, Flkr, and so on), and it is a very great advantage. I have to mention the Rich Snippets here too: if the authorship of an article or site is proven – by Google first – you might get a featured listing. It means a better position among the search results. Better position is equal to more apperance, so likely more profit if you want to sell something. Google Plus button may lead you directly to the profile of the author or website owner.
It is a very good feature but almost everybody is afraid of it a bit, altough it doesn’t mean any risks.

– FaceBook.com

Facebook.com - Social Site - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR9, #1] Facebook is the most popular today. Billions visit it a day, millions of Likes, messages, photos, videos, etc. If you are not a member currently you will in the near future because your friends are members. And it still worth because Facebook takes care of its members.
Facebook was founded for meeting purposes of existing friends, classmates, acquaintance, etc. basically. It means that it is very difficult to establish a connection with a completely strange person. Friends’ friends’ friend can be your partner if you can prove your identity. Be careful with the unsolicited partner requests because you might be punished (account suspension, even disclosure)!
If you see a Like button on any site and you push it, it can mean that you really like the site and you want the site owner to know this fact. If you see a simple Facebook button on the site it can lead to a Personal page of the company or person, it may differ. Let me allow a little example of the difference of Links and Likes. This link leads you to my personal profile and this one is to the surface of SEO Service Guide on Facebook page. If you click on them, it doesn’t mean unconditionally a Like for me but simply a visit to the destination. The Like button differs from these links, you can find it on the bottom of my site. If you click on it it means a Like for me.
Did you know that you can Like “only” up to 5.000 (five thousand) likes? So, treat with it carefully where, when and what you like.
For further information please read Facebook’s TOS (Term Of Service), and read it carefully, please.
Notice: you have to be a Facebook Member – and Logged In – if you want to Like somewhere something.

– YouTube.com

Youtube.com - Video Sharing Channel - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR9, #3] YouTube’s popularity and position, so its “weight” takes it incredibly important on the nowadays’ Internet.
Almost everybody knows YouTube (as people say: there are two groups of mankind: the first, who have already met Youtube, and the second, who will meet it). Uploading videos is still FREE, and it will as they promise int he future, too. If you have a @gmail account, you have gained an instant access to YouTube, so you can visit youtube.com without any logging-in procedure if you are logged to your Google gmail, Webmaster or e.g. Analytics account. The only thing to do is to choose a Username for your video channel and customize the layout of your account. I assigned YouTube to this list because you may not neglect the importance of video-blogging. If you aren’t good in producing video or willing to be good at it, don’t hesitate to make your first production as soon as possible.
I’d like to mention the treatment of the video channels. You can upload as many videos as you want but you have to keep the rules, for instance Copyrights (e.g. the music you apply for your video can be copyrighted) or Privacy. The status of the videos you upload can be Private (for users with link only), Private but for small groups (up to limited number of users with email identification) or Public ones, it is entirely up to you. I suggest you uploading a video privately first, then examining and perhaps correcting the possible faults, and after this procedure changing the status from Private to Public.
You may give the name of the channel you operate to your visitors. If somebody clicks on your link, your channel will be visible. You can have subscribers and you can be a subscriber to other channels as well. After a while Youtube will offer you wearing you real name instead of your selected nickname (if any). Accept it and undertake your personality because you can gain trust in the eyes of your visitors (you are not a hidden third party). Do you want to visit one of my channels?
You may Like or Share any video, it doesn’t count unlike in Facebook. You may pick up the link of your chosen video or embed it on your site.
Note: you have to be logged in either to your @Gmail account or Youtube to upload a video or subscribe.

– Twitter.com

Twitter.com - One Of The Most Popular Social Sites - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR10, #8] Twitter is very popular site. Registering is very easy: give your credentials and you are inside immediately. Tweet means a short message in max. 140 characters. Why only 140 chars? Basically Twitter was designed for these kind of short messages. If you sit in your car and you want to send a message to your Followers, this amount is enough.
About its structure: You may Follow anybody without any previous negotiations – it is an advantege if he/she accptes this – and you may obtain Followers as well. Following somebody means that you will get all messages he/she writes. If you write a tweet your Followers will get it. What is it good for? A short message should be a relevant one so it can be useful and it is not so time consuming. See the TOS (Term Of Service) for further information.
What will happen if you meet a Tweet button on a website and you push it? Try it out without any commitment here. You will be redirected to Twitter.com – in this case to my page on Twitter – and you will be given the chance whether you “tweet” me something or not, Follow me or not. Ok, I have revealed my Twitter account so I have nothing to hide anymore. It is very important to know that this button and the button you see on the right side leads to the account of the person or company directly. Twitter has a “right hand” called Twellow.com. Using Twellow you may find Twitter followers anywhere, and it gives you backlink, too. If you want to see my profile, you can do it clicking here.
Note: you have to be a Twitter Member – and Logged In – if you want to write a tweet.

– LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn.com - The Professional Network - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR9, #12] LinkedIn is the world’s most professional network. It has been working since 5 May, 2005. The number of members in 2012 more than 187 million and it is growing. More than 60% of the members are outside of the USA. Why is it so professional? Because they are focusing on integrating mostly professionals. You may open an account by LinkedIn and import your friends, contacts there at any time. But unlike on other sites it is very difficult to make connections with other people you don’t know. If you want to ask somebody to join you, you have to send an invitation for him/her with designating the level of acquaintance as Friend, Classmate, Colleague or you have to identify yourself somehow. They say: “Only invite people you know well and who know you”. So, it is a difficulty you have to cope with it if you want to be a member.
What is benefit of the membership? You find big companies and individuals, entrepreneurs equally among the members. If your Profile is very good provided with an excellent CV, and you join to one or more groups – sectioned e.g. by profession, interest – you will get the chance for instance to get a better job or an excellent offer. So it is a basic thing on LinkedIn to create a very honest but more than average profile. As a member you can get newsletters with the latest offers as jobs – valid, not fake ones! -, current conversations within your group. Independently of your membership level – whether it is free or paid -, you can have opinion about everything and write it down till you keep the rules. One more thing: Meeting people is named “Connect” here.
If you want to see my profile, just click on the link.

– Flickr.com

Flickr.com - The Best Way To Store And Share Your Pictures - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR9, #56] As they say officially, Flickr is the best way to store, sort, search and share your photos online. Flickr helps you organize that huge mass of photos you have and offers a way for you and your friends and family to tell stories about them. However there is a Free quota – upgrading to Pro member is from $24.95/year -, it will be enough for a very long time unless you want to use Flickr’s enhanced features. Basically you may share your pictures and “import” from other members if it is enabled by the member(s) or not licensed. You should hand in a “Request for license” in this case to Flickr. To be honest, if you want to learn more about Flickr you should begin uploading pictures, videos, etc., joining various groups, finding friends and making friendships. You are always welcome to see my collection.

– MySpace.com

MySpace.com - The Best Place To Listen To Music And Find Friends - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR9, #193] MySpace is the best place where you can listen to music and find your favourite groups or new ones. At the very moment of signing up I was asked about my favourites in connection with music. I was ready to enter because I like music very much. After a while there was a full complation of music chosen from my favorites – edited by MySpace, especially for me – to listen to. I think it was a very kind guesture.
It is very easy to find new friends here, because you may mark anybody as friend without spamming. It is up to him/her/it whether your frienship will be accepted or not. The more friends, the more publicity you will have. Private people, musicians, even whole music groups can be your friends. It is very exciting to be a “friend” of e.g. Vangelis or Depeche Mode. Although it sounds a bit weird, this kind of friendship could be very advantageous if you want to make something business related activity (but keep the rules!). On the other hand don’t forget that its PR9 is an excellent Rank, so MySpace has got huge traffic.
Are curious what kind of music I like? Join me on MySpace.

– StumbleUpon.com

Stumbleupon.com - Stumble And Like Your Favourites - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR8, #151] You may register with your Facebbok or Twitter account, but I suggest registering on the traditional way, because you will need the data in the future. After Logging In you will be offered to follow somebody, or choose interests, open a channel, etc. It is very interesting indeed. As a member you have the chance to rate pages you see so we can get better at recommending the content you’d like. When you Like a page, it also saves it to your profile so you can revisit it later, so be careful what you choose. If you find something great you can share it with your friends. Because you are connected with Facebook and Twitter (it is recommended to do, if not) your friend will get your messages immediately. How to begin with Stumbleupon? First create a list in connection with interests i.e. fabolous places, favourite animals etc., because having the list you can easily fill it with relevant content and can share it with others. You have many possibilities to choose from, only your time and endurance is the limit. You can follow me on Stumbelupon if you want to visit my profile and see how it works.

