What is the advantage of using Web Site Monitoring Services?

1stWarning Website Monitoring And Downtime Alerts - Web Site Monitoring ServicesThe answer is simple: to give you the opportunity to “Monitor Your Website and Services for Downtime, Exploits and Blacklistings”. I quoted 1stWarning.com here, because no other words can describe this activity better.

How do Web Site Monitoring Services work?

The Service observes and supervises your server status as well as the activity on your site. If they experience any abnormal or suspicious activity, they will alarm you.
It means, that you will be alerted when your website, email, DNS or other service is unavailable, hacked or has been blocklisted. With this useful activity, this service will be able to prevent you from a serious outage and show you a possibly way to get out of this situation if it has happened.

What are the tools they use?

They will set up for this purpose made Monitors. These Monitors will supervise your system. On regular intervals determined by your account settings, they will attempt to contact your services for each monitor you have set up. This interval can be 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3, …30 minutes. You can also decide – it is easy to set up – how many Monitors you want.
The price depends on this setting you’ve done previously: for example, if you want 1 Monitor and 30 minutes monitoring interval, it will cost you only $3.60 per month!

How can you open a Web Monitoring account?

Fortunately, You’ll be given the chance to try out their Service for FREE: NO Credit card required for the 14 days trial., that is it is entirely Free for this 14 days period.

If you use my link (or the page below, on this site) to open an account, you may get 10% discount from the actual prices.

My assessment:

To be honest, it is very good to know that your site is running properly and anyone can reach it from anywhere on the Internet. Technical breakdowns and outage may and does exist – fortunately it happens very rarely -, thus, being aware of the fact that a reliable Monitoring service supervises it, we can cope with the issue may be occurred during the troubles.
In my opinion, if you run a responsible web site and want to know everything is happening during its operation period, the best way is to order a “slight” service, I mean 30 mins (at least) interval monitoring. Did you know that this will cost less than $4 per month? I am sure that it is worth to know about the “health” of your site for such a small amount of money.

Now, everything depends on your wise decision. I hope I could help you with presenting these kind of Web Site Monitoring Services.

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher

Gyula Olah
electrical engineer, author, publisher

Thanks for reading!

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