SEO Service Guide: Search Engine Optimization Basics

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher, site owner

Gyula Olah
electrical engineer
author, publisher
site owner

Welcome to my Guide! Besides explaining the basic SEO techniques, I’d like to help you find effective solutions for your time-consuming but more useful and exciting work, called SEO process. I’ll list and review some effective and useful SEO and Web Services (worldwide) as well, thus easing your decision which one is recommended to use in your practice and can be beneficial regarding your business.

What does Search Engine Optimization mean?

Basically, this expression Search Engine Optimization – SEO stands for the process of optimizing your webpage to reach the goal: obtaining free, or with other name, organic traffic from Search Engines. Additionally, we should also find answers for some “simple” questions: what to optimize, why and how? And furthermore, we should familiarize ourselves with understanding some basic expressions: What is SERP (Search Engine Results Page), Page Rank, Alexa Index, Backlinks, Meta Tag, Heading, Popularity, the difference between White-Hat SEO and its opposite? How much would it cost to optimize a web page? Which SEO Service is the most appropriate for you and how to choose it from the thousands offered on the Market?

There are too many questions waiting for answers…I'd like to help you reach the best SEO results - SEO Service Guide: Search Engine Optimization Basics

Yes, it is true. But don’t worry! As your guide, I’ll attempt to answer every single one regarding Search Engine Optimization Basics.

First of all, I’d like to show the importance and necessity of a SEO process via an example:
Suppose you have been operating a very nice website with excellent content on it for ages, offering the best products found on the Internet ever. But, in spite of this fact, nobody visits your site just because nobody knows about it. With other words, nobody recognizes you as the person who is offering the searched and wished products.
As the conclusion: it is not enough that you don’t earn only a nickel, but – in the worst case – you may lose all of your assets spent on creating and maintaining the website, not mentioning the useless effort and countless working hours you have sacrificed…
Another example: It is quite similar to the case when you run a nice restaurant with an excellent #1 kitchen and delicious dishes, but – being not well-known at that time –  it “works” without guests. You work a lot, so you don’t have enough time to promote it, or simply not willing to spend on advertising. Notwithstanding that you feel you do your best continuously, the days pass by without any results and your money disappears slowly, somehow…
What can be the reason?  Maybe you are the only person who has the illusions that you’ve done your the best, but your would-be guests do not even know about your existence!

It is quite clear that something is missing for the business success in both above examples: reputation and – together with it – laser targeted and massive, quality traffic.

How to get out of this unpleasant and definitely not so profitable situation?

Search Engine Optimization? Just like a Puzzle... - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics

Search Engine Optimization? Just like a Puzzle…

With other words: how to get reputation and obtain laser targeted and massive, quality traffic? Let’s see the solution below:

If your site is not well-known, you should let the others know about its presence. There are many techniques – so called off-site, Internet Marketing Techniques – how to increase the popularity of your site and “persuading” the searchers for visiting you first, among the other millions.
The second important thing beyond the real content is Search Engine Optimization (on-site techniques). There are more opportunities as well, but these 2 ingredients are vital for traffic your site. Let’s see their explanations:

Off-Site: “Off-site optimisation is the process of promoting your website across the web. The purpose is to build brand awareness, improve rankings in search engines and attract visitors from 3rd party websites. It’s an on-going process – not a one-off, set and forget one. The best approach to off-site SEO depends on the industry you operate in and your budget, but your overall strategy should consist of several of the following methods:”
You can read more on the Source:

Search Engine Optimization might mean different additions to page such as Meta Tags and Keywords and gathering links (backlinks) to your site (see it later). Nonetheless, building and operating a Web Site is first and foremost about pleasing the site visitor and appealing to their appetite. Never forget: It is not enough to obtain your visitors, you have to sustain them as well, in the future. On this SEO Service Guide site you’ll find information about a complete Search Engine Optimization process with detailed explanation of almost all ingredients, including some blogging issue fixing tips (e.g. how to avoid the difficulties if you want to migrate your blogger blog to a custom domain, what and how to do), and many more ideas. On the other hand, I’ll deal with answering the simple question “what are meta tags?“, so you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with them. You’ll find the full contents on the particular pages. I separated them to provide you a better chance to follow them. Please find below the excerpts of the page contents.

1. What does a search engine do and why? I’ll show it via an example Google Search.

– A search engine’s main job is to provide the very best information for the searchers. People in business generally have the same goal: to be the best at what they do. Search engines ease our life in this way.
– For better understanding, I’ll show you a practical example how a search engine works, for instance Google.

"black tie" Search - Google Search Bar, Excerpt - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics

“black tie” Search – Google Search Bar, Excerpt from the page content

– Conclusion and summary of the Search Engines’ activity
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2. What Is Indexing And PageRank and why are these so important?

