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How To Choose The Best SEO Service? See The Necessary Tasks Before It!

How To Choose The Best SEO Service? See the Necessary Tasks before it, such as a sitemap, rankings, blogging, web design, website SEO, link-building, HTML knowledge, keyword research, IP canonicalization, traffic monitoring, relevant content, social bookmarking, and more…!

Prologue: What is this site about?
Not everyone is the same: for instance, one’s profile is to make better products, the other is good at healing people, and the third is excellent at sports, and so on.
In today’s rapidly changing technological world, it is almost impossible to analyze and take advantage of all the available SEO services, but despite the facts, I will try to highlight a few of them.
In addition, I try to reveal the secrets of the necessary components of SEO – that is Content, Keywords, Sitemap, Design, Link-Building Strategy, Marketing, Blogging, IP And URL Canonicalization, Traffic Monitoring, and Social Bookmarking – by explaining the definitions and one or two analyzes and reviews. I will show you how these work and what services are available based on my choice. Whether you choose between them or not is up to you.

If you read on, thank you. 

So, let’s begin to work!

This topic consists of 2 parts:

Part 1. This page: How Much Should You Pay For SEO? Is SEO Worth It For Small Businesses?
Part 2. Following page: What Knowledge Is Required To Choose The Best SEO Service

How Much Should You Pay For SEO? Is SEO Worth It For Small Businesses?

The content of this page:

A. How much does it cost to use an SEO Service? Hiring an SEO Agency?
B. When do you have to pay for the services of the chosen SEO Service or Agency?
C. Finally, which SEO Service should You choose?
D. Just another question: How much can we trust SEO Services?
E. What else should we pay attention to in SEO? (Warnings)

Almost every business or individual thinks about how much to spend on the promotion of their business or website. The tangible facts available today also prove that some level of Internet marketing is necessary for our business to survive in today’s web-driven world.
What’s more, it may even bring us a profit. Online shopping has come to the fore, so we must take advantage of this opportunity.
But how do we do this?
The most obvious would be to be able to offer a product that people know and are aware that they should look for it on our website. For this, our website should not only be created with a look that is attractive but also should be known to our prospective customers. about this. They only know about us if the search engines display our website in a high position in terms of SERP, and if possible we are included in the first 10 results.
To be among the first search results, we need to use an SEO technique that makes our product visible on the Web, i.e. we need excellent SEO technology, that’s no question. However, not all SEO tools are at our disposal: even if we can create beautiful websites and know the necessary SEO parameters, we still cannot perform various analyzes on our own, for this, we need some kind of SEO Service.

A. How much does it cost to use an SEO Service? Hiring an SEO Agency?

This is what I want to talk about in the following. Given that it is money that may need to be spent, you must pay attention to the details.

There are several types of SEO payment methods.

1. Monthly Retainer:

as the name suggests, here the agreed monthly fee must be paid to the SEO Service. A report is prepared every month on the tasks assigned and performed and the results achieved in the agreement. The topic of the agreement can be e.g. definition of a measurable unit, such as link building, number of appearances on social media, etc. This is also the common retail model because according to experience, it provides the highest ROI (Return Of Investment).
What does it depend on and how much can the Monthly Retainer cost?
The cost of the Monthly Retainer varies widely, depending on the size of the client’s business and the services provided by the chosen SEO service.
Smaller agencies probably offer a limited service package, but if several companies cooperate, they can also undertake a full range of services. Depending on this, the cost can currently be in the range of $251-$5000/month in America.

2. Contractual or Project SEO services, at a fixed – recommended or negotiated – price:

These services can depend on many parameters. Many offer an SEO audit in which the existing strengths and weaknesses of the client’s website (and websites), its presence on the Internet at that time, and the keywords that have a good impact on ROI are highlighted.
What does it depend on and how much can the cost of contractual SEO services be?
Given that in this case it is a contract or the fulfillment of a set process, the prices may change accordingly. However, some of the limits I see are presented as a starting point: Nowadays, it is very popular to prepare a complete setup of social media, which, depending on the content, can be $500 or even $5000. If, for example, a site content or link audit is needed, all of these can be between $500-$7500. Or we can ask e.g. SEO-friendly copyright text ($0.15-$0.50/word). However, a complete project can cost up to $30,000. Everything depends on the specified, detailed tasks and deadlines, i.e. the complete agreement.

3. Hourly consultation prices:

These consultation rates may differ from SEO Services, which may be in the range of $72-$200 /hour.