– Digg.com

Digg.com -- The Huge Social News Website - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR8, #556] Digg.com is a huge social news website. It is a very powerful site and here you can find the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet today. Because of the latest news Digg.com gets a lot of visitors. You can join Free after giving your credentials and begin to Digg or Bury immediately. What does it mean? As a member of the Digg community you can help promoting (digg), help removing scam (bury) or comment on stories. One thing is clear: if you are clever enough you may gain a lot of backlinks from this site. You have to be always honest, of course, when you digg, bury or comment. The power of this site is involved in the feature that you are allowed to Post to your own blog on any featured story in Digg. This activity helps you creating trackback to your blog. You can post to several blog types e.g. WordPress, Live Journal, Blogger, etc. If you want to know more about it, simply sign in! The quickest way is to sign in using your existing Facebook or Twitter account. If you use it this way, over the convenience you will be recognized who you are immediately, and you can digg at once. But, the best solution is to read FAQ first. You can easily connect you WordPress blog to Digg.com as well.

– Delicious.com

Delicious.com - Collect And Showcase Your Passions From Across The Web - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR8, #532] Delicious is a very interesting place, because you can collect and showcase your passions from across the web. When you join – choose always the traditional way -, you will be offered to import all links from e.g. Facebook, and you can add new ones as well. You have chance to Tweet your opinion, too. Delicious is the place where you can save what you like – videos, pictures, tweets, blog posts, or articles – on topics you enjoy and may search through others’ collections of links to discover cool stuff So, you can gather links – including your links – without any punishment for operating a so-called “link-farm”. To get started, simply drop the Delicious bookmarklet in your browser bar and use it to add links to your account. You may add up to 1000 links -as I remember – free to your account. If you want to visit my profile, just click here.

– Pinterest.com

Pinterest.com - Create PINBoards And Pin Your Favourites - Official Logo - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR7, #38] Pinterest was a very pleasant surprise to me. However everybody speaks about its incredibly growing popularity, at the first visit I was not able to find out what was this site about at all! Pinning. To Pin. What to pin? And I realized – reading its Help and FAQ there and back – the essence of Pinterest. It is useful and amusing in one!
Pinterest is a very correct Social Network Site. If you read the lines about their mission you will know why. They say: “Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.- Pinterest”. Yes, it is true. But the tools they offer differ a bit from the usual ones.
The essence and sense of the game as follows: “Pin” is a picture. It can be anything from a bug’s picture till a space-shuttle. As you surf on the Internet you’ll visit different places. If you recognize a beautiful picture on the site and you find a PIN It button – or you take with you in your FireFox browser -, pushing this button you’ll PIN the picture and you’ll take it to your pinboard on Pinterest. Pinboard is a set of pins. You can create board on any topic, such as House Of The Rising Sun, Cool Cellphones, Company Of Beautiful Ladies, Fabolous Hills And Mountains, etc. The number of pins you can add to one board is not limited. You can have as many boards as you want and you can create it even at the moment of the Pin. By the rules – Pin Etiquette – you may not change the original destination of the referring link, so be careful if you wanted to. However, it is a great feature if you see its SEO and possible business side. Please feel free to visit my profile here.

– bebo.com

bebo.com - Explore the world around you and share your experiences - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR, #4.520] Bebo’s ars poetica is the following: “Explore the world around you and share your experiences with anyone, from anywhere at any time.”. But how can you do it? At the very first moment it was difficult to find out the method. I was offered to find existing friends using my email accounts e.g. in @gmail, @yahoo or others. It was failed first. Then I recognized that there is a similar Timeline I have met on Facebook. So Bebo allows you to share your life in a special, interactive way. Each time you add something to your profile your timeline will be updated. Just an another feature is the presence of life-stream updates that are available from your friends among others from Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Delicious. Bebo also helps you to remain interactive with your friends if you are on the move through your mobile phone. This can be extended from the simple SMS to uploading the most actual pictures or status update. If you want to know more about it or join Bebo, visit its site. See my profile here.

– Chime.in

Chime.in The Interest Network - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR8, #7.721] As they say: “Chime.in is an interest network, where people share, connect with others, and build communities around their favorite topics.” Yes, it is true. If you find something interesting, you can make a review and share it with others easily. After Signing Up you will be able to search interests, people, communities, Chimes – whatever you want – using the search-bar on the top of the page. What is a Chime? A kind of a short message. Simple, concise but interesting and entertaining sentence(s), video, picture. It can be longer than in Twitter, but see it yourself and Chime! Or visit me!