– When a Search Engine, such as Google – the King of them nowadays – has been to your site and added the page to its index directory, this is known as being indexed. Google operates an enormous computer park to crawl billions of websites day by day. The program that does this activity is called Googlebot.
– …Here comes the importance of sitemap. What is sitemap.xml and why is it compulsory to use it?
– How can a search engine determine which URLs to index?
– How to discourage search engines not to index some URLs?
– What is Ranking, and how does a search engine rank pages?
– How can we reach a higher rank position?
– Well-organized, well built page and site structure with keyword-based relevant content.
– How to write a good site content?
As Google says: “Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your home page. This is the single most important thing to do. If your pages contain useful information, their content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site.”
– Good and reliable linking structure that is you need quality links.
– How to obtain high quality backlinks?
– What is Alexa Index (Rank)?
The Alexa Traffic Rank is a combined measure of page views and the number of site visitors, based on 3 months of aggregated traffic data from millions of Alexa users and applying a special algorithm.
Read more and find the answers…

3. Importance And Usage Of Meta Tags in Search Engine Optimization

– How to optimize a site or blog page with the exact usage of Meta Tags, Title, Description, Keywords, IMG ALT and Content HTML?
– What is Visibility Score and how to measure it? (see the example just below)
– How to get a higher search engine ranking with Web Page Analyzer?

Part of a Search Engine Optimization process, example: Search Engine Visibility Meter Score, presented by - Visibility Score of - 20th March 2014 - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics

Part of a Search Engine Optimization process, example: Search Engine Visibility Meter Score, presented by – Visibility Score of – 20th March 2014

A complete Web Page Analyzer’s report includes the following data:

A. Basic Page Analysis
B. Title Tag Analysis
C. Meta Description Tag Analysis
D. Meta Keywords Tag Analysis
E. IMG ALT Tag Analysis
F. Keyword Density Analysis
F. Top Keyword Phrase Analysis
G. HTML/XHTML Tags Analysis
H. Basic Example of a Robot Search Engine Listing
I. How a Robot May See the Page
J. (X)HTML validation
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4. How Much A Search Engine Optimization Process Costs

Empty Chest - You have to be careful not to lose any assets with a bad strategy, so try to find the best one - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics

In my opinion, if you want to be found on the Internet, you would want to use the best strategies to get a higher ranking position. SEO investments provide the best ROI (Return On Investment) for most businesses. As I’ve mentioned before (just remember the “black tie” searching topic on What Does A Search Engine Do And Why page), it is vital for your business that your product or service will come up on the 1st SERP. ..
– Where to begin with SEO process without significant investment?
– Where can you find such kind of reports and report-makers?
– How to avoid the misleading traps (e.g. quick ranking within no time)?
– Now, let’s see what other respected SEO marketers wrote about this question
– Summary and Conclusion
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5. How To Use SEO On Blogger?

This question is more than interesting. Blogger ( – owned and operated by Google – is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet. So, this question doesn’t belong to the “negligible” ones at all. Basically, blogger is not as user-friendly – from Search Engine Optimization aspects – as it should be. But, this is why we are here: to learn more about it. I wanted to collect all available contemporary information to help you in this work. Please find it in the next section.
Excerpt from the content:
– How to customize our Blogger Dashboard? Relatively it is not so difficult to customize our Dashboard but we should take care of some important steps.
– How to customize our Blogger Template and why is it good for us?
– How to define custom Description, Keywords and Permalink for your blog posts?
– Conclusion and Summary
Read more…

6. How To Use SEO With WordPress Software?

WordPress software is definitely my favorite one. This site you are currently on has been made with WordPress software. To be honest, I do not consider it too easy to learn using this software at the first sight. Nonetheless, if you have learned it, you will be able to see what an excellent customization feature it has and how many great opportunities are integrated into this excellent software. Being an Organization, many groups of volunteers have been working on its perfection for years. As a result, it becomes better and better time to time. In this section you might find 2 useful plugins to improve your pages’ Search Engine Optimization Score. Which one to choose? It is up to you.
– What kind plug-ins are available to reach good SEO results with WordPress software?
1. The first plugin I’d like to mention is SEO Ultimate.
2. There is another useful plug-in, it is called All-In-One SEO.
– Don’t forget about your correct headings!
What is “heading”? Correct placing of head elements – such as <H1></H1>; <H2></H2>; and so on – has a huge importance as you could see it before.
Once I’ve summarized my ideas, I’ll quote myself from my own How Can I Make A Blog Site…
– How to check our well-done SEO work?
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7. Advice, Hints, News, Opinions, Tools – The Blog Of SEO Service Guide

This section is really about what its Title suggests. Read more…

8. SEO Services Worldwide – The Guide

Analysis – Example SEO Services Worldwide – The Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics

Analysis – Example
SEO Services Worldwide – The Guide

I’ve collected and want to present you some SEO and Web Services, Blog Services, Social Bookmarking Sites. You can find Meta Tag and Keyword, Site and Keyword Ranking, Site Status Checkers, Visibility Meter, WebSite Monitoring and Web-Site Submission Services among them, not to mention My Own Services. On the other hand, on this page I’ve tried to  summarize all the high demanding criteria of a well-functioning SEO Service (in one). From this point, it is only the question of the available budget what you’ll choose.
Visit this page…
Or…The Internet is huge, so you can find other, similarly important and useful, mostly Free SEO tools. This selection has been made and based upon my previous experiences and the tools I use day by day. I hope this compilation will help you and you will like it.

Let’s see my selection below:

a. Meta Tag Analyzer And Search Engine Visibility Meter – is your site visible by search engines on the Internet?

Visibility Score - Important part of Search Engine Optimization Basics, Example - SEO Service Guide

Visibility Score – Important part of Search Engine Optimization Basics, Example

Is is very good to know every data about your page such as its Title, Meta Description and Keywords Tags and Visibility Score on the Internet with using only one tool. You can do this job on my site as well, of course FREE.
Read more and do a test, please… 

b. Blog Services, Communities, Directories – for sharing your opinion and blog, backlinking

In your blogging activity, you can use various Blog Services for e.g. pinging, Blog Communities for joining and sharing your opinion (additionally, your blog too), and Blog Directories to submit your blogs there.  Because these Blog Services are mainly ranked high, the obtained backlinks can be very useful for your site’s ranking as well, not to mention the possible traffic you may get from them. This is why I devoted an entire page to these services and listed some of them.
Read more…

c. Backlink Checker Services and Tools Online – to check the incoming links (and their source)

RankSignals site - Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics

RankSignals site – Backlink Checker Services And Tools Online

Nowadays, when your PageRank is determined by “measuring” your popularity, the number of the Backlinks is also an important factor. How can you obtain backlinks? It is another story, but you can find here some Backlink Checker Services and Tools to examine how many backlinks you’ve gathered till now, and supervise whether they are helpful or harmful concerning you rankings.
I don’t want to leave you in the dark, so I’ll give you some ideas – within a SEO series – on my Blog section how obtain reliable backlinks within a very short period of time.
Read more…

d. Social Bookmarking Sites – among the best, respected sources for increasing your site’s popularity and highly effective backlinking

Social Bookmarking Sites play extremely important role on the Internet. You have surely met with most of them during your surfing on the Net. They are usually ranked high, so  – if they accept your appropriate blog post(s) – you can increase your site’s popularity and also gain high quality backlinks within not time. Regading to their importance, I devoted an entire page to introduce some of them.
Read more… 

e. IP and URL Canonicalization checker Services and Tools – what is canonicalization and how to check the current configuration of your site

Web Sniffer HTTP Response Header - Status: 301 Moved Permanently - IP And URL Canonicalization Checker Services And Tools

Web Sniffer HTTP Response Header – Status: 301 Moved Permanently – IP And URL Canonicalization Checker Services And Tools

Besides one of the most important feature of IP canonicalization – avoid duplicate content -, it is vital to be aware of your site’s current configuration. If you understand the basics, it will be easy to check your site’s status with useful and simple-to-use, mostly free tools. These Checker tools can also be applicable to test the canonicalization of any sites – including Joomla, WordPress, custom PHP and HTML sites, etc.
This is the point where I want to help you understand this method and show you how these IP Canonicalization Checkers and Tools work in practice. For this purpose, I’ve made some tests to this WordPress based site (you are currently on) using some of the available tools. You can follow the process and evaluate the results together with me.
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f. SEO Site Status Checker Services and Tools – to know some important data about your site’s current status

Part of a Search Engine Optimization process: Site Status Checker By - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics

Part of a Search Engine Optimization process: Site Status Checker By

Who else wants to know his/her own site’s current status on the Internet? Using this tool, you can get info about everything you would need to know such as Title, Meta Tags, Sitemap and Robots.txt, plus you can get advice how to this and that better. IP canonicalization test methods will also be mentioned in this section.
Either you are the one who has been dealing with SEO for a long time or simply interested, it is more than recommended to use these important SEO Tools.
Read more…

g. Web Analytics Services – to know where your visitors came from (and how many)

If you want to know more exactly where your site’s visitors came from (GEO targeting, or Social Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), you would want to use additive Analytics Services besides the Analytics provided by Google. In some cases. these additional data might have huge importance concerning your business.

