What does a Search Engine do and Why? I’ll show it via an example Google Search.

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher

Gyula Olah – electrical engineer, author, publisher

Now, let’s get a deeper insight into the operation and activity of Search Engines and clear some how-to questions.

A search engine’s main job is to provide the very best information for the searchers. People in business generally have the same goal: to be the best at what they do. Search engines ease our life in this way.
Search engines are in a never-ending business as well, and their product is quality information of search results. When a searcher comes for instance to Google’s home page and performs a query, he wants to be shown the very best information fast and within the first three pages, sometimes within the first page. It is a cruel and proven fact, that 90 percent of the searchers visits only the first 3 result pages. Consequently, if you run a business, it is very important for you to be displayed within the three pages at least. Undoubtedly, the best is to be the first on the first page.

For better understanding, I’ll show you a practical example – via a real Google Search – what a search engine does.

Imagine you want to find something very urgently. For instance, let it be a ”black tie” for the weekend’s party. The party will be held on Saturday evening and now it is Friday night. In a normal situation (if you have time to think it over), you have got many opportunities, such as choosing one from the local magazine or the local shop personally. But, you have lack of time today, so you have to decide fast.
What can be the solution? The easiest way is to open an internet browser to check and compare the best offers. So, open your favorite browser and simply type in: ”black tie”, and you may choose from the given selection at once.
Let’s see this process in practice: type in the Google search bar: black tie.

"black tie" Search - Google Search Bar, Excerpt - What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

“black tie” Search – Google Search Bar, Excerpt – What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

As you can see, you got back 170,000,000 (170 million) results. It is quite a lot, isn’t it? So, if you want to buy one, you can choose from the choice.
Now, let’s see the SERP – Search Results Page:

""black tie" Search - Google Search Results Page, Excerpt - What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

“black tie” Search – Google Search Results Page, Excerpt – What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

This is the SERP above. As you can count it (10 results/page), there can be approximately 170,000,000/10=17,000,00 (17 million) pages with same results. This result may be won’t satisfy your curiosity, so you begin to refine your search. Choose “black tie with white dots”, because you like it and you want to wear it next time.
Let’s see the results:

"black tie with white dots" - Google Search - What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

“black tie with white dots” – Google Search – What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

You will find much better results – “only” 1,920,000 – if you use specialized, targeted, so called “long tail keywords”. Following this way, you can recognize that the new SERP differs from the – by the general search – experienced one. See it below:

"black tie with white dots" - Google-SERP - What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

“black tie with white dots” – Google-SERP – What Does A Search Engine Do And Why?

Note: the number of search results and SERP may differ from time to time.

Conclusion and summary of the Search Engines’ activities:

What pleases an internet surfer during using a search engine?

An internet surfer is looking for information, and answers to his questions. Content and easy to navigate content – Searching called searching for a reason. Remember the last time you did a search, what did you search for and what did you find. How fast it was? If you found the result, the search engine did its work properly.
Remember, how could you find the product? Somebody, somehow wanted to sell a ”black tie with white dots”, and you will find it. Perhaps you got it as a result of a Google search, or it was a paid advertisement – from your point of view it doesn’t matter -, you have found what you were looking for. From this aspect only the result is that important.
And don’t forget: the web page also did the job perfectly, because it provided you the right information.

What pleases the seller of the particular product?

It is very easy to answer the question: he had been given the chance to sell another product and make some profit.
And this is your aim as well, isn’t it?

I hope I could help you get answer to the question “what does a search engine do and why“. This example above was a simple way to show how a search engine works in practice. Furthermore, my aim was also to present you the difference between a “general” and “targetedsearch. Thirdly, you can see it clearly now: if your site comes up on the first page within the search results, you will be in a much better position to become the winner of the “game”.

As I’ve mentioned it before – and it is also a fact – , that more than 85% of the web users employ search engines to find the desired products on the Internet. Approximately 90% of them don’t and will not go behind the first 3 pages because either they have no time for it, or they are tired of further searching. If your website – containing your relevant product or service – is not listed to the major first engines and not within the first 10 results, you are definitely losing to your competitors every single search and moment.

Developing SEO is a long term process. It really takes time to find the best, optimized site structure.
You could see – and take the necessary consequences – from the examples above how an “average” searcher looks for the results on the Internet. During this SEO process, you will continually be able to improve your understanding of how visitors search for and find the  – for them relevant and surely urgent – information. If you know these techniques, you might become the next publisher found within the top 10.

Now, let’s move forward to What Is Indexing And PageRank page.

Thanks for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

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