– SlashDot.org

SlashDot.org - Everything What Is Interesting - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR8, #] This site is about everything that is interesting. You can find Channels, Jobs, DataCenter, Events Library, Articles. Reviews, even Cloud – everything as I have said. After opening an account, if you give an topic or your interests you will be offered a couple of related articles to read. It is similar to an online newspaper, but it is not the same. The topic of the article will depend on your choice. You can submit your own article as well. Visit the site I you have time, or you need to. My profile is here.

– Reddit.com

reddit.com - Find all what is new, popular and interesting on the web here - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR7, #134] Reddit is the source where you can find all what is new, popular and interesting on the web. After Signing Up you can browse the articles and links at once. You may vote on the topics (up or down signs). If an article gets the most votes it comes to the front page till it has the best result. This motion is able to guarantee the always fresh content on the site. You can submit your article easily, but with time limits in order to avoid scam. Reddit has golden and non-golden membership status. It is up to you which one you choose. Visit this interesting place if you have time.

– Diigo.com

Diigo.com - Web Developing, Organizing Tools - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR7, #1.459] Diigo.com has a great importance in web developing. Social bookmarking can help you read, organize, and share things you read on the web and they own all tools needed for this purpose. Diigo is very proud of its evolution and can be indeed. What is this development they have gone through? Basically, with Diigo 1.0: Online Bookmarking. Next 2.0: Highlighter & Sticky Notes; 3.0: Group Based Collaborative Research for content curation; 4.0: Personal Learning Network for sharing and discovery; 5.0: Collect And Organize Anything + Access anywhere and easily share. The next – but not the last step: towards your dream information management tool, meaning a vision of providing the best cloud-based Personal Information Management (PIM) service. PIM “enables users to collect, highlight, access and share a variety of information on a variety of devices.”
Diigo has made a very great video about How to bookmark a site, its title is: Social Bookmarking: Making the Web Work for You. I would like to introduce it to you, because you can learn the whole process, and the information you will get can be useful in other cases, too. Watch the video please, it is your interest to know everything about this topic >>>
This video is available for anyone to use under this Creative Commons License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

– Fark.com

Fark.com - Social Bookmarking Site[PR7, #2.951] You may submit your link here. It is very important that after Signing Up you have to wait 6 hours to submit your first link even if you have confirmed your valid email. But later it is doesn’t matter if you keep the rules as do not post deleted links, fraudulent, harrasing or adult content, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images or unlabeled NSFW links, cross-posts. See the TOS (Terms Of Service) there carefully. After this ominous 6 hours you may post. Fark.com is in Socialmarker.com’s repertoir (see it later), too.

– NetVouz.com

Netvouz.com - Social Bookmarking Site, Save Your Favourit Links Online[PR5, #20.620] Netvouz – similarly to Tagza.com or Fark.com – is a social bookmarking service that allows you to save your favorite links online and access them from any computer, wherever you are. or may organize your bookmarks in folders and tag each bookmark with keywords. This way it provides you a very quick access on your own personalized bookmarks page. The bookmarks you created can be shared with other users or friends with or without password. Netvouz is the place where you can discover new interesting websites. Don’t delay to visit this site just now. Socialmarker.com helps you to submit here, too.

– BibSonomy.org

BibSonomy.org - Social Bookmarking Site, Logo[PR7, #6.908] BibSonomy is a very good site for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature. You can collect, organize and share your bookmarks, publications with anyone on the web. It is easy to register, and after signing up you are able to begin your collecting or sharing work at once. You will be provided a bookmarklet for your FireFox browser to ease your collecting work. BibSonomy may take part in your SocialMarker campaign.

– Folkd.com

Folkd.com - Social Bookmarking Site, Submit Your Favourite Links Here[PR6, #4.641] You can submit your favorite links here. After signing up with your credentials you may begin your work immediately. Examining its and Alexa Rank, Folkd.com must be a very popular site. By my first impression I found this place friendly, quiet and easy to use. You can claim a free website in order to collect your favorite links and bookmarks for an easy access from anywhere on the Web. Nowadays, you can install their own bookmarking Plugin e.g. on FireFox browser and You will also be provided with a browser bookmarking button. This site can be a part of a Socialmarker.com campaign (see it later).

