Why would You need to use any Web Site Submission Services for submitting Your Site?

First of all, as I’ve mentioned on Search Engine Optimization Basics page,  it is not enough to compose an excellent content and then create an entire web site around it if nobody will know about its existence.

How to let the world know about your site?
A. The easiest solution: do the web site submissions yourself!

The solution is easier than you’d think at the first sight: simply go to Google’s and Bing’s Webmaster page and introduce your site, every single page and post. On the other hand, it is necessary for you to be ranked at all.
Let’s see these steps:

1. Google Webmasters

If you have opened an account with Google, just go to http://google.com/webmasters/tools/ page and add your site (if not, it is highly recommended to open one, it is free). After verifying your site (either with uploading the provided html, or inserting the given code into your meta), you’ll get access to the Webmaster Tools. Here you might want to introduce your sitemap.xml file first (Crawl > Sitemaps section). After it had been accepted, you can go to “Fetch as Google” section and add your links there. You be offered 2 chances: either a simple “FETCH“, or “FETCH AND RENDER“. I suggest you using this last option when you first want to add your site, then repeat this one monthly or after a big change on your site. When you click on either “FETCH” or “FETCH AND RENDER”, you’ll get another 2 chances to “Submit to index” (this will be the moment when you introduce your newly created site, page or post):

a. “Crawl only this URL”: you’ll get 500 submission opportunities / month. This is good for submitting a single page or post. You can add 100 links a day, but max. 500 / mo.
b. “Crawl this URL and its direct links”: you’ll have 10 submissions (only) / month if you want to submit your entire site and all accompanied links. Because of this limited number – and its weight -, use this chance wisely.

You can also choose from the opportunities to Fetch your site as “Desktop”, “Mobile Smartphone”, “Mobile XHML/WML” or “Mobile cHTML”."Fetch as Google" - an example on Google Webmasters - Web Site Submission Services

2. Bing Webmaster

Like on Google, you also need to open an account on http://www.bing.com/webmaster/ page. Here you can use your exisitng Microsoft account ID as well. When you want to add a site, first you should add the link to your sitemap.xml file. Then, you must verify your site in order to be added to Bing similarly as on Google.
When you see your site has been listed, you may want to add your sitemap again to their directory (Dashboard > Configure My Site > Sitemaps): Bing requires you add your sitemap with AND without “www”, which means 2 sitemaps, however, you have only one. Don’t bother about understanding it, it is so you we must follow their guidelines.
If you are ready with adding your sitemap, go to Dashboard > Configure My Site > Submit URLs section and add your links there. Unlike on Google, you cannot add (relatively) countless number of links there, only 10 /day.Bing Webmaster - example URL Submission - Web Site Submission Services

3. Yahoo

Don’t worry, if you have added your site on Bing Webmasters, Yahoo will get and use their data.

Because there is no webmaster who will be able to substitute or avoid this basic submission process, I found important to explain these steps

B. Web Site Submission Services who will do the job for you involving other search engines

Mostly, these services are not free. Nonetheless, they are doing their jobs well, so it is worth to introduce some of them.

1. ScrubTheWeb.com as a Web Site Submission Service

After you’ve done a Search Engine Visibility Score analysis using their Free Meta Tag Analyzer SEO Tool, with clicking on “Submit This Free with Easy Submit” button you’ll get the chance to submit your site to 10 Search Engines (with high PageRank) such as:

Active Search Results; AxxaSearch; Boitho; Entireweb.com; ExactSeek; Geona; Jayde Online; Rediff.com; Scrub The Web; Websquash
It is easy and free, you only need to give your name and e-mail address, all other information, that is the site’s Title, Description and keywords will be extracted from your current analyzed data.

If you decide to open an account with them, you get more chances as their member. Please check out the complete list of Search Engines below:

Active Search Results; Alexa; Amidalla; AxxaSearch; Bing and Yahoo!; Boitho; CanadianContent; Claymont; Entireweb.com; ExactSeek; FyberSearch; Geona; Google Canada; Google Network; Google UK; InfoTiger; Jayde Online; Newwebstuff.com; Rediff.com; Scrub The Web; Searchers; Sonic Run; W8 Search; Websquash

SEO Profiler - Complete SEO software solution: backlinks, optimization, analysis, rankings, keywords, competitive intelligence2. SEO Profiler

SEO Profiler (operated by Axandra, the creator of IBP) is the Service Provider, who  – besides the fact that meets all the criteria I’ve mentioned and listed on  SEO Services Worldwide – The Guide page – offers high quality Services, including Web Site Submission Service.  Fortunately, I’ve had the chance to examine their service and I am really satisfied with it.
They are also offering submissions to 36+ various Search Engines. You can customize – e.g. with your brands – and download the created report in PDF format, so you can serve your clients in the highest quality as well..

