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Welcome!  My name is Julius Olah, I am an electrical engineer. I have been working with SEO since 2012.
I’d like to help you with your time-consuming but useful and exciting work.

Are You Overwhelmed with different SEO Services? How to achieve the best results?

Whether you are a newbie or experienced in internet marketing, you can easily feel completely overwhelmed! It is also true when starting to promote your website, you will hear hundreds or even thousands of different ways to market your business on the internet.

In order to make profitable websites, our first main aim is to achieve the possible best SEO results. Is it necessary to use SEO Services at all? If yes, which are the best SEO Services and how to find them? These are the most important questions you can ask in this aspect. These are difficult questions, and the decision can only be made by you.


The question remains: Do we need any SEO Service at all?

Julius Olah electrical engineer, SEO expert

The answer: Of course, if you have enough knowledge, you can do the SEO work yourself. However, you should be aware that favouring only one type of SEO technique these days is unlikely to bring immediate benefits to your website. Based on experience, SEO marketing requires at least a combination of several techniques to attract enough qualified visitors to your site, as well as to make them profitable for you. Don’t forget about the fact: For generating high traffic to your website, you need quality SEO content and link building,

I would like to give beginners and intermediates a little taste of what needs to be done and where they should start in their SEO work. All this really involves a lot of work and requires full attention and concentration. But it works!

* Article Marketing Service – Articles are everywhere on the internet. They can contain a lot of information on any specific subject and that is what people are actually looking for. A well-written, informative and captivating article is what makes them click your link and visit your site. Submitting your articles to the article directories ensure that your article is found, read and the link is visited.
* Document-Sharing – As you know, good content is King. How does it work? If links are used as reference builders, documents can be used as reputation builders. By sharing a document on a document-sharing website, you might be giving the users exactly what they are looking for, thus giving them a stronger reason to click and visit.
* Directory Submission Services – Directory submission has been around for a long time and there are still many people who turn to directories for a more relevant search. You can enlist your page in a paid or free directory. This greatly helps increase backlinks and search engine ranking. Moreover, you can submit to multiple general and niche directories.
* Facebook Marketing – Facebook also has well-functioning paid ads that are available to anyone. However, if you don’t want to spend too much money on this, then build your own trusted connections.
* LinkedIn Marketing – LinkedIn also has a free and paid version. With a good resume and sufficient persistence, you can build trust here as well, which can also help the sale later.
* Press Release Marketing – Press release (PR) is a really effective way of promoting your brand while keeping your audience updated with the recent activities and events regarding your business. Being formal and current, PR increases the trust and credibility of your brand. There are several PR directories which help in increasing your backlinks and improving search engine rankings.
* Questions and Answers Marketing – It often happens, that people don’t always know the exact keyword they are looking for but they sure know the exact question on their mind. Providing relevant Q&A on your page works even better than link-building. We make sure that you tell them what they need to know.
* Social Shopping sites – Where can buyers go, Google, Bing or Yahoo? More or less yes, but according to experience, the majority of web users look for social shopping sites that they already know and have good experience with. If you want to sell a product or service, you need a reliable place in the market. Social shopping sites are the hottest places right now, they need to be explored.
* Twitter Marketing – Twitter is a recognized website with very high traffic. Here, too, you must strive to get to know as many people as possible and to be as reliable as possible in your posts. It all takes time, but don’t give it up.
* Video marketing (e.g. Youtube, TikTok, Vimeo and more) – Make videos that may be of interest to your designated audience. You will need to use different video creation programs for all of this, but here too it is very important to use the right tools to achieve the appropriate and expected recognition (SEO).
* and so on…

You may be wondering: which SEO marketing strategy is the best?

1. If you have an idea, you do know what you want and you feel that you can meet your own expectations, then learn and practice the application of current SEO strategies.

2. If you don’t have enough time for this, but you can invest money in it, then hire people who deal with it.

Whether you do the SEO yourself or ask others to do it, you will definitely need to use some kind of SEO service, be it paid or free.
My intention is to help you achieve them.
Before anything else, however, you should be aware of what SEO is and what you should choose from.

What is the basic knowledge you should be aware of if you want to deal with SEO?

They are as follows:

– Title Tag
– Meta Description Tag
– Keywords, Key Phrases and Keyword Density
– Image ALT Tag
– “robots.txt” File
-“.htaccess” File
– Backlinks
– White SEO, Black SEO?

Note: If you can’t give reliable answers to these, I really recommend that you familiarize yourself with them as soon as possible. If it happened, I’ll help you, of course!

That’s why I want to start with the introduction of SEO. If you already know this, you can jump it any time. Although, I have learnt: repetition is the mother of knowledge!

Based on my experience so far, I would like to share one more real fact with you: whether you are aware of how SEO works or not, whatever option you choose (articles, videos, etc.), one thing is certain: you must publish relevant content if you want to achieve measurable results.

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        Thank you for reading!

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