– LinkaGoGo.com

LinkaGoGo.com - Free Online Favorites Manager And Social Bookmarking Application - Social Bookmarking Sites[PR5, #11.391] LinkaGoGo is a free Online Favorites manager and Social Bookmarking application. It means that you can store your bookmarks, presentations, links here and you may easily synchronize them with your browser at any time. If you want to obtain access to your data it is not necessary to move your bookmarks stored in e.g. FireFox, but you can find them immediately on this site (they are synchronized, and it is a big advantage). It is a bit difficult to find the “Register” link on the site, but there is near the bottom of the page. LinkaGoGo accepts links using SocialMarker (see it later).

– Health Ranker – HealthBubble.com

HealthBubble.com - Social Bookmarking Site, The Best Resource For Health Information [PR4, #33.581] As it obviously comes from its name, Health Bubble is a health information site and the best resource directory on the web regarding to health. If you are a specialist in this are or you run sites or blogs about Health (weght loss products and tips, muscle related topics, fitness), this site is a kind of Paradise for you. However the competiton is big, you can reach results with your creations here. It is depending on the quality like always. But be careful before submitting anything: Ensure your story is relevant to the site and double check the directory on the site whether your content was submitted or not previously (avoid duplicate submission!).
Creating an account is here is suggested by SocialMarker and myself, too.

– yelp.com

Yelp.com - Social Bookmarking Site, Information About Everything[PR7, #231] However the title of Yelps’ site is San Francisco related (“San Francisco Restaurants, Dentists, Bars, Beauty Salons, Doctors”), it is very popular on the Internet after all. Why? Because Yelp want to help anyone who need an information about e.g. a city’s restaurant or famous doctor. If you visit the site you will recognize its power at the first sight. They accept international registrations as well, but not from all country (even if you have a valid Facebook account).

We have been through the reviews of some more or less-known sites. What on the Earth has remained yet (if any)?

You would ask me: “Is it necessary to join all Bookmarking Sites? It is very time consuming and tiring!”. Yes, it seems to be a bit boring at the first sight, and it is definitely indeed. But you have to decide what your main aim is. It is depending on the situation whether you want to deal with business, or you want to express your opinion somewhere only, or you are simply interested and want to make friendship with other people. One thing is clear: without Social Activity it is not possible live in our nowadays’ world. Although you might live your life in an isolated environment avoiding every connection with mankind. If you are reading these lines, I am convinced that you are not from the cloistered ones. Help yourself and God will help you!

So, you are the member of these sites I have reviewed above, and you want to announce something to the community at once in a “painless” way, avoiding vising all sites and adding your comment or article there. Does any solution exist to solve this task?
Yes, there are some companies who can help you to shorten your “eversubmitting” period.

I will mention only 2 of them. Keep on!

B. Companies in duty to help you in your Submission Project (regarding various Social Bookmarking Sites):

1. SocialMarker.com

Socialmarker.com - Social Bookmarking Site, Submit Your Article To Social Bookmarking Sites[PR5, #18.051] As I have mentioned above, going through all Social Bookmarking Sites is really very time-consuming, manually submitting your articles could be tiring and would make you crazy. Here comes SocialMarker.com comes in, its free service designed to help you and decrease the time and effort you need to socially bookmark a website. However this process is not fully automated, it helps you a lot in your work. No Sign Up, after filling in the necessary details – Title, URL, Description, Keywords -, you may begin to submit your article links to the sites. I will give you the list below of the currently 17 Social Bookmarking Sites in order to help you.
During the submission SocialMarker.com visits the sites on by one and you can fill in the fields on the visited site. It is very important to open an account with every site you want to submit to. You can decide whether you want to submit your article or link, or skip to the next site. I suggest you submitting to all unless you have a reason not to. Before beginning ensure that you keep all rules are valid on the required sites.
Help and tools for submitting the links:
1. First of all, visit SocialMarker site, and watch the accompanied videos.

2. You will be provided a FireFox marker. Simply drag and drop this marker on your browser and you will be able to bookmark any site with one click and writing only a couple of words.

3. Share Banner of SocialMarker.com - Social Bookmarking SitesAt any time you create a post, you may include a code to the body of your post or site, and you will get the following banner (see on the right):

Find the list of the sites below, as SocialMarker.com offers it. You can select any/all sites you want submit to (I have already made reviews for you about all of them and you can follow my experiences above). The solution is up to you at this moment.