(I took some of the data from SEO Pricing: 600+ Agencies Share Costs of Services & Pricing Models Warning: Prices are for information only, they can show very large differences in each contract.)

B. When do you have to pay for the services of the chosen SEO Service or Agency?

This is a very important question. Once again, I could only say that everything depends on the concluded contract, i.e. on your decision, since you approve it. However, some service providers only ask you for money, i.e. cause your costs if the goal or goals stated in the agreement are met.

What goals could these be?

Example 1: If appropriate, the SEO Service Agency will ask you for consideration ONLY IF your website appears on the first page of the Google search results page (SERP), say within 3 months. If the condition is not met, he does not ask for anything, since he has fulfilled the set goal. If the individual contract has been fulfilled, the service can be continued with a contract.

Example 2: It offers service(s) that provide the opportunity to review and learn about them before using them in full. These SEO Services usually have specialized tools that allow even a full SEO Audit to be performed, for a specific time or without a time limit. To achieve these goals, many service providers offer a FREE Trial for a specified time or the first period (usually 1 week) for only $1, and if you like it, then the full monthly or another periodic amount.
Fees may differ in the case of monthly or annual payments. Let’s see a real (2023) SEO service offer from SiteChecker.Pro below.

Example 3: Special offers for non-profit companies. There are SEO services that offer special services for non-profit companies, e.g. SiteChecker Pro (Sitechecker offers unique conditions for non-profit organizations. Contact us for more information!).

After getting acquainted with the real prices of SEO Agencies, the following question may arise:

C. Finally, which SEO Service should You choose?

Is it necessary to contact an SEO agency at all, or can we also do the necessary work?
As I have already described, we know to create a website at a certain level, establish a relationship with social media, edit videos, write texts, etc. This is only based on our knowledge.
However, we CANNOT prepare a complete SEO audit on our own, such as e.g. keyword analysis, and several backlinks, our ranking is on the Web, and I could list more. Well, for these you need to use some SEO Service or Agency! Whether it’s Google, Bing, MOZ, …., we can’t avoid them. The basis of the decision is how much the SEO Service or Agency will cost us, and how much profit it promises (ROI), i.e. is it worth it?

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of SEO Analytics Services out there. My goal now is to present one of them, the aforementioned SiteChecker.

Compilation Of The Masterpiece

SiteChecker-Pro Monthly Pricelist

D. Just another question: How much can we trust SEO Services?

There are a few parameters that we need to carefully review before signing the order. See the requirements for trust:

1. Guarantees for excellent SEO results.

Besides the fact that anyone can be trusted at first glance, this may not be true near the end. Be sure to ask the service provider for a performance guarantee. If he doesn’t give, then DON’T make a contract with him.

2. The promise of quick SEO results (or Instant Results)

Although some SEO tactics may bring quick results, we should not rely on this! Today’s search engines know almost every element of today’s tactics as a result of their advanced technology. Accordingly, if they find tools that they don’t like or that are illegal (so-called black SEO), the website will not only be promoted but can even expect to be punished. Therefore, if we are also webmasters, we should be aware of the contents of the webmaster guidelines.

3. Link-building strategy – backlinks, off-site SEO strategy

For example: what quality backlinks does the SEO agency offer, i.e. are they durable (applicable for a long-life project), and do they come from verified, quality sites? If you want to learn more about off-site SEO, visit Off-Site SEO – SEO Expert UK.

4. Be suspicious if some SEO Service or Agency offers the #1 Google Rank for a selected keyword.

Although this sounds good and is quite promising, it is achievable. But in my opinion, only one Agency can promise this and hand it over to you.

5. Don’t believe the offer that seems too cheap in the first minute.

As you know, SEO is quite a time, human energy, and knowledge-intensive. I don’t think an SEO Project could fit into, say, $200.

E. What else should we pay attention to in SEO? (Warnings)

Don’t forget that not only us, but SEO is also constantly changing. For example, in the worst case, a website that was leading yesterday may not even appear in search results today. The one-and-done or drag-and-drop SEO tactic doesn’t work anymore: because of constantly changing algorithms. Therefore, if we want to stay at the forefront, we must constantly improve our site. How? By keeping the basic principles formulated by Google, i.e. valuable context, relevant content, only white SEO, i.e. application of relevant and reliable link-building structure.

I want to say one more thing: SEO results after 1 month do not appear at all, no matter what you do. Based on my own experience, I can say that it takes at least 3 months of active SEO work to be noticeable based on the results. That is, SEO is a long-term activity and therefore an investment. But if you sell good products or services, you will most likely be successful after some time.