Search Engine Optimization In Practice – The Basics

What does it mean: Search Engine Optimization?

First of all, we have to clear one thing: what to optimize, and why? And furthermore: What is SERP (Search Engine Results Page), Page Rank, Alexa Index, Backlinks, Meta Tag, Heading, Popularity? How much would it cost to optimize a web page?

There are so many questions waiting for an immediate answer… 

Don’t worry! I’ll answer every single question. Suppose you have got a very nice website with excellent content on it, offering the best products on the Internet ever. However, in spite of this fact, nobody searches your product, because nobody knows that especially you are offering the searched products.
Consequently, You don’t earn only a nickel.
It is similar to the case when you have a good restaurant without guests. You continuously do your best without any results. Or, only you think that you’ve done your best, not your guests!

How to get out of this unpleasant and definitely not so profitable situation?

If your site is not well-known, you have to let others know about its presence. There are many techniques – Internet Marketing Techniques – how to increase the popularity of your site. The second important thing beyond the real content is SEO, Search Engine Optimization. There are more opportunities as well, but these 2 ingredients are vital for traffic to your site. SEO might mean different additions to pages such as Meta Tags and Keywords and gathering links to your site, it is first and foremost about pleasing the site visitor and appealing to their appetite. It is not enough to obtain your visitors, you have to sustain them as well, in the future. Now, let’s get a deeper insight into the operation and activity of Search Engines and clarify some how-to questions.

1. Basically, what does a Search Engine do and why?

The main job of a Search Engine is to provide the very best information for the searchers. People in business generally have the same goal: to be the best at what they do. Search engines ease our life in this way. Search engines are in a never-ending business too, and their product is quality information for search results. When a searcher comes for instance to the Google’s home page and performs a query, he wants to be shown the very best information fast and within the first three pages, sometimes within the first page. 90 per cent of the searchers visit only the first 3 result pages. It is very important to be within the three. Most likely on the first. For better understanding, I’ll show you a practical example of how a search engine works, for instance, Google. 
Imagine, that you want to find something that is very urgent for you at that moment, for instance, a “black tie” for the weekendĂ­s party. And it is Friday. You have got many opportunities to choose one from the local magazine or the local shop personally. But you have a lack of time, so you have to decide fast. The easiest way is to open an internet browser in order to see and compare the best offers. You simply type in your browser: “black tie”, and you may choose immediately from the given selection.

To be continued…..