Basically, SEO Profiler operates a Membership site (with 4 packages), but you can open a Trial account there only for $1 or Try for FREE for your URL to examine their services. If you are a serious marketer – and you can afford it, of course -, you might want to open an account. You’ll be quite surprised how complex they service is.

3. Submission.net

What is a web site submission service good for? The best way is to quote Submission.net Submission Service (FAQ), because no other words could describe better this topic:

Why should I use SSG Search Engine Submission?

  • When it comes to search engine submission, there are hundreds of search engines and directories on the internet that can direct traffic to your site.  It would take days or weeks to manually submit your site to each.  Even a few referrals from each can add up to large traffic increases.
  • 85% of referrals come from search engines.
  • Search engine referrals are by far the most inexpensive way to drive traffic to your site.
  • Many times, search engines do not list you or drop your site after a period of time, without informing you.

Search engine submission does not just mean going to the top several web sites and submitting your URL.  URL submission is a critical part of any site maintenance plan.  You must submit to a comprehensive set of search engines to ensure that you will get listed and maintain your listing.  With so many search engines out there, this is a process that should be automated.

SSG Search Engine Submission is a professional url submission service that solves these problems by offering a variety of options to manage your submissions.  We will submit your site to hundreds of search engines and directories and optionally resubmit to each search engine every month for a year.  We will also check your site for issues that prevent you from getting listed, like excessive keyword weight, broken links, stop words, invisible text, and several others.  Getting started is easy, simply click on the signup link and fill out a simple form.

How long will it take for my site to show up in listings?

Search engines can take up to six months to list your website, however it varies greatly.  Some will list your web site in as little as two or three days, others will take several months, and some may choose not to list your web site at all.  Unfortunately, we cannot control this.  Some search engines favor recent submissions.  Therefore, it is important to use our automatic resubmission feature.

Why do you feature unlimited re-submissions?

Three reasons:
First, we believe you should be able to re-submit your site every time you make relevant changes to it.  Second, many search engines favor recent submissions.  Third, many search engines drop you from their listings without notifying you.  One reason for being dropped is that periodically, search engines will re-spider your site.  If your site is unavailable, they drop you.  Every site becomes unavailable occasionally and this causes problems with staying listed.  Most of the time, however, you get dropped for no easily determined reason.  So, regular re-submissions are necessary.

How Does the Sign-Up Process Work?

  • You will be asked to fill out a form that collects the necessary information for submittal.
  • You will then have access to all of the site analysis tools.  Use them to optimize your site and correct any search engine related issues.
  • When you are ready, you can select an option to begin the submittal process.
  • Your site will be submitted and an e-mail will be sent to you with a link to your customized web page that contains your submission results.
  • Your site will be re-submitted any time you want, with a customized report being generated each time.”

Note: SSG = SEOServiceGuide. If you order the Submission Service using my link or even the site below, you will get 10% discount from the normal price.

Please take a quick look at the Service and the offer below:

My assessment:

As you could see, using the web site submission services of Google and Bing are necessary and compulsory, but free in any cases. On the other hand, because Google and Bing (Yahoo) will direct the most of the visitors to your site (it is called “organic search”), it is your interest also. Additionally, since nowadays rankings is based on Popularity and honesty, you, as a truthful internet marketer, don’t try to hide your content from them.  If you undertake your personality, it will be worth. Try to do your web site submissions on Google and Bing manually in order to become familiar with the process. When you’re ready with this job and you want more chances for the submissions to other search engines, then you can think it over continuing it manually or hiring a web site submission service for this job.

Manual submissions would take significant time, utilizing other companies would cost money. You decide which solution to choose. However, if you examine the current price options, you will find that e.g a One-Year-Subscription usually is less, than $7.50 / month and you can ask to resubmit your site at any time and any number you want. Search Engine Submission is really a crucial point if you want to be found on the Internet. It is not enough to create a web or blog site, but you have to let the others know about it (see my page on this site: The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization).
As a Webmaster, I also use legal Submission Services to submit my sites to different Search Engines. In order to save your energy and money, I recommend you doing the same, that is using Web Site Submission Services.

You decide.

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher

Gyula Olah – electrical engineer, author, publisher


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