How to write description for your web page wisely?

D - Never forget to write Description for your web page!

D – Never forget to write Description for your web page!

You could see from my previous articles how to choose keywords for your site content and Title. Now, I’ll show you the way how to write description for your web page wisely with using your well-chosen keywords and based on your Title.

First of all, shortly: what is a Web Page Description?

This so-called Meta Description tells the searcher exactly what your page is about. In the case your Title ranked high and was focused to the terms – keywords and key phrases –  the searcher used, the Meta Description of your particular page will confirm this. On the other hand, the visitor may – and definitely will – get more, detailed information about your products and services, not only the short, concise summary of all features in your Title.
As Google says “high-quality descriptions can be displayed in Google’s search results, and can go a long way to improving the quality and quantity of your search traffic“.

What is the base of a excellent page description?

The answer is very simple: Keywords. They compose the base of your entire content material, that is for your Page Title, Description and Keywords Tag. In your Description – which is a significant part of Meta Tags section within your page – you’ll describe your company, brand, product or service.
The maximum length of your description is limited to 150 characters (incl. spaces), so you should write a concise description about the things what you promote. The reasons are the same I’ve explained in my Use Keywords In Page Titles post. To repeat some ideas: not all search engines work equally, so if we want to write a search engine friendly Description, we must limit the length of our page Description to 150 characters, but try for writing minimum 120 characters in order to describe your product or service the best.

Is it difficult to write description for your web page?

About this bonbonniere: it could be a hard job to write description for your web page in 150 characters...

Yes, it can be difficult to highlight the most important features of your company, product or service and shrink them to only 150 characters. On the other hand, this description must be in harmony with your previously chosen Title which was based on your best keywords.
Nonetheless, you have to try it and do your best when finding it out. After reading the Title of your page, the visitor will interpret the Description of  your page. This will be the moment when the visitor decides to stay or click away from your page or site.
You can see now, that writing a good description is also vital even to sustain your visitors once they are on your site.

The Description must be something unique and interesting which can slightly “wake up” your visitors’ curiosity and give some kind of incentive them to read your content further. If the visitors like your Title and Description, they will certainly visit your content as well, and this can be the first step to e.g. selling your products or ordering your high quality service.

Why should Title and Description match together concerning their keyword-base?

I’ll show you the opposite and you’ll be able to recognize the difference. Let’s suppose you want to sell cat food, and your Title was made about it. It would be very funny – and harmful for your SEO results – if you wrote a description about woodworking bench. Your Description must fit to your content as well, so if it is cat food, in the Description you could summarize – highlight – the advantages of your product, while you can build your content around these advantages with a detailed explanation.

So, basically and theoretically it is so simple to write description for your web page. In the reality, you’ll meet some factors which can render more difficult this seems-to-be-easy work. First of all, the length of your description: what and how to highlight? On the other hand, your schedule: whether you have got enough time to think your campaign over, or you choose the solution what the more plausible or winsome is. For the good work you’d need time, you could see it during the keyword research.

What is the advantage of a well-written description?

SEO Service Guide: 1st position on Google, 14-09-2014 - Example - Write Description For Your Web Page

SEO Service Guide: 1st position on Google, 14-09-2014 – Example

Never forget, you are not alone in the Internet. There must be other companies who are willing to sell the same product or service. You might want to be better than your competitors, so you would need to reach higher ranking – position – for your web site.

The better the harmony within the Keyword – Title – Description – Content unit, the higher rank you’ll get from the search engines, because they will see you are serious-minded and you really write about the products or services you want to sell or promote. It this case, you’ll also get authority and your site will be ranked higher than your competitors’ web site on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). In my opinion, this is the honest way – the White Hat SEO – to become successful on the Internet.

I hope my article could contribute to your better understanding how to write description for your web page.

Thanks for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

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