Web Analytics - Demo Account, Example - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics

Web Analytics – Demo Account, Example

Read more…

h. Web Site Monitoring Services – to monitor your site(s) “heath”, that is current status

Web Site Monitoring Service - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization BasicsIf you operate a website, it is essential to run it properly. Any downtime may cause significant loss in your traffic, reputation or profit. To predict, that it will happen is impossible. Coincidental technical failures (not planned maintenance) can happen at any time, so it is good to know that it has happened. There are companies who are monitoring you server’s status and the activity on your site (with sampling). They will alarm you when any abnormal thing happens there.
Read more…

i.  Web Site Submission Services – for submitting your site(s) regularly

When you create a website or write even an article only, you main goal is to Publish it on the Internet and making it reachable for all of your forthcoming reader (or customers).  If people cannot find you, your effort will be worth nothing.
Web Site Submission Service - SEO Service Guide: Search Engine Optimization BasicsThis is the main reason why you have to announce your new content on the Internet for the public somehow, that is you must submit it to different Search Engines. If your content is valuable, these Search Engines will give publicity for it and people may find you during their search. Without submitting it, you might be lost even if your content is a high quality, well-written and useful one.
Read more… 

f. Search Engine Optimization Services In Your Browser, For Free

SeoQuake as a Free SEO In Your Browser - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics

SeoQuake as a Free SEO In Your Browser

Believe or not, if you use (almost) any modern, updated browser such as FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, you have been given a full SEO dashboard. With using them, you’ll be able check and examine the most important parameters e.g. PageRank, Google and Bing link, SemRush links, Alexa Index, number of incoming/outgoing links of your – or the competitor company’s – site.
How can it be possible?
The solution is very simple: there are some plugins which are able to display many important SEO data in your browser if they had been installed and enabled.
Read more…   

j. My Own SEO ServicesSSG SEO Spiral Report - SEO Service Guide - Search Engine Optimization Basics – for your convenience

Beyond the fact that I want to help you in your Search Engine Optimization Process with some pieces of Advice and Hints, I’m also offering My Own Search Engine Optimization Services. If you are not so experienced or simply don’t have enough time to struggle with SEO, this is definitely your place. I’ll do this job for you. What is the Guarantee? I am the Guarantee myself. I’ve already helped many people to get out from the 13% (!) Visibility Score and fixed their errors on Blogger, WordPress sites. My current offers: I. Basic Search Engine Optimization e-Report (BSEOR) & Advice For Improvements II. Basic Search Engine Optimization Process (BSEOP) – Improving Your Page’s Visibility Score III. Basic Search Engine Optimization Process With Error Fixing On Blogger (BSEOP+EFB) IV.Basic Search Engine Optimization Process With Error Fixing On WordPress (BSEOP+EFW) V. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Process (ASEOP) VI. Coaching VII. Other Services VIII. Other SEO Service Provider Companies If you are interested, check out the list, choose the option which one fits the best for you and please feel free to contact me for the details.
Read more…

I think, these are the most important components which might belong to Search Engine Optimization Basics. I hope you’ll find the answers for all of your questions. Thanks for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, publisher, the owner of SEO Service Guide site.

And TestimonialsTestimonials
(what other people say about SEO Service Guide
…and me)

Shirley Tay - Avatar

Shirley Tay

I met Gyula by chance online when my site lost its page ranking due to a change in url. I’m not familiar with SEO at all & was really anxious. Gyula is incredibly patient & helpful, & fixed some of my blog issues. Within 2 weeks, my page ranking went from N/A to 3; the visibility score of my blog also went up from just 26% to 60% now! Thank you so much, Gyula! I would certainly recommend his services to anyone in need of SEO assistance. – Shirley Tay, Owner of Luxury Haven Singapore.

Csaba Erdős Avatar

Csaba Erdős

As a programmer and web developer, I have been designing and coding Joomla sites for years. During the years, some of my clients asked me to help them in their Search Engine Optimization process in order to get higher search engine ranking. Then, I have taken some advice from Gyula, which have quite surely saved me a lot of time. Since then, I have applied many techniques Gyula has presented. I’ll suggest using the Web Page Analyzer and Gyula’s work, because having the complete description of your site will ease your tedious work, and I consider it to be extremely vital. Thanks! – Csaba Erdős, Joomla Developer, owner of Magic Web Consulting site. Facebook Profile

István Szabó Avatar

István Szabó

I was very new to SEO, when I began to build my first WP Blog Site. With following Gyula’s tips and hints, and using the similar methods, I was able to learn all basic things I would need to optimize my pages. My site was launched – built from scratch – on 8th January 2013, and I have reached Google PR1 within one month with 76% Visibility Score and under 1 million Alexa index. I was very satisfied, when I saw the results. Thanks for the work, and the detailed analysis! I’ll suggest my friends using it, too! – István Szabó, owner of How To Live Good Life – Naturally And Healthy (EN), Natural Cosmetics And Healthy Living (Hungarian) sites.

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