Google Main Ranking Factors After PageRank – Facts Beyond

Compilation Of The Masterpiece

Compilation Of The Masterpiece

As I’ve mentioned on the Importance Of Indexing, Sitemap, PageRank, And Backlinks webpage, Google’s patent related to PageRank expired on September 24, 2019.
I was quite sure that Google had some method by which it ranked websites. My assumption turned out to be true: the ranking is based on the application of an algorithm that can determine and select the relevance of the billions of websites available.

What are the main Ranking Factors of Google nowadays?

Although quite a few factors play a role, the most essential basis is Helpful Content for the reader or user.

The examined website is ranked by judging many aspects of the processing. What principles are involved here? I will try to summarize the requirements:

1. Content and quality criteria:

Whatever you write, try to make it original content. Even if you give a presentation, strive for originality. The Heading or Page Title should be descriptive, and helpful and try to summarize the content.

2. Expertise criteria:

Strive to build trust. Whatever you describe or present, do it in such a way that it faithfully reflects reality. If you quote something, state where it comes from, and respect the authors.

3. Presentation and production criteria:

Make your content easy to read, almost everything can be understood by readers interested in the topic. Avoid using advertising blocks that do not belong there, which can break the reader’s attention.

4. Focus on people-first content criteria:

In other words, don’t manipulate the search engines! Writing interesting content, about real problems, tools or goals helps to increase the reader’s knowledge, and can also be useful for our human community.

5. Avoid creating search engine-first content:

The main focus should be on creating content for human readers, not machines. Then you can get ahead of those who chose a different path in the search results.

How may these Ranking Factors affect SEO according to Google?

As Google puts it: “SEO can be a helpful activity when it is applied to people-first content, rather than search engine-first content.”


What does all this mean? How to fulfil these criteria?
Do NOT write for Search Engines. Write for your readers: The content of the website should be understandable, relevant and useful for people.
I made my abstract interpretation based on Google principles for those who are interested in a shorter summary. The Google Principles (update 2022-2023) can be found here: Google citations are also there.

How to get relevant content that is interesting to the reader?


If the processing and presentation of a problem, tool, analysis, or promotion are important, we try to formulate our thoughts. If this does not work immediately, let’s look for research materials that can help us with this. On the Internet, we can now access writings and studies that can provide us with a guide. Others can also write this – e.g., PLR articles – but please note that PLR rights for a given topic can be purchased by not only one user (e.g. YOU) but also by several users. Using the same data set as someone else will NOT be original, so it must be reworked.
What about AI applications that are becoming more common these days?
To analyze this, I intended a new page under preparation. In advance, I just say that I greatly appreciate the use of AI, because, with their shape application, they can be created very quickly, e.g. images, videos and relevant content in each case.

So the most important thing is the content, let’s strive for it!