  • Slashdot.org
  • Reddit.com
  • Netvouz.com
  • Bibsonomy.org
  • Health Ranker
  • Digg.com
  • Fark.com
  • Diigo.com
  • Linkagogo.com
  • Jumptags.com – – Note: However it is offered by SocialMarker, this site doesn’t exist currently.
  • Tip’d (Financial) – – Note: However it is offered by SocialMarker, this site doesn’t exist currently.

2. OnlyWire.com

OnlyWire.com - Submit Your Article To Social Bookmarking Sites[PR, #7.165] This company is similar to SocialMarker.com, because you can promote your brand to the Social Bookmarking Sites. But, unlike the previous site you need membership and as a Free member may submit only to 8 sites and “only” 300 sessions altogether. If you upgrade and pay a certain amount of monthly membership fee – depending on the level you choose – you will obtain the chance to promote your content to 47 sites and as many times as you want to. At the beginning it is enough to sign up for a free membership I think. You have to open an account at all Bookmarking Sites in order to accept your submission. It is very tiring if you do it yourself, but it pains only once. For the submitting process itself you will need a software provided and handled by onlywire.com. There is a WordPress plugin as well. Every time you update your blog site on your WordPress page, OnlyWire will pick up your post and automatically submit it to all the Social Media Networks you have set up with OnlyWire. This is why it is very important to open an account at Bookmarking Sites you want to submit. You may sign up for a free account first. You will find there all members of this Bookmarking Network where onlywire.com is able to submit to. The first 8 “Free” sites are as follows (I marked with green the ones has been offered by SocialMarker.com and with orange the remaining sites in order to avoid the confusion, or double submission of the same topic). You can learn more about OnlyWire.com and registration processes from the videos below, too.

Join OnlyWire.com And Automate Your Submission - Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Twitter.com
  • Facebook.com
  • LinkedIn.com
  • Google Plus
  • Delicious
  • Diigo
  • Stumbleupon
  • Bebo

Basically listed, but not available sites for automatic submission for the Free Members (nevertheless, you can do this work manually, step-by-step!):

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • LinkedIn Group
  • Google Plus Page
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Yelp
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Bibsonomy
  • Jumptags
  • Multiply
  • FriendFeed
  • LinkaGoGo
  • Hi5
  • Reddit
  • MySpace
  • My Link Vault
  • Newsvine
  • Plurk
  • Kaboodle
  • AOL Lifestream
  • Tumblr
  • Netlog
  • Folkd
  • Scribd
  • Posterous
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Notice: Manually – that is visiting the site on your own – you may submit your content (link) to any site or more (if you find ones).
Warning! Always keep the rules and time limits between 2 submission to the same site in order to avoid SPAM or any punishment (blocking your IP, account suspension, lock-out, etc).

3. Using of Automated or Semi-automated submission software

Social Bookmarking Software, Social Bookmarking Tool - Get Backlinks from Social Bookmarking SitesIf you want to get quicker results – however this is definitely not a free way -, you can select from several automated/semi-automated, standalone solutions such as either SENukeXCR, or BookmarkingDemon software which will be able to submit your link to 100+ different social bookmarking sites.
Before starting your campaign, you might want to make a list about the “to be done” tasks. I mean, you’d need to have some necessary data prepared and double-checked such as the exact Title, Meta Description, keywords of the links(s) you are willing to submit. It is also advisable to get familiar with the operational environment and handling of the selected submitter software before beginning any submission process (before pushing the Enter button).

When using these submissions tools, you should also be very careful with selecting the appropriate speed of submission and have to take care in order to avoid duplicate submissions and any punishment.

Depending on your plans – and the available budget -, I suggest you using any of these excellent services. Their “repository” includes many useful Social Bookmarking Sites and this can be good if you are planning e.g. a successful backlinking campaign.

Note: The displayed Google PageRank and Alexa Rank of the sites may vary because of the time-shift between the “published” time of my article and the visitors real “reading” “live” time. Please install a Page Rank Checker and Alexa Toolbar (provided e.g. by Alexa.com or SEO Quake) in order ensure you the chance for refreshing these parameters and get updated data.

I wish you effective and successful work in the future!


Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, the owner of SEO Service Guide – Search Engine Optimization Basics site.

P.S.: If you want to get more information, don’t miss out on reading my post: SEO Basics – Get Backlinks Part 3 – Social Bookmarking Sites.

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